At the movies… I Am Not a Serial Killer

Greetings from my Netflix account,

I was so happy when I found out about the film adaptation for I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells, and the moment I was about fifty pages in Mr. Monster I knew I had to at least watch a trailer. I was compelled by the simplicity of it been an indie film so I watched it on Netflix.

(this contains several spoilers)

No need to say I fell in love with the project, the performances were great and the adapted script itself was so respectful towards the original concept ( props to Christopher Hyde and Billy O’Brien). One could feel the insane desire in Max Records’ eyes portraying John when he was near a corpse in the mortuary, or Christopher Lloyd’s lack of empathy when murdering as Mr. Crowley. It was quite an experience, because non of the latest film adaptations I’ve seen since 2014 have been enough for my taste but this 2016 indie movie was one of the best (there were lines taken straight from the original material). And even though there were some differences when it came to Brooke’s hair and the way the ending was handled (don’t worry, the bad guy still dies), it was all worthy because of how entertaining it made the story. There’s no need to embelish the truth, I LOVED IT.


PS: the music by composer Adrian Johnson, was so on point. I was terrified by those effects alone.


Week #112 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, everyone.

This past week has been filled with tons of books (literally), season finales (RPDR), granola cookies and a very decent movie adaptation. But before saying how many books I read I would like to warn that next week I won’t be able to read as much as I could since I have two doctors’ appointments that cannot be reschedule so I guess I’ll read a regular (3-4) amount of novels. Without further ado, here they are: the twelve books I read.

The first one was the otherworldly stand-alone by Erin Morgenstern named The Night Circus.


tumblr_o2p8q899Rj1ummkwio2_250Right in the late 1800’s, a pair of special kids are dragged by their neglecting parental figures to a world of magic, mystery and forbidden love in the shape of an unfathomable circus full of unexplicable acts and charismatic characters that will embellish the fated life of Celia and Marco as an unstoppable carrousel from where they’ll find themselves unable to hide nor runaway.


I seriously don’t know what to think was real, was the circus part of a lovely idea of a family from the beginning? or they were all just unfortunately involved in the fantastic tents? I still need those answers but overall the book remained consistent and incredibly surreal, because one could literally feel like another newcomer attending for the first time to a place so out of this world but so enchanting at the same time and there was also the feeling we knew and GRE with this circus people crying cuz of their unfair situations or been wondered by their fantasy filled lives. However, if there was something I was not looking for were some boring and too slow parts like Herr or Friederich’s povs (I wasn’t thrilled, and run through those pages).


Second was the first book in the First Kisses series by Rachel Hawthorne, named Trust Me.


All Jessica Kane wanted was to become a camp counselor before getting to High tumblr_oylmqsU8SZ1r2qqhfo1_500School with her best friend and obtain some boy info, but things might become horrendous when she discovers that the torment in the shape of a boy is no longer a camper but also wants to become a counselor. Will Sean Ryder be able to ruin this summer? Is he more than the trouble maker she remembers?


I wasn’t expecting such innocence neither the tenderness of the age before entering high school, without malice or perversion, just a kind and swift desire of understand the other, creating bonds without realising. It was obviously a fast, easy and cute read to go through in between big as novels as a little peanut butter sandwich or some lemonade. Besides the writing style wasn’t making me hate the teenage aspect of the characters so that’s a plus, Jess was real yet not annoying (shocking!).


Third book I read is the first in the supernatural trilogy Ethical Vampires by Susan Hubbard, named The Society of S.


Untitled-213 year old Ariella Montero has lived secluded to her father’s mansion since she was born, home schooled with no friends nor happiness. Only when she gets a glimpse of the life a teen her own age should have, she understands her father has been keeping more secrets than the unexplicable dissapearance of her estranged mother, that he could not be sick afterall but be a completly dangerous creature with the same supernatural blood that runs through her veins.


I mean I’d read many negative reviews saying awful things, how unreal this was or the issues they had getting to know the characters and the story itself; so you can see how surprised I am that this was such an easy and entertaining read, I was looking for the next chapter because it actually felt so realistic (pretty weird considering this is a vampire novel) and like anyone could relate to Ari in so many levels, I rooted for her yet I wanted to protect her from any emotional and physical harm but my girl needed to explore the world like never before to find her truth seeing the filthy and the kind side of the world. In the end this was more than a vampire story but a tale of finding out that there’s more to the story of a broken family portrait.


The next one is the final installment in The 100 series by Kass Morgan, named Rebellion. (I just love the Spanish cover, and there was no way I was going to put that awful tv show US cover here)


Peace is held captive. Bellamy is dealing with the aftermath of almost been killed, originalClarke tries to adjust to have parents again, Wells suffers the death of his love and Glass doesn’t seem to feel helpful. The colony is about to have a peaceful celebration as they get over the former civil war when their tranquility is shattered by an earthling terrorist attack that leaves their recently built town without half its people, some of them dead and other kidnapped for twisted motives. Our main characters will have to discover if they’ll choose the right side between the ¨corteous¨ earthlings or the unknown danger that has become their colony.


It was definitely not perfect, it had some too cheesy moments for my Bellarke and it felt like it lacked such an epic feeling for it to be a suitable conclusion for this series but anyways, I appreciate the changes in the personalities of our characters (some of them were needed, some were just annoying as f*ck, I see you Clarke!) since it showed their true hearts no matter how innocent and selfish it might look at first sight; Glass saw her potential and Clarke saw how fucking stupid a bright sided person can see a potential nutcase. The book gave us that perspective, that perhaps humanity is about revenge, about not letting injustice take over and about the feeling of a family you’re willing to fight for. (Sweet message 😍)


The fifth book was the contemporary stand-alone named The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder.


tumblr_nc1vyyuD0S1scurlpo1_250Hannah and Zoe are used to their mediocre lives in a small town with no happy families neither a hopeful future ahead, they have learnt not to trust kindness easily so when Zoe sees her world finally crumbling to an inevitable and painful end, she decides to take off with Hannah to discover what makes life worthy and fulfill her destiny while her bff tries to protect her running away from the law.


I had totally read the negative reviews but I was willing to give it a shot and to like it since the cover and synopsis seemed so ethereal/flourishing, little did I know the book was gonna be confusing as fuck in the writing and plot scenario. I mean the last 45% of it was not nice, neither understandable like it was written by another author (one who just wanted to get this over with in a rush); the book could have been more developed with a gracious process when it came to maturity but once momenth we were amazed by the strength of a tornado and the other we’re some crazy sex bunnies forgetting about the important issues (like our bipolar friend on the loose). However, despite all the mentioned flaws I still appreciate this complicated mental illness was addressed with it’s symptoms and the way people deal with it, how it seems like a no way out of the tricks of your mind. Pretty decently mentioned. 👮💁


The following book was another contemporary stand-alone, named Adorkable by Cookie O’Gorman.


Sally is tired of her full-time matchmakers her bff Hooker and her own mother, she’sFantasticRecklessEyra-size_restricted sick of going out on awful blind dates with guys that seem more interested in her best friend besides she truly doesn’t want a boyfriend. So this nerdy teenager will gather the help of her other longtime friend, popular jock Becks to pretend being her new stable boyfriend. But will faking it be enough to keep her heart safe from her feelings for him?


It had its inevitable cheesy (so unreal) moments and a love that came from self doubt but still it managed to remain sweet and such a cliché in the entertainment department of contemporary novels. I mean, my inner feminist was saying No girl, value yourself some more! 🗽😠 but my inner teenage wannabe was like This is so fucking cute,just stay with the cute boy!! 😍 Somehow, it was so relatable and I rooted for these two and geir angsty path to discover how ridiculous it is to not be together because of lack of communication between bffs.


Then was the first in the popular John Cleaver series by Dan Wells, named I Am Not A Serial Killer.


b6fa0aaf641d618ff7735372508e2111John Wayne Cleaver knows he’s not obssesively interested in serial killer profiles because his parents named him after one, but because he’s what psychiatrist call a basic sociopath so he’s got some rules to follow around potential victims to avoid, you know… killing them or hurting them in anyway. But his intereset in these profiles become insane when a serial killer starts taking body parts of his victims and John decides to solve this bloody mystery.


Is it ok if I feel attracted and freaked out at the same time? I mean I found myself in a situation I believed I could have never been part of: defending an unstable teenage socipath on the loose. In a heavenly yet mysterious fashion, John managed to get my vote. So props to Dan Wells, man you did your research in all anatomy, and psychos minds, one could feel the unattachment from human emotions and what’s known as natural irrational reactions inside his wicked mind all until a tear made the difference (i cried there too). Anyways, I’m interested on what’s next.


After this was the sequel named Mr. Monster.


John is still getting over the fact he killed a demon that was his serial killer68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f6f6972586b5748555a43686878513d3d2d3335393137333137302e3134393962306537 neighbour, his mom refuses to talk about the issue and he feels he’s finally lost all control over his monster alter ego when his desire to hurt Brooke is taking over him. Then’s when another serial killer takes over his small town, these one takes, tortures and murders innocent young women in ways the appeal the twisted mind of John.


OK, let me get this straight, the moment he hit and killed the cat it was I who stopped seeing him as a person; as a cat lover I found myself deeply offended therefore I wasn’t as saddened by the fact Brooke would never give him a shot ever again as I thought I would be in the beginning. Anyways, the book gave me the chills to see a true insane yet strangely emotional serial killer (btw, I kinda saw it coming) and it showed more layers of some sadistic tendencies inside of John’s murderous wet dreams (so fucking twisted), and this is exactly what I liked about this cuz it gives the humane truth despite how rotten and repulsive it is, it doesn’t sugarcoat it. I felt as inhumane as He is.


The ninth book was its third part named I Don’t Want to Kill You.


tumblr_o3si78fcOU1s1ab16o2_r1_250He lost his mind and was about to hurt Brooke, she finally saw Mr. Monster and wants nothing to do with John after that. Now he’s got himself a new companion who seems to not be afraid of his obsessive mannerisms and wants to help him discover the truth behind the new serial killer in town that has been cutting the tongues and hands of its victims. All while one by one, teenage girls go through a suspicious suicide rampage.


Such a roller coaster of emotions, which sounds weird coming from a book narrating the adventures of a teenage sociopath but hell it was such a ride with John experimenting the regular things a teen should live like having a girlfriend and why not enjoy a bit about life without that icky desire to kill, such a hopeful yet dramatically depressing third book in an emotionless series because no matter how much he lost that’s exactly what brought a bit of humanity on him. In other news, I was kind of super down cuz all the time I was making some theories about Marci’s mom been the killer and the demon and I was getting so creative but anyways the surprise and world building of the truth (the actual killer and demon) was insanely interesting and it glued well with the story.


Book ten was the first one in the Beaumont series by Heidi McLaughling, named Forever My Girl.


Ten years ago, Liam left his small town and his long time girlfriend to become a tumblr_inline_n086lz1FAw1st8q1yrockstar, he achieved his goals but never got over how things were left with her. So when he finds out his high school best friend has died in an accident, he decides go back one last time and see her. What he never anticipated was for her to have some company, she’s not only engaged but with a nine year old son. Could Josie forgive him? Could them have a chance of been a family like they had panned years ago? Or is all lost for good?


Many kids think of this as another wattpad or fanfiction little cliché story, you could tell by seeing some comments on YouTube however I had my special faith this would be entertaining and sweet as cotton candy and I wasn’t wrong (😍). OK, yeah it was cheesy and so expected but still I liked it cuz it was healthy and it was so fast paced I read it in a short amount of time (I would have done it in a night but I had to get my sleeping hours 😢) that I spent pretty much gasping and saying “awwww” like a sixteen year old cuz that love was unbreakable and so right, easy and fucking on time for anyone who needs a fresh start after reading too much fantasy or emotional content coming from a series. My only complain (and I use this term loosely) is that I wish there had been a little more drama, everything was so easily resolved so I wanted to actually fear they not getting back together I know it sounds weird but I wanted the rush and the Happily Ever After to feel meant to be.


The next one belongs to The Field Party series by Abbi Glines, named After the Game.


Fan-Art-lucy-hale-27902138-500-250Nobody believed Riley when she said she was raped by golden boy Rhett, she was bullied till she left town with her parents and now she’s back to take care of her senile grandmother… with a golden haired baby girl. When she gets rescued from the rain by goody two shoes Brady Higgens, she unknowgingly starts changing his mind and makes him see that not everything is as immaculate and clear as it seems in Lawton, Alabama.


The story and characters touched my heart, my soft spot because I shared a bit of His family dramatic issues so I understood the pain of looking down on a person you believed was perfect (the dissapointment 😣). However, I think the romance was a tiny bit rushed for such a realistic turn out, like if you were distracted you could easily pass down the fact He admired Her first, that’s all.


Then was another contemporary stand-alone (quite distinctive) by Siobhan Vivian, named The List.


High School is known for been hard on teens, but extra hard on teenage girls. Except tumblr_oa3hnrBdQB1up42jgo6_540that in this school it has become worst when years ago a secretive tradition was established known as the List to reduce girls to nothing more than Prettiest or Ugliest of their class. No student nor teacher tries to discover the creator of it, until 8 new different girls are chosen and the new principal decides to do her best to finish this cruel thing off for good.


OK, so this is going to contain tons of spoilers, like seriously. I totally enjoyed the book, I mean as a message for teen girls and teens in general it was fantastic cuz it hits the superficial and shallow surface of the jiggly jelly that is high school and how everything that you think matters at that age is nothing more than Plastic (not quoting mean girls) that will be eventually forgotten as unimportant and even as an embarrassing secret your adult self will try to hide forever. That ugly is all the filthy in one’s inside but that a list does not define how you change to feel better with yourself and not to please anyone cuz that’s just pain idiotic. That was good and classy but the wtf part was the fact that Siobhan Vivian didn’t give a fair conclusion to characters like Margo, Jennifer nor Lauren neither Bridget, I was like Noooo!!! I thought this would have a sequel or a tiny epilogue to give me closure but hell no 😰😭. I’m still trying to get over that. 😖


Finally there was another contemporary stand-alone filled with mysterious motives by Karen M. McManus, named One of Us is Lying.


tumblr_nqjo35qrQC1sbstibo2_250Simon was never kind neither popular, nor smart enough to fit in so he created a gossip app to ruin others’ lives for his own pleasure, so when he’s killed everyone had a reason but the police decides to focus in the last four students that saw him before he died: Good straight A student Bronwyn, pretty trophy popular girl Addy, troublemaker Nate, and golden jock Cooper. They all had ugly secrets he could have unveiled and he was about to when he was murdered. It will be up to them to let this mystery ruin them or save them from jail time.


I went reading this book thinking it was another PLL or Dangerous Girls where I could trust no main character but I ended up finding a set of relatable characters with more flaws and sad day teenage stuff than I expected, personalities I accepted and got to understand fully, lived in a sick mystery filled with a labyrinth of clues and lies that for me suspecting of everyone who ever said or did something odd but I never expected to be That person I mean I was expecting the other “team mate” but not that psycho. Anyways, I was at the edge of my seat and was not done reading until I could find out who the fuck did it and why. The truth was twisted and gratifying, and by the end I was thinking Karen was going through the Siobhan road (*inner joke about authors*😨) but thank God for that epilogue.


At the movies… “El Club de los Incomprendidos”

I guess we’re during the evening,

Good afternoon.

Once I got Netflix I knew I had to put this on my list so last week I was able to watch this movie I was dying to review and make comparissons of because of the master mind Blue Jeans is. So for two days during lunchtime I watched this lovely Spanish film adapted from the first book on the trilogy that carries the same name of the movie (the misfit club): “¡Buenos Días, princesa!” (Good morning, princess) and enjoyed for 1 hour and 45 minutes.


The moment it began I knew it was something special because it kept that young soundtrack based vibe with its characters and their drive force, with Valeria being the exact same as in the books caring for some self respect and very well founded morals when it comes to friendship (except for tha Eli deal), the same happened with Raul, Estér, Élisabeth, Meri and Bruno. But what happened with César, I don’t remember him as such a not caring irresponsible idiot, he was great when the movie began but by his last scene I wanted to punch him and IDK how to feel about that.

Other thing I wish would have been handled differently was the moment Eli found out about Raul and Valeria, it was epic in the book in the most raw and just heartless way that until this day I can so hear the windows breaking in Valeria’s mom’s bar and then not knowing what came about her. The end truly felt like a conclusion when there are two (alleged) movies left to come out; it felt a little too Lifetime for my taste.


With Meri… well, that change is understandable because more voiceover would have been required and that would have ruined many moments to show her true self, however that turned out pretty cool as a shocking device with Estér. Well played.


At the movies… Fifty Shades Freed

Hi again,

So I was too sick to actually go to the movies the moment this hit theaters, but I finally found time to watch it last night and I managed to gather some thoughts that could be a sort of review for a story I really liked when I turned 18 and got into NA reads and Twilight fanfiction of course so I will not lie saying I expected this to be a piece of art but it totally got me thinking of my read back then and how much my taste has evolved (in some cases, obvs).


I started having these thoughts not when I left the cinema but when the prologue credits began rolling, it all started with the wedding scene which was pretty well filmed like I felt I was in a perfume ad or something, so beautifully shot with the right amount of white and lace on it besides the soundtrack blessing my ears with is loveliness, like one could actually see that the budget went on for the wedding and honeymoon right off the bat (it literally looked like art). The moment that ended, I knew things were going wrong since the characters started acting just like in the books, and one could feel the fanfiction roots, the cliché misfortune and the near death experiences. I mean seriously, Jack hit Anna however the baby was hell okay, how effing come?! Other than that I was kinda mad that Ethan never appeared to make the perfect trio of couples with Mia, it would have been cool to see Mia in a not so one personality momentum.


I mean, it was not entirely bad if you read it when you were a technical adult with the mindset of a teen still, however it was not a great adaptation neither. Except for that post credits scene showing them with little Teddy, that was cute and seeing Ana with her baby bump.



Week # 111 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi folks,

Thi week hasn’t been the best (AGAIN!), I started to feel a bit of pain in my right lung like during the last days of december so I was kinda ready for that feeling, oh and I was unable to sign up for one class at my university besides the secretary being passive-agressive about her condescendance towards me (I just hate that) when she couldn’t fix my inscription issues after her assistant had promised there would be a beneficial solution. Guess what, there wasn’t! I’ll have to take that class next cycle, quite a bummer. However, I was able to read a ton of books, even I said damn!

First book I read was Confessions of an Undercover Girlfriend by Kay Marie, from the Confessions duology.

Confessions of an Undercover Girlfriend cover final

tumblr_msly1hgrr21rom1zko4_400Skye and Ollie finally discussed their feelings and went right below the sheets but not everything is set and done, things get complicated when her looser ex boyfriend comes back trying to get her back and she might need him as a beard to stop her best friend from finding out she’s always been in love with Ollie or things could get messier. But is secrecy the best way to start a promising relationship? Could it end a longing friendship and the sanity of an anxious Skye for good?


Though I must admit that going through the first four chapters I was a little not so convinced with Skye’s inmadure and annoying way of being, I had totally forgotten about that: my 17 year old self just thought she was plain hilarious; but yeah I got some flaws right there. However, I learned to love and admire/understand her reasons and insecurites, those were and still are some of my own so I was pleased to see the raw and dusty side of a main character who is pretty scarred by life but somehow leaves her house every day and lives NOW with more hope in commiting to her dreams and Ollie.


The next one was the first book on the Oh. My. Gods. series (it might be a duology, not even goodreads gave me info on that) by Tera Lynn Childs, of the same name.


The only thing Phoebe wanted was for her senior year to be filled with goodoriginal memories of her track competitions and her best friends dreaming about going to the same college, however fate… or her mother actually had a different idea when she remarried faster than her daughter could complain. They inmediatly moved to Greece and she’ll have to attend a private super exclusive academy her new stepfather owns; but things are not as simple as they seemed, there’s something hiding behind the preppy spoiled faces of her new classsmates and she could not be less ready to find out her role on it.


Or I’d have enjoyed this better if I had been a naive fifteen year old? IDK, I just couldn’t handle to like or dislike Phoebe, she is determined when it comes to her desires and opinons but quite not the best when it comes to stand up for a little self-respect in he friendship or relationship areas, there I perceive her as too weak for her own good. And although the story and the mood were girly and outgoing, I felt that one of those cliché final battles or just a common enemy would have made the tale a little better to deal with. I’m gonna keep reading but with some resilience.


The third one I read was the immediate follow up named Goddess Boot Camp.


tumblr_o0q0rmPmEN1v4wsbjo1_250Mastering the regular powers of a normal descendant of greek gods ended up not being as simple looking as Phoebe thought it would be, and it’s definately worst when she’s obviously stronger than any on the academy so she has one last shot before the gods decide she’s not fit enough to waste more energy on her: The Goddess boot camp, but there’s a catch… her team mates are children! And if that was not embarrasing enough, she finds herself not trusting in Griffin when he starts spending too much time with Adara with no explanation for his CURRENT girlfriend.


It was definitely better than the first one, the situations weren’t as ridiculous even though they remained a girly waste cuz the hype and expectations weren’t meant to last for a shocking nor great revelation but a not so nice lying plots to help Phoebe (lying to one’s family is never ok, it’s like considering them lab rats for expermients). However, I must admit the whole test/landscape for her last day on camp was pretty creative and one could literally feel the struggle.


The following book was the second in what I think will be a series named Stripped by Jasinda Wilder, it’s named Trashed.

Trashed AmazonGRSW

Des life has never been lucky nor kind nor easy, the worst has always happened tod73cb718ac471f65ca0571d17332b93cac82cef28cfc2fae46d4c7a6fa5759e4 her but she didn’t complain and took her destiny in her own hands working as the cleaning lady to pay for her studies so she’ll help children that like her could be abandoned and let down by the system; she’s never been in the spotlight and considers herself not the typical pretty girl over her weight but action film star Adam has a different concept once he sets his eyes in the girl of his dreams.


These romance books I’m reading lately are taking over my emotions with heir great body positive messages and their loveliness when it comes to those amazingly sweet monologues given by certain characters to reflect their own sentiments for each other. But of course there were some totally not believable moments like in any other NA tale but overall the plot was consistent and I felt like Des opened her heart and darkest moments in the right time, so much great timing like their “I love you” s for the first time; so Jasinda succeeded again by bringing an addictive new story with such easy going narrative.


The fifth book I read was Burying Water, the first one on the new series of the same name by K. A. Tucker.


freya-mavor-gif-21She was found hurt, abandoned, left to die in the forest, raped and with no trace of memory of who she used to be. She chose the name Water and has decided to go on and start a new life, a version of the person she has become but some small flashs still haunt her to let her know what happened that night. Besides that, the son of her new neighbours keeps attracting her like a magnet with no intention of doing it, could he be part of her past? Will she like the truth? Could she forgive and forget?


I mean I knew she could convince me with her writing style and her dramatic topics but until now I hadn’t felt such an inspirational message behind a NA book, how to look at the bright side of that dying tree with burning color made of hope and a true family. Earlier this year I wanted to read this but I was too depressed to read (yeah, that’s how my sad mood goes along forbidding my love for books to emerge 😫) and I let it waiting for that entire first month with no expectations, however i’m so glad i did cuz i WASN’T going to take the book as perfectly as i’m doing now; being able to validate Water and Ginny (😭😭) and Jesse for the shit life put them through.


Then I read its sequel named Becoming Rain.


Undercover officer Clara Bertelli has earned the privilegue to dismantle a huge68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f304762586b33476c553553736b673d3d2d3239303937323039382e3134386363663865 criminal network with ties to the Russian mafia and to achieve her goal she’ll have to become Rain, a rich girl seducing the nephew of the network’s leader to get enough information. What she never imagined was for him to not be as wrong as everybody thought, and for herself to decide between the dream job she always wanted or the dream man she never believed she needed.


The characters were so perfectly written and one could truly feel the angst in their (specially Clara) thoughts and small acts, besides they remained true to their cores to the good that was inside them despite the odds that could hurt everyone around them. I got emotional and this shocked me in ways I never thought I could get before, just when I believed the Iranian dude was just a guys starting to become a criminal by working with the Russians boom he’s doing human trafficking with kids (I’m so fucking glad his wife turned him over, I wanna know more about her). On the other side, I loved how this stayed in the realist side since I could have easily landed in a fairy tale kind of ending with Hollywood surrealism but no… it was believable and it wasn’t hurtful and that’s really hard to accomplish so props to Tucker on that.


The seventh book was Chasing River.


tumblr_meoedpbYg41qdq5cnJust when Amber decides to start her new adventure and see a bit of the life she could be missing in her holiday getaway over the world, she’s almost killed in a terror attack in the middle of Ireland (yeah, you heard that right) when she meets her glorious saviour and decides to explore a relationship outside her comfort zone and all the morals her sheriff father always taught her to live on. Will this romantic be enough, or she’ll decide to move on with what’s expected of her?


Even though it wasn’t as exciting and angsty as the previous one’s main couple, I still was interested in seeing how things would turn out for the Dellaney family and I was totally not expecting such a shocking yet predictable (does it make sense?) scene in the pub. In the end I found myself enchanted by River’s mannerisms and his family tale of the first Marion and her loved one (😭💔), while he moved in Amber’s heart and soul. Btw, I loved the bucket list after the epilogue, pretty creative.


In addition there was the first book in the Sleepless by Fisher Amelie, named Callum & Harper.


Callum meets Harper when they are both desperate to find a home after finally turning 18, to spend thetumblr_inline_o8pyk1pJ251tae3h3_250 night a least but after years of being neglected and dissapointed by their host families given by the system, all they wanted was to feel loved and cherished, they had it all to get it but no one ever did. Until they found each other and their story began working on their favor, however some old ghost from the past could either bring them together or put them apart for good.


I believe Amelie must be a gracious writer on her own but for some reason I felt I was reading some wattpad story during some of the most anticlimactic pages of this book, despite the love story was sweet and cheesy it became almost ridiculous and obvious like an stereotypical soap opera with all the things that ruined their moments of truth and love confessions, or the fact John seemed to have super powers cuz there’s no fucking way he was That strong (I literally imagined him as the Hulk 💪), or Harper’s typical aptitude of a 90’s romance main damsel in distress, I mean many of the characters were like caricatures of personalities. And if there’s anything I can rescue must be the feeling of loneliness, that the system failed them I. infinite ways, they got me crying when Harper felt so hopeless and bitter about the fact she was never an innocent with a normal life (that was such a good scene).


The eighth one I read was the last one in the Dorothy Must Die series by Danielle Paige, named The End of Oz.


68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f6e66797333777552706b7a4e4d413d3d2d3430363336383036322e3134626435613731Amy Gunn barely scaped from death again but now she’s locked up in Oz all over again with the company of her sort of boyfriend and her former mean archenemy thanks to the sadistic King of Ev, our heroine will have to venture through the wild nature of Ev where nothing is like home. Besides it turns out that Dorothy might not be so dead afterall and she could ally with someone worst to bring the end of Oz and Amy once and for all.


Overall the book was fine, it seemed like a decent ending without any outstanding nor remarkable traits, definitely not better that the three previous ones but OK enough; I mean we were getting some plot fillers and more wickedly twisted world building (the way the wheelers were described 😨😲) it was all pretty dope all until we got that last scene seeing the past and the turning point that made Dorothy what she is now, besides there were the memories of her childhood crush and how she’s so alone and guilty (😭😭😭), there I felt a connection, she was so broken and her decision broke me as well. #DorothyDeservedBetter


Moreover I read Caraval by Stephanie Garber, the first one in the new series of the same name.


Scarlett and Donatella’s life hasn’t been a happy one ever since her mother left themtumblr_o73j4v86MO1qdm7rno3_400 on the care of their abusive father so when they get an invitation to attend Caraval, their future seems a little brighter. They have heard the stories, how things are not the way they seem, how a girl died the last time the competition was on display, how its creator changes faces, how magic is ultimately real. But when Tella disapears and becomes the price to the winner of the game, Scarlett will run more danger than just her father’s abusive hands.


It started up a little not exciting enough introducing the characters and Scarlet’s drive force through her lifetime till now, she was pretty much an unrelatable person until page sixty something and then the book got entertaining. We were explained what the whole deal was all about and we were given exact descriptions of the set ups as well as of characters we literally saw once (Dante’s sis had potential if you ask me). However, even when I was thrilled and shocked and confused during all the book (talk about trust issues and plot twists! 😨😲), there were moments I thought it wasn’t as fast paced as it should be and one could totally feel how exhaustingly long the story was getting, specially during the last three chapters IDK.


The last one I read was the standalone Even in Paradise by newcomer Chelsey Philpot.

Even in Paradise (Chelsey Philpot)


tumblr_opetuu57R91sccy5ko3_250Julia Buchanam has always been one of those popular girls that truly doesn’t care about popularity or fitting in, she’s one of those girls in the commercials having fun being who she is and living her life. Or at least that’s what Julia imagines the moment she becomes her friend, she’ll discover that there’s more than what it seems with the Buchanam family, that even the family she’s falling in love with has more scars that anyone could take and that they are on the verge of exploting.


I felt it was raw and ethereal at the same time, the friendship was wonderful and it felt real like true love not even whispering romantic love but a sisterhood of girls that didn’t know they needed each other but (perhaps) might not be the best for each other in Julia’s situation and mental state, it was no good for the future of Charlie as well. It was like what made them right would eventually destroy them, and Chelsey wrote that struggle and the path itself towards that friendship through subtle poetry and a light breeze. Besides that there was the whole family stuff being so emotionally unstable that it felt like it was going down a Virgin Suicides rode but thank God it didn’t or I would have gone down on my tears. Like in a We We’re Liars way.



Week #110 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning,

this week has been too much for me since I had a ton of xRay stuff to do to change my medical prescription from eleven pills six days a week to have less pills two days a week, it sucks to be sick in the middle of summer but it is what it is. Anyways, I was able to, believe or not, read 9 books since I last wrote in the blog; also I have been thinking a lot in writing the story I left just in the epilogue back in the first days of January, it’s definetly going to be a thriller kind of Charles Manson’s ¨family¨ with a Cloverfield vibe and Flowers in the Attic aesthetic so wait for it and me having some time to dedicate to writing instead of reading that much, I promise I’ll keep you updated but let’s go back to my Goodreads updates (pretty close to obsessive, btw).

First book I read was the second installment in the showstopping Partials Sequence by Dan Wells, I’m talking about Fragments.

dan wells

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f446b427966437059335a6b6755773d3d2d3438303839373439372e3134656362323834Kira Walker never actually believed she would live to see a baby growing healthy after taking the cure, but when the rest of them starts dying as she’s unable to copy the same effect the only cure had to that only child, she knows is up to her to get it for the future risking her life and the live of the remaining Partials from a war that’s a spark away from coming to a reality. She’ll get unexpected help from those she’ll meet halfaway, and might discover that the truth behind humanity’s current state is not as simple as everyone told her it was.


From beginning to end I needed to know exactly what was going on, every new discovery had me at the edge of my seat exciting for a new piece of info, I wanted something vital and I became a conspiracy theorist in the process making up various answers to explain Kira’s existence as her relationship with Nandita and her “father” after that portrait she found in the last book. Anyways, of course I was wrong looking for a cheesy soap opera answer and I got the responses I ached for just that those were shocking and painful, and a little more confusing like that last chapter from Ariel’s pov I mean who didn’t receive some unstoppable Rosemary’s Baby feels and memories, I got that, call my a fascist racist but my first thought was that the kid looked like Hell Baby (2013) with the whole hybrid thing and delivering at home with such pain in a horror night with a war going on outside of the precarious house, pretty creepy. Great sequel, though… one of the best I read coming from end of the world type of trilogies.


The next one is the end of the mentioned trilogy, its named Ruins.


Kira is secluded trying to find a cure for both deceases after finding out the uglytumblr_oaw8woj6qj1ti218co4_250 truth behind curing humanity for the pleasure of an obsessive woman with less time that she wishes was available, Samm is keeping his promise to Kira by offering himself as the source to heal all those newborn humans despite the terrible way its done to his race, and Marcus is helping what’s left of humanity when the Partials’ attack becomes unbearable with only one question left: who’ll sucumb to death first? Creatures appear, the weather changes dramatically and alliances are made to construct a future, but will it be enough to stop an ongoing enmity from utter destruction?


Everything was on point but a couple minor details that were too exhausting to even complain about, like a little rock in one’s shoe that annoys your journey in a tiny fashion. I’m talking about the fact we didn’t see Isolde’s reaction towards “THAT” moment in her life and the romance, it was OK when Samm felt it on his own but once they were reunited I felt it was rushed, too poetic and cheesy for a couple of youngsters. Anyway, I fell for Kira’s bravery, Ariel’s humanity and Heron’s badassery during this book, they showed girl power and vulnerability at its finest without a doubt: thanks Dan for creating such inspirational female characters to follow in the shape of (as strange as it sounds) role models. 😍


The third book I read was a sequel in the creepy Asylum series by Madeleine Roux, I’m referring to Sanctum.


tumblr_p1qh82Aiqa1vwdsmbo1_r4_400All seems to be going back to normal after their awful experience last year, Dan has new friends that are kind of avoiding him and still has a couple of nightmares, Abby wants to go back to how her life used to be before finding out about her aunt’s seclusion, and Jordan doesn’t know if he is truly ready to leave his parents’ house as a proud gay young man. So when strange Freak Show kind of pictures are mailed to them with some seriously strange captions that only make sense when they put the photos in order encouraging them to return to the Asylum once more to end this the right way.


I kind of was expecting a carnival centered tale, totally creepy and mind blowing just like the first book did with those disturbing asylum images but the carnival was just a small part of the past Dan was so interested in… Anyways, it was interesting and scary, besides we got to discover another side of Dan, one obsessed and selfish part of him that is growing because of being in Daniel’s perspective during all those flashbacks, like a mini sociopath cooking up; however I wanted a little more info on the ghosts he sees and the connection he has to Daniel, let’s dig a little deeper on that mystery in the next book, please.


The following book was the end of the said series named Catacomb.


Once the cult was shattered down just like its leader and the soil it all started on was38As8IB burnt to the ground, Dan and his friends believed all the crazy supernatural murderous attacks would be gone and they’d be able to experience a sweet roadtrip to New Orleans to accompany Jordan to his new home and life. However once Dan starts receiving text from a person he surely thought was dead, things take a shift for the worst, getting more answers about Dan’s roots than he would have wanted.


I was left with the same questions I had when I finished reading Asylum, the whole supernatural aspect with unlikely psychological explanations that Dan has to deal with is a beating cell in my mind and I need answers. Though it was nice getting to know his parents’ story and the whole bone artists’ story line but I still wasn’t convinced I mean many of the pics weren’t spooky anymore and the name of the book has like one mention in the entire book just like the previous one. I wasn’t thrilled, which was quite sad since Madeleine is such a good writer and the trilogy had some serious potential to become the next supernatural big hit. 😢



The fifth novel I read was the sequel in A Wicked trilogy by the awesome Jennifer L. Armentrout, named Torn.


91b1a6293a7008bf1e4408a1b0ca9077Last time we saw Ivy, she had just realised she was the half human half fae abomination she grew up to hate and that the rest of her peers surely would kill in a heartbeat so her life seems harder than just having a hot boyfriend with the arrival of the monster known as the Prince who was come to take her and make sure the prophecy is fulfilled. Secrets are revealed and friendships might change, but will Ivy’s strenght be enought to deal with all the filthiness around her fate in the fae world.


I don’t know if this is a trilogy or a series but it’s going through a path of pretty amazing plotlines, world building, and character development. This was like a test to the attachments She had with what has become her family after Val’s cynic betrayal, our heroine and myself have been permanently damaged, with our eyes burned because of the perversion we have witnessed. 😫😣 BTW, I was totally thinking She could have defended herself a bit more with those chains.


Other book I read was The Glittering Court by the marvellous Richelle Mead, the first one in the trilogy of the same name.


This one tells the story of a young countess tired of her lack of rights, her obnoxious tumblr_n9cvkiAiqr1s4pr6ko10_250grandmother, her breathless position and the way her life is meant to be; so when a thrilling oportunity shows up she takes it changing her name to Adelaide and her rank to a servant girl. All to be a part of the girls participating in the Glittering Court to travel to the new world and find a wealthy husband of Her choice without tradition or boring stubborness. There she’ll find friendship and love, but not in the way she thought once she ventured in that carriage.


I wasn’t expecting a kind of made up historical fiction without a trace of fantasy on it but I ended up liking it, I really enjoyed how it was obviously inspired by the coastal English colonies in the Americas and it got me so political and human rights defensive over the injustice of the icaris. And the fucking racism against Mira’s race, like seriously that had me angry as fuck! However that aspect made me come to root for lady “Adelaide” because even though she couldn’t step inside a carriage on her own at the beginning she wasn’t upset or like a brat for all the many races, and as the story went by not even religion could bother her; I mean she doesn’t fully abandon her sarcastic and inner complaining side she still grows in a way that slowly earn her my heart. Her story of survival and fighting for her independence and those she loves, is an incomparable tale since lately a girl is either a plain submissive Victorian or a contemporary warrior but this time the main character was a weird but so meant to be mix of these characteristics which turn out really realistic and had an impact in my knowledge of leading ladies.


The seventh one I read belongs to the PLAY trilogy by Spanish author Javier Ruescas, the first book is named Play.


tumblr_o8ek4duRL91u1a1kvo4_250Leo and Aarón are a pair of brothers who discover some lifechanging well kept stuff once they return to Spain, Aarón (the young teenager) finds out his girlfriend broke up with him over the holidays without his knowledge and has now become a famous actress who refuses to answer his emails or texts, as Leo (the young adult brother) uncovers the prodigious voice and song writting talent his baby brother has been hiding and decides to use it to his advantage. Let’s just say that things get powdery when Aarón realises his big brother is ¨singing¨ his original songs on YouTube earning himself a name with His talent.


I should begin by saying the two main characters were annoying in their own Unique way which Made this story so close to reality, i mean everyone has met a selfish unrealistic guy like Leo, who doesn’t think at all in the consequences and behaves like a child; then there was Aarón and his unhealthy trust over Delila when it was clear from the start she used him while he was worthy at school. In other news, I loved the creativity and boldness of the author when creating the perfect situations for these characters to pop up and live the actual adventure of their lifetime.


Another book I read was the sequel to the same trilogy, named Show.

Play 2. Show

Aarón hates the life as a famous singer under the wing of shady Develstar that keeps 368full-alvaro-cervantessucking on his gift and legal circunstances to protect Leo. As the older brother is barely enjoying his new status in Spain, making weird coutry like yogurt commercials and no real offers as his relationship with Sophie deteriorates; so when Aarón breaks the news of the new reality show where all of Devestar creations will have to participate is right on the corner, Leo knows this could mean his life is about to get better. Will the life in front of dozens of cameras in a locked up house with jelousy and intrigue beat Aarón down, and will Leo be able to cope being in his brother’s shadow?


During the progress of the book itself and the development of the plot, I was looking up for possible conspiracy theories or Easter eggs to help me find the secrets behind that cheesy but embarrassingly entertaining reality show, and I was partially right cuz Emma was indeed Wink (nice HP reference, Leo should Wash his mouth up with soup) but I Made a mistake by making up a whole story on Zoe being a puppet of their BOSS to influence in Aarón’s decisions regarding his status in the company. My Sherlock eye made that mistake and I ended up judging a sick and innocent orphan girl because of my literary paranoia. I’m horrified and so into this little sequel.


The final one I read was the end of the trilogy, named Live.


unnamedLeo is finally loosing all his hopes and dreams when it comes to fame and love, Aarón just wants to be left alone to live a normal life with his love for music, and Icarus is ready to help his friends by arranging a roadtrip around Europe with the mates they met on their way to this present. The Serafin brothers will realise that there’s no time to live in the past or in shadows, but they must find what truly makes them happy and take it with no remorse whether is love or a carrier move.


What a weird sentence to start a review, right? Anyways, I knew the ending would be memorable but not so graciously liberating, with its ups and downs it stayed the same when it came to personalities and it made me love characters I believed I would never approved when I read book 1, but somehow I ended up transported to a land of friendship and free spirits, reality and a kind of realism that made you glad to be a human with Aaron’s inability to choose or Leo’s lack of confidence in his own persona to Icarus’ passionate life. Such an inspirational message that one could interpret as sugar coated but it was what truly defines a person: hope, hope to see the good in the worst times. 😏



Week #109 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good morning, fellow readers.

Again I’m on vacations enjoying my main Spotify playlist and kind of going back to feeling healthy again (sooo kind of-) but I still have some five months of treatment to follow sooo… yeah. Anyways, I’m still Reading so that’s a plus, there were days my head was burning because of heat waves (here in Peru the summer it’s just starting) and the fact I need a good pair of glasses if I want to be an avid reader or a reviewer who leaves of Reading and giving opinions. This week I managed to read six interesting reads which I really like and apreciate, I truly needed not to hate these or I could go back to Depression Land so thanks authors for writing books as lovely as their sinopsis.

The first one was part of the Grisha universo by Leigh Bardugo, the number one book in her newest duology ¨Six of Crows¨.


Six young adults find themselves in a quest for a better future in their hopeless 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f72434d6b58695544712d6f6c49673d3d2d3431303334363035362e3134626435616636country where mercy is not a part of the dictionary. There’s a former convict accused of a false crime, forced to devour or be killed, all thanks to a girl he shouldn’t have trust that hides a passion behind her sensual exterior, but she’s not the only one with a revolutionary power since a former student turned gang member hides a bigger secret from the newest guy who’s running away from the most despicable truth about his family. All lead by the soul of poverty and survival, heartless and unstoppable to the core with a mere weakness: a broken shadow looking for secrets and Her justice.


I had my issues reading the first two to three chapters because I understood nothing, I had no idea what time we were or what the characters were (male, female), or if this was gonna be just a mob kind of story (which is not my kind of tale, if you ask me). But once I started reading about the sad and tragic backgrounds of each of these ass kicking characters I knew I had to keep going till they had their happy ending(?). And if there was a character I was shocked by, it was definitely Kaz cuz first I wasn’t into his cold shell neither his cooky manners but when he narrated his story with his big brother, I melted and cried and wanted to hug him. It was unexpected unlike Inej’s experiences that were depressing and real, still I knew it was going through that specific path. Anyways, can’t wait to see how this turns out.


The next book was the final sequel of the same duology, named Crooked Kingdom.


Kaz is barely himself after being tricked in the worst game of Chuck-3-chuck-bass-23019597-500-489his life till now, he lost Inej for his damn pride. He will use every weapon he can dig out of soil to get her back safe and sound, as well as getting his sweet revenge from those who thought  they could turn him into a Little helpless child again. With the help of his crew, he’ll save the merciless country and his friends like no one dared before, stopping a war treat in the process.


I could say it was too fucking long when it came to internal monologues every character had but somehow those almost annoying paragraphs were incredibly necessary to make this book enough of a satisfactory ride. Every person needed their own conclusion and I wanted my personal closure on their sad tragic tales, specially Inej (my hear exploited), and I’m still on my nerves for Nina and Matthias but there’s nothing I can do… 😢 The sadness was real and it damaged my hopes to read some fan fiction, but anyways the book managed to get tears in my eyes and that’s an accomplishment so bravo Leigh.


The third book was part of the Black Dagger Legacy series by J.R. Ward named Blood Fury.


68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f3234646e4d4238612d6563427a413d3d2d3237383833343835342e3134363130616230Peyton is still in love with Paradise despite her mating ceremony, he knows he should look on the other side to stop these feelings before getting himself killed by her mate specally since an explicable attraction towards another female is taking over his body. Going into Novo’s world he’ll find more tan just a tough as nails woman, but a hidden pain covered in sorrow, neglect and betrayal thar built the person everyone knows and fears. Together they’ll find a way to destroy the cage they made up for themselves, and freedom will be a part of these newly discovered feelings.


Even though i felt there was something missing to make it more exciting and enchanting, it was good enough with the fair amount of romance to give the entertainment factor to the story, with a little more action it’d have been perfectly emocional. I still was so teary when Novo opened her heart and her secrets to Peyton, but i wanted some more, some more exploration on their relationship. Anyways, when it came to Saxton’s romance i was intrigued since for me he always was that side character you consider an obnoxious mole but Now he’s like a sweet right prescence.


The fourth one was the first in the Trials of Apollo by kind hearted Rick Riordan, named The Hidden Oracle.


Apollo knew he would be punished ¨unfairly¨ as always by his overreacting father becoming a mortal, but he never expected he would turn into a regularf133e672877a59cf5ab481471063c6dc teenager with no powers no physical strengh or an spectacular IQ, instead he got a babysitting job taking care of a quirky twelve year old demigodess with an aptitude. He’ll do more than taking care of her since his power on Earth: the oracles, are disapearing thanks to a secrettrilogy of enemies he never saw coming but could be the minds behind all the battles since Luke Castellan’s betrayal.


The main adventure was shortlived but it was still exciting and full of dangerous sassy laughter. The introduction of Meg and Peaches was the exact complement Apollo needed for his personality, she was a fighter and a hilarious sweet child, she stole our hearts as Apollo’s and one just couldn’t let her go so easily.


The following book is a compelling stand-alone named In the Land of Tea and Ravens by the outstanding R.K. Ryals.


originalNobody goes even near to that old house, people say is plagued by the ghosts of merciless men crazy for the witches in her cursed family. When Lyric goes back to her grandmother’s abandoned house she knows it won’t be easy with her secretive nature, strange looks, lonely outside and damaged reputation in the most judgemental small town ever so when Grayson is driven towards her, she knows it’s her duty to stop him before not only his family and the entire town turn their backs on hi, but her own cursed flesh will lead him through the path of madness just like the ones before him.


I find it bizarre some comments claiming this book as not enough or unworthy in the very end, or that “it had an unfulfilled potential” since I thought it was so beautiful in a Stevie Nicks shape with the ethereal herbal knowledge and such a fresh isolated feeling in the town of Hiccups. Besides this, there were the tragically epic main characters dealing with the specially original plot, without mentioning the glorious writing style Mrs Ryals gave us in a story full of powerfully true quotes in the mind of our young leads. It left me with this words: “If there had not been a happy ending, I wouldn’t call it a wild story but an instigating legend carrying a sword through my heart in the shape of a fulfilling and gratifying experience.”


The final book I read was the first part of the Partials Sequence trilogy by Dan Wells, named Partials.


After the war with the biological robots known as Partials, humanity perished with only a 1.1% of the population left as survivors to reconstruct civilization thanks to68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f38696132516455534c50326361513d3d2d3335392e3134643831663064396262316432 the R.M virus that’s currently killing all children born since the first attack leaving the world with less humans every day. Kira is tired of the goverment not doing anything worthy for the future but forcing women to get pregnant to prove their pointless theories, she sees babies dying and young mothers sufering over this every day in her hospital job. She wants a real cure and knows that not everything is as simple as it seems, and the entirety of her new society maybe as corrupt as the past ones to keep control.


Even though I loved the morphing plot, the drive this main protagonist had, the fact I’m already a fan of the story (can’t wait to finish the trilogy) and the fantastic world building abilities Dan has (i literally was able to see the descriptions in my mind); there was a thing I didn’t enjoy and that’s everything related to Marcus. He was annoying from the beginning, such a cowardly little whiny self centered twat (I know that was a natural response for some teens when their confortable world crumbles but come the f*ck on! grow a pair of lady balls!), every time i wondered what Kira saw in him more than a childhood companion, besides that there was nothing even remotly redemable. No joke. Anyways, that was my only complain.



Week #108 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all.

It was a tough week since I caught a cold from my mom so I wasn’t able to read the amount of books I wished I had but still I managed to read some I really enjoyed filled with mistrust and love, and angst.

The first book 🇮 read belongs to the Grisha trilogy, named Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.


Alina is an orphan living in a dying world with her best friend and in fear of the magical creatures hunting her land so when she’s about to die grabbed by a misshapen monster, a secret is revealed and her true potential is exploited and not only her life but the one of her entire country is a stake when a quiet devilish evil unravels.


I give this lovely book an A++ because of its creativity when it came to the thriving plot, the fantastic yet easy to get into world building and let’s not forget about the memorable characters like (you might be surprised) Mal. I mean, this guy is definitely not a side love triangle dude, he’s no Gale neither Jacob nor Jem, he’s like a weird combination of Peeta (67%) and Jace (33%) that I actually really enjoy reading, his interactions with Alina were believable and I’m actually yearning for this ship. However, if there’s one thing I truly wish for is a more condescending aptitude from her side and to find out if the friends she made back home were for real or no. I need sassy Alina and some truth.

The second one was named Siege and Storm.

Last time we saw them, Alina and Mal were running away from

the blood thirsty Darkling after failing to get her power to his advantage. And now they’re still on the road planning a future away from their past but so they’ll discover that they are being haunted and will have to recur to some new allies and the resistance to save the dying land they were born in.


I blame an effing cold for nor being able to finish this on regular time cuz it brought me so many feelings and sensations like wonder because of the amount of badasery Nikolai’s sass and Alina’s new found power and position brought to the table, and the annoyance I felt towards Alina and little Mal with their teenage love issues ruining her character and making her ridiculous and a cheesy stereotypical 1990’s heroine. But when it came to the premise, I was thrilled again for all the twists and turns the magic and new creatures gave me, besides the change of personalities and the drive this book took.

The next book was the last one in this trilogy, named Ruin and Rising.

Darkling has managed to always be a step ahead of them and now more than half of her Grisha friends are dead. Now hidden by an ambitious religious leader who keeps her trapped and not been able to use her abilities, Alina knows she must find the third magical creature to have a chance to defeat the Darkling but what she’ll find might not be as easy as she once imagine.


During the entire book I was falling for Mal all over again but then he kept being a whiny self sacrificing side note annoying the crap out of me, after that he was perfect again and finally he always would find a way to irritate me. Anyways, the story was consistent and very fullfilling, it didn’t rely on epic death of a Main character to be a nice life changing finale and that means progress for literature lately, so props to miss Bardugo.👏👏

The fourth book was the erotic short story named Daddy Issues by Ella Blaire.

Brielle’s life is far from perfect despite having millions of dollars,

her mom prefers being secluded in rehab for her prescribed medication addiction and her dad always chooses his job and his mistresses instead of their own daughter. It’s obvious that might be the reason she has picked her dad’s friend and business partner to relief some of her stress, but William will give her more than some attention.


I consider this a good filler read, in between big emotionally tiring stories just to have fun, relax and giggle a bit with some cliché naughtiness to feel like a 15 year old reading NA tales or the first time again. And even though it had a couple of inconsistencies when it came to plot holes, the morbid and sassy entertainment was predictable but still right, and the happy ending feelings we got were like a breath of fresh air after so many emotions brought from previous series.

The last one I read was the highly anticipated sequel in the Dark Artifices trilogy by Cassandra Clare, I’m talking about Lord of Shadows.

Malcolm died Emma and the Blackthorns thought most of their problems were gone but they weren’t counting on the impending war whose iceberg top was the dead warlock’s revenge. Now they most go to the unseelie court to get some answers risking their life and integrity, as Emma and Julian try to fight back their burning desire and forbidden feelings for each other.


Don’t get me wrong i did enjoy the book, it was exquisite and incredibly entertaining, very very fullfilling. The whole intolerant and downworld hate plot line was so realistic, and exactly like today’s issues with such inexplicable hatred and ignorance-racism; I felt as angry as i feel on a daily basis online😡. The bigotry was real. Anyways, i also was shocked to discover some more about our fairy/nephilim love triangle, that i inicially loathed but Now i’ve come to terms with it and i’m willing to see how it turns out🤔. In other news, i’m sure as hell that I’ll cry out loud with the Nex book. I’m certain. 😭


Week #107 of Reading Like A Maniac

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I hadn’t been posting any content because of the holidays and some health issues that I’m still going through, it will be a long journey to get better (likely 6 months of treatment) but I’ll remain constant with my uploads and avid reads since the most unlikely book got my interest back in reading. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish my Goodreads’ 2017 Reading Challenge but I’m definitely going to finish this year’s.

The first book I read was the first one in the new godly Rick Riordan series Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, named The Sword of Summer.


Magnus has been living in the streets since her mother’s mysterious 687474703a2f2f6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f64393132353730306634326332346536636237323734393638663239373936372f74756d626c725f696e6c696e655f6d6c6c30333568424f7431717a347267702e676966assassination, afraid of his own family and trusting nobody but two kind homeless new friends he made. He learnt to survive and avoid danger, until his obscure uncle tries to convince him on a Nordic quest that drives our new hero to his grave, literally, only he’s not really dead Dead but in Valhalla with people that claim his estranged father is a god.


I tried really hard to get attached to the story line and some moments were fantastic, the characters felt real and fantastically ingenious to the core but there were just so many preludes in between good scenes that I got bored in little time and wanted to move fast forward. Then I knew technically nothing about Norse mythology other that what you can find in Wikipedia about Thor (the movies) and that there was a goddess named ‘Freya’ so… I wanted to learn about the gods and the magic involved and the brutality, I was clearly interested however I got a feeling of being totally excited and getting half of what I was expecting, I know this book was not meant to give me some religious/mythical lessons but still I needed more. I really hope the next one is better, cuz besides my inner issues I felt the writing pace was a little slower compared to the PJ books.


The second book I read was the funny new-adult stand alone named Smut by Karina Halle.


Amanda is just learning who she truly is in the world, until now she has broken up with her high school sweetheart, living with a easterntumblr_lpvqs5lfjg1qmy72oo1_500 European beauty school roommate and dedicating herself to become a legitimate author by going to college against her parents’ wishes. But if there’s one thing she’s sure of is that Blake Crawford is a shameless troglodyte/manwhore, so when their teacher makes them write a manuscript they discover that they only aren’t good writing but in more than one extracurricular activity.


There were flaws and weak spots but none of them made the book awful, it was entertaining and lovely. The character development was exquisite cuz it was one of those times you don’t realize when the character started changing but you’re amazed with the results, that’s what I felt with Blake such a progress from generic broken hearted bad boy to loving and appreciative friend. I know one’s not supposed to learn things from smutty novels unless is Colleen Hoover but I did found out a lot about kindle options and Amazon self publishing online, so thanks Karina.


The next one I read was the one that brought me back to life after fail attempts to ravish two contemporary novels unsuccessfully, I’m talking about Darker by E. L. James.


bcb84823dc3bb437c3ab114294d6b75dAfter seeing Ana leave his apartment with tears covering her face in fear and blueness, Christian knew she wasn’t like the rest and that she actually meant something for him. That he would change, that he had changed for her sole presence near him, so he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back in his life dealing with his inner twisted demons and the same reason why they couldn’t be together for good.


It was interesting and surprisingly needed to get Christian’s perspectives in this sequel because of the many easter eggs we were given like his relationship with the ancient troll “lady” or his confrontation with Grace about his involvement with her since he was a trouble teen. I was absorved into his insta brotherly love for Mia when she came into his life, which was sweet as hell and as his interactions with his grandpa Theodore. 😍 I felt connected to characters i didn’t even recalled so thanks E. L. for this praised pov version.


The following book belongs to the Silber trilogy by German author Kerstin Gier, named Dream a Little Dream in its English translation.


Sisters Liv and Mia are used to not get used to friends in every country they move because of their divorced parents agendas, but now theirtumblr_inline_o3p1ekn1Ae1sn95bh_250 mother is truly in love and ready to settle down with a man in London with his two kids on board; this means they could finally grow some roots with friends and perhaps a little romance. But after a night of dreaming with her popular soon to be step brother and his handsome friends in a satanic nightmare, she begins to reconsider how far will she go to maintain this new family alive.


I ended up with pain in my bones and with the need of analgesics to sleep, but I finished this books-. I must admit this was not like Ruby Red at all but I enjoyed it, not as much as I expected however I still liked it very much. The whole inexplicable experiences and the unexpected romance developing in front of our bare eyes. I also felts this was way sexier than any other work written by Kerstin before, it help us readers set in the mood, and the writing style got me to be half there and half out giving up on this lovely piece of work.


The fifth book was given the name of Dream On by the same author.


Even though Anabel is locked up in an asylum for almost killing Liv, 30538f499b6e5b448a0b789c2e8508cddeclaring an alliance with an imaginary demon thanks to her cult member dead mother, and Arthur hasn’t been seen around after Liv broke his face; she and her friends still think something is up to no good so when they start seeing a dark figure following them and asking for their heads as Mia starts defying her sanity when a sleepwalking problem knocks on her door.


Was it satisfying? Not entirely. Did it had a nice ending? Yes. Was it a good one? Yes. Anyways, I must recognize that even though i felt i was promised a New slow burning and forbidden OTP that was never effing given, I still want to see how things turn out for Liv’s new growing family and also how the whole Dream realm/travelling is even possible.


The final book I read was the last one in the trilogy named Just Dreaming.


Liv doesn’t know what’s real anymore, it could be Anabel’s demons or 5e450b2a894c207887b7035a71e60ff5Arthur’s powers but one thing’s for sure: one of them must loose so her life and those who she loves the most won’t be ended by that psychotic girl or that sociopath boy that she once considered a friend. All as she deals with her own insecurities about her relationship with Henry, while Mia ends her investigation in regard of the identity of Secrecy.


I’m seriously trying to defend the choices Kerstin made for the plot, the characters’ drive and the romance, but somehow i end up hitting myself against a concrete wall so i’ll better name the aspects i did like about this ending: Arthur being the big bad wolf after all, that bitch controlled everything like a disturbed puppet master, then was the fact Lottie grew in Florence’s heart after all this time with her baking and understanding nature. Anyways, I was still expecting Grayson to develop feelings for Liv but that never happened, also we never knew who slept with wicked Anabel before the books even started, and can we deal with the fact that Liv and Henry have some serious relationship stuff to to deal with that was ridiculously addressed and solved like nothing happened? wtf. The book was entertaining but with better plot choices, it could have had a nicer and exciting ending.


PS: the German covers had nothing to do with the story but HELL they are gorgeous and so creative in comparison to the American ones.


Week #106 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good afternoon, fellow readers.

I’ve had a tough week because of my own coming of age, which is a fancy way of saying I discovered many things I heard of once but never really had the (unfortunate) chance to experience by myself. I felt the agony of muscular inflammation due to injections in my tender hips which let me sleeping on my chest to avoid the excruciating pain, there also was PMS headaches, I always heard some friends and even my mother whining about those painful memories and I felt them for the first time two days in a row which let me to almost faint a block away from my home at 6pm so yeah, thanks lazy ass period. And finally, there was the awful truth about sushi, I always dreamed with the idea of tasting pompous salmon with lovely Asian rice but once I tasted it for my bffs 21St birthday I decided it’s not my thing, I consider it needs to have some Peruvian ceviche condiments and lemon juice. In other news, I read five books this week and I like them but not entirely, you’ll get why once I give you my avid reviews.

The first novel I read was the soft spoken stand alone named Panic by the talented Lauren Oliver.


DangerousUnlinedElectriceel-size_restricted“Panic is a competition with a lot of secrecy, made up by kids bored by vacations in their regular small town.” But nobody really cares how it started, just how to win it. People like Heather and Dodge, two practical strangers looking for a new way of getting what they want, risking their lives and something even more important to them separately. Will one of them be the winner? What will they loose? And specially, what could they find in the rocky road of Panic?


The plot line had so much potential to become the next Nerve meets Batale Royale or something but the slow pace just made me feel sleepy and the fact the characters made me feel so confused during the entire read was another less for me. Like… it was OK, it was decent cuz of the writing style and the whole tiger challenge ordeal, and shitty lifestyle factor however there was a little something missing. I won’t say I wasn’t into this because I was but once I finished I seriously didn’t know what to think. until know I’m not quite sure of what I just read, I just understand it was an interesting story.


The next one is the back stabbing Burn For Burn from the trilogy of the same name by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian.


Three very distinct girls who never thought could be together join68747470733a2f2f36382e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f64363364656131333963323630633930373662333364376665333932613930392f74756d626c725f6f6d3067736a4362493231716377716f626f365f3430302e67 forces to destroy those who burned their tranquility. Mary’s back in town to hunt down her former only friend in the world, Lillia’s perfect sister bond seems to crumble when her friend sleeps with her teen sister, and Kat has become sick and tired of her former bff/current head bitch bullying her for no reason. They will show that pretty girls can do some ugly mischief if they are hurt bad.


I must admit that while I read the first povs in the prologue sort of parts, I was a little unsure about this new story but I trusted in Jenny so I kept reading until I grew to like the female leads and respect their own stories, no matter how teenager these were cuz until a point they were interesting and so appealing though I wanted to slap or yell at a couple of them because of some of their choices; however, the girl that most intrigued me was Mary, she shone with her own melancholic light without even noticing it besides there’s this whole mystery surrounding her abilities and I need more of a continuation, for sure.


The third one was the previous’ sequel named Fire With Fire by the same authors.


After the fire and Reeve’s accident, the school was left pending on atumblr_n3um6tOXUF1qckb0uo3_250 thread when it came to sports and prom because he broke his leg and his future is over. Mary’s guilt takes over her and the girls make up a new plan to get even with the quarterback before he fixes his leg on time. As the three girls discover that not everything they see is what it seems, not even what’s in front of their very eyes.


Such an expression for what I felt during the last half of the book, I felt I was in an exploiting tnt device running out of time as the terrible truth came over and took over my pov. Since I was getting that vibe, you know, that crazy vibe that either says you’re too paranoid or you’ve read too much YA. I’m like, Jenny Han is this you? what is going on with he plot? Siobhan is some supernatural lady, for sure. But somehow I need to keep reading to figure out what the fuck comes next, to explain some things that were not handled properly like how on earth people can see a motherfucking ghost and others just dismiss it. Like that’s my main question, my poor girl is one supernaturally driven spirit. I feel so hangover about this.


The following book is the third and final one in the trilogy, it’s named Ashes to Ashes.


Guilt. That’s what Lillia and Reeve feel for falling in love at the 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f7a744a6b6b5752355a4e725735673d3d2d3437353832333335312e3134653865663966expenses of Rennie’s biggest fears and selfish feelings. Guilt is what Kat feels because of leaving Rennie driving to get the incriminating evidence from her locker while her former bff died drunk thinking they had rekindled. Guilt is exactly what Mary will never feel, cuz “if she died because of Reeve then he and her new ‘friends’ must make her some good company”.


“Jenny Han was my newest safe place to land and Siobhan turned her into a heart breaker and I don’t like that, is it that I cannot trust authors with my ships anymore? Damn you both, you made me fall for the Jock imbecile like a jock imbecile to not making them end up together. Whatever, in my mind they ended up together! ” So yeah, I couldn’t restraint my mind from speaking, but now that this issue is out of my chest I can focus on my favorite parts like the vulnerability I saw in Kat with her dad which made me cry like an eleven year old again, in other news: Mary is the most badass revenge driven ghost ever! I seriously couldn’t hate her, like I got her rage and the pov made it even stronger, kudos on that.


And finally there was the third book in the White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter, named Queen of Zombie Hearts.


Badass Ali thought that after becoming a kind of zombie herself and a rat lab, she wouldn’t be surprised by anything Anima planned andWe-Bought-a-Zoo-elle-fanning-37964153-500-269 would live to have some hot intimate kissing sessions with Cole, however things have changed. An attack leaves her questioning her life, family and her own persona when she sees her loved ones disappear forever. Could she become just like her enemies with the right amount of pain and pressure?


I was entertained and thrilled during the entire book, Ali’s adventures were exciting in a sense that she proved she was a bloody badass and no bitch could beat her with all the fire powers and her amazing fighting skills, and not even the last demise could have been able to make me angry at Gena cuz it was painful (I cried) it felt real and raw which made it somehow correct, we needed the pain and we understood it as readers and fans. But if there were any small detail I was against or had issues with, it would have to be the fact that we never got to see Helen’s side of the story involving Cole’s mother and Veronica’s mother, like why did she do what she did? what were her true motivations? I felt that was a little inconclusive and I really want a little novella explaining that, seriously. please Gena.