Week #5 of Reading Like a Maniac

Ok, so we could say I was half lucky this week since I was able of reading two books when I normally can read 3 but the thing is that I had to leave my house on the early morning of Friday to help my aunt with the preparations for my little (annoying) cousin’s sixth birthday. Therefore, today, Saturday March 21st of 2015, I’ll give my honest opinion about two fantastic (and sometimes tiring) books by different authors. First, we have the end of an exotic and innovative trilogy: Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor.


At the beginning, we start a couple of hours before the ending of the previous book but from Suzanna’s and Eliza Jones’s (a new important character) perspective of the situation, that later leads us to the marvellous conclusion of the war against Jael and his bitches. The one which is of course won by the illegitimates (Akiva, Liraz, and their other siblings) and the Chimaeras (Karou, Siri, Issa, and the other survivors) but that’s not the entire problem since now we have Eliza’s, Scarab’s (queen of the Stelians) and Razgut’s PoV, a new story is unfolded giving an ending with even more epic and eternal meaning to the book’s title.


The story is a wild mess but a beautiful one with proper romantic, angsty and lovely moments shared by Karou and Akiva, but also by Liraz and Siri (not quite a shock). It also had ‘OMFG!’ times, specially when I thought Akiva was going to die for that arrow but was totally immortal, or at the end when the Stelians wanted to take him with them and put him away of Karou! But nothing prepared me for that conclusion, I mean… They were all the star gods!! Even Suzanna (who flying on the storm hunter was legit)!!



It was a great book even though it had some slow moments, but that was passed by thanks to its full structure and entertaining twists, besides the unbelievable landscapes!!!! This is a book anyone can find just so mystic and appealing, like with the previous two books.


OK, well… The second book I read was a bizarre and a little angsty one, named : Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

9680718 (1)

This first installment belongs to the Covenant series. It tells us the story of Alexandria ‘Alex’, a half blood of the Hematois (a powerful race created by Gods and mortals) who recently was on the run with her mother to be away from her own people for unknown reasons, but now her mother has been killed by the enemies of her race: the butchers known as Daimons; and after having killed two of those monsters, she’s found by the people she’s been trying to run away from, the Pures, so she’ll return to the place her mother took her away: The Covenant, a school for all the Hematois, Pures and Halfboods; but this is now ruled by her hatred uncle who also hates her and wants to expelled her to put her as a slave for her stepfather who’s now the head of the Hematois counsel but things take an unexpected turn when her saviour (Aiden) takes her under his wing and promises the Head that he will train her to fit her other classmates unfolding an instant attraction between them that’s completely forbidden for ages since he’s a pure and she a halfblood, and that kind of sin is punishable.



So things couldn’t be more fucked up for her but it gets worst when after the visit of a new face for her, the news are updated: Her mother is not dead but has being transformed into a Daimon and is now looking for her daughter’s blood to end her already written destiny for the Hematoi people.


Well, when I started reading this book, my first thought was “this looks a lot like the TMI series” but then I read more and said “OK this is totally like the Vampire Academy!” But since I hadn’t read the last one, I was not easily attached to this book until the middle when the feels attacked me and I was close to tears with angsty emotions hitting on me like with other books so I decided to go on reading the rest, no matter how equal it is relating to the VA series. Now I feel like has grabbed me like a leach and I’m loving it! I ship so hard Álex and Aiden but I hate so bad the kid who’s super powerful with a ridiculous name but who’s kind of links to Alex, because I can sense he’ll be a problem to my sweet forbidden angsty and sexy ship!


Anyways, this was a good book with little boring moments and packed with action, but very difficult characters to picture in your imagination. But I love them.



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