Week #3 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this week was a hard one since I had an oral test to get an FCE certificate, so I had to study and practice a lot my English (many may not know I’m not a born English speaker). Therefore I couldn’t read my normal amount of books (3) this week. Anyways today Saturday, March 7th, 2015 I’ll be telling you about the two books I read and fell in love with.

First we have: Ceaseless by Abbi Glines. This is the final book of the Existence trilogy, and it was soft yet fabulous and right.


Ok, so this tells us a new adventure involving our favourite couple (Pagan and Dankmar). This time, right from the start, we are informed that the Deity (God or whatever other religion’s boss you belong) has decided to erase the memory of Pagan about all supernatural aspects of her life (Leif, their connection, ghosts, the Death, voodoo, Gee and Dank) in order for her to restart a life to choose who she’ll be, will she choose her previous boyfriend who apparently is her soulmate, or Dank who’s the love of her existence and is not ready to give up on their love?



Can I say that this book was a slow and soft ending? Yeah. Was it disappointing? Hell, no! It was one of the most fantastic, great endings I loved. I mean we had the whole relationship of Pagan and Dank building itself (even tough I just hate the fact of people forgetting, in every book I find it obnoxious!) all over again, Gee being Gee, and even Leif acting like an ass just like all the effing time (I hated that part, I just hate him!). And that ending, such an unexpected turn of events! So wicked! I was about to have a heart attack when she got hit by that car!! I was like “damn! What the hell just happened!”. 



It was a good end to everyone, it wasn’t epic but it was lovely and it felt completely wonderful.


The second book I read was: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor!


I just fell deeply in love with this! It tells us the story of Karou, a seventeen year old living in Prague with some unusual creatures that have been her family since always belonging to a race called chimaera, she helps them recollecting teeth of many animals and people for the collection of Brimstone (the leader of this family, who’s really reserved and wise with the shape of a sheep with alligator eyes covered in leather) with the company of Issa (a half women half snake), Twiga and others whose name I can’t recall. But one day after gathering more teeth she encounters with Akiva (a mysterious, damaged and beautiful serafin angel, an enemy of the chimaeras), and an instant connection starts growing in them. They hate each other but cannot be without themselves, and after the portals to the chimaera worlds are closed, Karou is left with the help of Akiva and something begins to make them realise that they are important not only for their past relations but because of their hopeful thinking.



I adored this book from the start till the end, with Prague as a centre and the whole chimaera storyline just hooked me up to this fantastic and different universe! We get to fall in love with Akiva’s dark and old soul while we live up every moment in Karou’s life. Besides of learning the past life involving this two characters in a sad and artistic tale, of darkness and light, evil and innocence.



Everything just felt so ambiguous and mystical, with all the arts and spirits around them. And that ending! Just broke my heart into million pieces without noticing it. That moment made me cry out of how unfair the situation was for their love story.



PS: I need more of that last trilogy, it’s so fantastical and blissful!





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