Week #1 of Reading Like a Maniac

Today Saturday, February 21th 2015, I’ve decided to start this blog. To tell (whoever is reading) about the books in my yearly reading list, I’m gonna report myself weekly since when I’m reading no one can stop or interrupt me or the third world war could explode next to a religious Armageddon thanks to my rage. Soooo… I’ll talk about the books I read this week, which are the Dreamcatcher trilogy (Wake, Fade and Gone) by Lisa McMann!

dream!catcher crap

OK, so I have to admit I was pretty excited to read about dreams and stuff on this books but as well as I started reading the first tiny book I began to get bored from its slow and not interesting plot. It was like being a loyal fan of the TVD books and seeing the horrible transition to the small screen, so we could say I was ridiculously disappointed and quite sleepy until I got to page 100 and something and finally there was something slightly remarkable. So people! Don’t expect much from the trilogy since I only finished reading it because it was on my list, not cause I wanted to…

Well, the first book (Wake) follows the tormented life of Janie, a regular teenage girl with nothing to live on this world more than an alcoholic/white trashy mother and a best friend who barely remembers her birthday… Oh, and if that wasn’t enough suicidal, well… She can swept herself into other people’s dreams or nightmares unintentionally, she basically just falls asleep when guys around her do and she has to live them until those creppy fantasies are over! Hard to picture, right?

Anyways, Janie has lived with this “curse” since she was like 9 or 10, discovering many weird stuff surrounding many people, like her mother’s affections for a weird ‘Jesus Hippie‘ like dude holding her in dreams, or the mean girl in school secret lesbian crush with Janie’s best friend’s boobs, or the most recent: a former nobody now a hottie in school, Cabel, turns into a horrifying creature who burns himself in his nightmares! Everything sounds exciting and mysterious, right?! Well, check again!

This sounds so good, as great as any other YA fantasy book but its not. The mysteries turned out being common problems in the poor and trashy community they all lived in and are just dreams! There’s no suspense, and an immediate romamce between Janie and Cabel and that’s only the first book! The second tells us something more interesting and well even though it’s not the best written book it hooks you to finish the trilogy with one of those bittersweet (more bitter than sweet) endings. It leaves you hopeless and sometimes crying out of the supernatural injustices but without wanting to kill the author, so it’s not that much worthy to read it.

Its slow and you get to understand why it is that short. Only 191 pages of coffee cups, yawning nonstop, and waiting for an exciting twist that never comes. The Dreamcatcher trilogy, has no heroes and tons of unlikeable characters who are not much expanded and neither redeemable in any sense.

This is such a “don’t you dare reading this” book! Only if you wanna get depressed or are into the Jesus of Suburbia music video without the drugs and violence, neither the Gothic punk atmosphere. WASTE OF TIME!


PS: if there had been only another supernatural aspect of it besides the hole dreamcatcher crap, it would have been a great novella! But Janie was one of the most boring supernatural creatures ever!

…that’s all.


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