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This is a blog where I upload my many honest and refreshing reviews in an atypical way, with lots of feelings and less seriousness than any other reader could provide you. Since I’m just a young woman who adores reading, writing, and listening to music while doing the first two, I’m trying to handle being an ESL teacher and a Translator.


Recent Posts

  • Surviving Adulthood #11
    Hi, y’all.After a long time, I managed to read a good amount of books, so for this month, I read nine books in a row. It felt right to get back on track after months of not feeling like I had done something with this blog, with my TBR list that is still falling behindContinue reading “Surviving Adulthood #11”
  • MKTLA: #22
    Hi. To anyone who’s still reading these posts. So this has been a hectic couple of months, there have been ups and downs. I mean, many series I wanted to see have started, and they have been pretty cool to watch. Also, I finally got my own HBO Max account as I’m writing from myContinue reading “MKTLA: #22”
  • Surviving Adulthood #10
    Hi, y’all.Yes, I’m writing this at 3 a.m. and I want to sleep badly, but I have my duties. I don’t know, but I prefer to finish this one before more work comes knocking on my door while I watch ‘The Kardashians’ on Hulu because I’m that kind of person right now, and it isContinue reading “Surviving Adulthood #10”


With the aim of providing honest reviews in Spanish.