Week #2 of Reading Like a Maniac

Today February 28th, 2015 I was supposed to finish a trilogy I had started on Wednesday but my Tablet went down and I had to load it for like five hours (besides I was kind of a lazy girl, today. So…).

But anyways I read three books again from different series at least. Firstly I have to talk about the one I read on Tuesday: “V is for Virgin” by Kelly Oram.

v is for virgin cover

That book was a complete shock to me. Because when I downloaded it on January, I tough it would be the typical happy ending book something like ‘The DUFF’ with lots of sex scenes guiding myself from the name of it but I couldn’t be more wronged because it turned out being a entertaining, stylish and overwhelming story that I just adored from the star to the last dot.


It tells us the story of Val, an adopted teenager with some kind of inner trauma caused by a letter that her biological mother gave her when she was a babe next to a ‘V’ necklace. Now the thing is that this girl wants to stay a virgin till she’s married to not end as screwed up as her bio mom was when she conceived her with an unknown men after a drunken night that she couldn’t even remember. But things take a different turn when she rejects her long time boyfriend and she declares to the entire school population that she’s a virgin and is decided to keep herself this way until marriage comes (mostly because her jerk of an ex boyfriend was telling he broke up with her after she sucked at bed, so… Yeah, awkward but defining scenario). Well aside from being adapting herself to the mocks and bullying of her fellow classmates because of her statement, she goes viral with thousands of views on a YouTube video that shows her proud and grateful of being now called “Virgin Val”, and besides that new unwanted fame now a famous and too hot to resist rock group leader, Kyle Hamilton, is up to make her break her chastity vows to all sexy measures! All this sound pretty teenage movie kind of thing right, but it ends up being somehow like a Lifetime movie meets Awkward TV series meets no actual sex scenes, so… It ends up being fucking fantastic!

This kind of romance between virgin Val and irresistible Kyle flowers up like a rose (slowly and with lots of care, and with care I mean sexual situations without actual sex happening), but besides that tempting fire burning the life of this two, there are also other people that change the world of our lovely virgin Val: her always supporting mom, her clumsy and a bit Looney best friend (I can’t recall her name. Oh, it was Cara and I liked her a lot. Even though many didn’t!), her new Mormon friend (Robin, I liked her but not as much as her BFF), and finally the other virgin on board (Zach hot popular dude who, for me, had the sex appeal of a lost nagging puppy!), but anyways all those people define the book and changes in the life that Val gets sucked into when her famous status starts to get her awfully and she starts questioning if being a representative of her choice (of maintaining her V card) on a national basis is worthy enough to loose her past life.



I just loved this book, and that ending was a little bit like the epilogue of Marie Lu’s Legend! And it gave such an expectation for “A is for Abstinence” (the sequel)! It was not typical, it was completely rare and not a love at first sight, so it was very much of a real perspective of life in the present. #NotSomethingYouSeeOnTv

Ending with that. The other two books I read were part of the Existence trilogy: Existence and Predestined by Abbi Glines! (I was supposed to read Ceaseless today, but I didn’t).

Existence2014 Predestined2014

My first concerns about this was that it could end up just like the Dreamcatcher trilogy but it didn’t so that was a plus that kept me reading till it hooked me with the whole I’m the Death and you can see ghosts (which is weird and not common on this case), and also the entire voodoo in NOLA (second book). It just called me like a siren from outer space! It was fate!!


The whole trilogy is based in the struggling romance of Pagan (yes, that’s the girl’s name, and yes, I know its weird) and Dank (he’s the grim and so bloody hot!!), and well they are not normal people since she can see ghosts since she was a kid and her mom kind of sold her to a voodoo king to save her life, and on the other side we have him who’s the grim taking people’s life but hers since he has fallen in love with her and refuses to let her die like her fate was written.



From the first book, we get the most angsty elaborated sad relieving and unexpected ending that leaves you attached to the main couple and wanting to read the next one! But besides the fangirling behaviour over Pagan and Dank, it has other magnificent characters like Leif (he gave me the feels on the first chapters like what an adorable boy with dislexia), Miranda (Pagan BFF with a quirky personality that adores shops, as a serious matter), Gee (a sweet perfect Cray Cray girl, with lots of screws missing besides being a transporter of souls), Wyatt (the other BF of Pagan who’s the most friendly character, he’s like a piece of furniture that you immediately miss), and Pagan’s mom (always necessary when she’s not absent).


Delightful Minions Gifs

In the second book, you get what I call an entire change of perspective. Mainly from Leif, cause now I’ve discovered what a weak and annoying thing he can actually be as a prince of voodoo who’s so desperate to catch Pagan like a bird in a cage with his perv of a father!


Despite all that, the romance, angst, struggle, small depression and questions remain around the life’s of Pagan and Dank as they don’t give up on their love for each other and future unknown destiny.


Both books gave me sensations I had only felt before only with the TMI series, so it takes a lot of supernatural and common fun to get to that stage of fangirling. This books weren’t disappointing, and just kept getting better per page and new storyline that arrives! #SoExciting

PS: Now I’m regretting not reading the last one (Ceaseless) today! Damn it!



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