Week #4 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this week was a hard one. Way worst than the last one, ’cause I only read ONE book! I had another FCE test, so I studied on Thursday and I spend the entire Friday resolving the damned exam. I wrote a part of the fifth episode of a fantasy book I’m working on (you can check it out only on Spanish at Soopbook under the name of Un Pueblo Oculto), the thing is that I only had two days to read and with my scheduleschedule it was possible to read the sequel I was expecting!

So…, today Saturday, March 14th, 2015. I’m bringing out my review or honest opinion of the sequel of ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’, named: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor.


Let me star by giving you the premise of this. It tells us that our main characters are apart and on their own businesses after the revelation that Akiva made to Karou (you know, the tear dropping truth. I’m still crying over it!), so now she’s got to this community of the supposed survivors of the Seraphs attacks which includes (unfortunately, awfully, disgracefully, UGH!) the bastard of Thiago! And now he’s making her bring back the chimaeras like Brimstone used to, under the claim that she’s guilty of all the horror that was brought to their people for laying with an angel! While, on the other side, we have Akiva with his siblings thinking that Karou is dead (after finding some estrange prove of it), but instead of acting like the last time (you know? Like killing chimaeras for pleasure?…), he’s saving his supposed enemies from his own kind using his powers for good and preparing a revolution with the support of his siblings and many other neglected brothers and sisters of him against their father, and the newcomer: their uncle, (whose name I cannot recall right now, I know.. I suck at reminding important characters names!), who’s even more vicious, clever and unmerciful than their father!

And, obviously, thanks to the arts of destiny. Our dear Akiva and Karou will eventually come face to face again because they are meant to find each other no matter what, (no matter she kind of hates him and secretly still loves him, now.) they are not the same while the world is still crumbling because of the war that comes with their unfinished and forbidden passion.





Well… This book was amazing in all the means of the word! It was kind of boring at the beginning most because of Karou’s new personality that blames him of everything and says that their love wasn’t true (which I hated! I wanted to yelled at her all the effing time!), but as the time passed I liked the storyline even more for its epic WTF moments, and its lovely jokes (including our dear Suzanna), and its “oh I love you, no I hate you, but I love you, but I shouldn’t love you” moments (brought by Karou herself), and its dirty fights (Thiago VS Karou, Akiva VS the emperor, everyone VS everyone, Suzana VS common sense)! Oh! And the fact that Issa was brought back!! That thing made my day!




giphy (1)

I heard from many that this wasn’t as good as the first one, but I think those people were looking for the same innocent love story made of happy first time encounters and this is clearly not that, but that doesn’t make the book awful! For me, as a matter of fact, its a pretty bad as a sequel with the exact amount of depression, revolution, apocalyptic aspects, and forbidden feelings! I just loved it.




And it had more than just a fantastic plotline. The new characters introduced and the development of the ones we didn’t knew well, was worth reading. Let’s start with Siri, who’s kind of like the cousin of Karou/Madrigal, and has never changed of body besides being always secretly in love with her! God! He’s so loyal, and great but just not the right one for her (mostly because of Akiva) for many reasons that involve her looking at him like a little brother.


Then we have the better development of Akiva’s sister: Liraz, who turned up to be pretty much like Isabelle Lightwood from the TMI series, being all though to hide her insecurities and wanting a better future for herself and the ones she loves. She’s a piece of cake, I just came to adored her from a far.


Finally, we have Jael, the uncle of Akiva and the other siblings therefore the brother of the emperor and yes! I finally also remembered his freaking name, I had to searched it on Wikia. Anyways, he’s a dick! Such a misogynistic character with a passion for torture, who’s also really smart and calculating when it comes to getting his desires turned into a reality.


I’ll make a plus here: ✴Festival, mother of Akiva from the Stelian bloodline. She turned up to have being really strong, clever yet somehow attached to her son because of his fate. She might not had loved him like any other mother, but she some how respected him.

gone girl gif 1

This book did not disappointed me in any way possible. And I can’t wait to read the final one, next week when I have enough time to read that and some others. But nothing will ever be able to compete with the originality of this trilogy, no book.



PS: This character’s names are so hard to recall! I miss the simplicity of Veronica Roth’s names.


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