Week #6 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, again! This week was the easiest since a long time when it came to reading ’cause I was able of reading a book per day so I read 3 since you know I use Mondays to write a little novella and this Tuesday I was kind of busy watching the Insurgent film adaptation for the first time (which was a disappointing adaptation, Summit didn’t filled my expectations for the very first time). So the books I’ll be reviewing are from the Covenant series: Pure, Deity and Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Let’s start with Pure which was the second installment of this series and it made me a mental assassin ’cause I wanted to kill our main character, Álex, like all the time since her damn kiss shared with idiotic Seth (I hadn’t hate a character like this since Tally Youngblood or Zoey Redbird!! So annoying).




Anyways, this book starts with a little of post traumatic stress in Álex caused by her having to kill her mom in the previous book, while her relationship with Aiden seems very unlikely to progress and her freaky connection with Seth (aka the asshole) is improving thanks to the absence of our dear silly Aiden specially since he let clearly that he didn’t share the feelings she felt for him after she confessed her love which was obviously, heartbreaking in many ways (I felt it much like Bella and Edward in New Moon).



Besides that she has to deal with the ultimate traumatizing thing that comes to her life: Caleb’s imminent death, yes, our dear sweetling dies on a battle with daimons trying to protect Lea (yeah, the obvious little slut that does every pure she crosses with) and for unfortunate reasons Àlex is unable to help him. So the guilt fullfills her even more, and this lead the circumstances to send her to the New York Covenant where she finds friends (Leon, Laadan) and frustrating foes (Telly, and more of the Thanatos order), all this lead her to become a little more silly and vulnerable when it comes to trust the right people.




Finally, she understands a little that everything is not how she thinks it is and that true danger is waiting for her not only from the angry gods but from radicals of the Pure faction trying to prevent the Gods slayer to live again from one of the Apollyons, which eventually comes to a closer reality that faces her to even more trouble and lovely moments with her past and future.


OK, so I obviously liked it even though of the whole disgusting moments of Álex and Seth (I literally, hit my pillow against the wall when the bitch accepted choosing him), it was a good book with emotional stuff and lots and lots of angst and action! There where moments when I wanted to compare her to Bella from the Twilight series but then I said ‘even bitch Bella was smart enough to not relay on the simplest yet dangerous things’ (by the way, I’m allowed to call her bitch since I’m a proud TwiHard); while the situation with Aiden was so sad and precious because its such a forbidden love situation that just broke my weak fangirling heart.




The second book I read was Deity (which at first I didn’t understand the title but at the end I realised that the entire Island was named like that soo…).


In this, we start weeks after what happened in the previous one (you know, when Álex killed that Pure soldier while the Furies attacked and Aiden promised her that he would fix the situation while she run away to Deity with fucked up Seth), well things have grown awkward between both Apollyons besides the link and choice that joins them, especially from her side since her heart’s still beating for lovely Aiden, until Aiden returns and things grow far more confusing when Seth takes off with Lucian to try to talk about unknown matters to bitch Telly, so that left Álex and Aiden alone in the Island and shockingly he ends up babysitting her giving an update from sweetling Laadan: Alexander, Alex’s father, is alive and has being that familiar brown eyed server in New York for a long time since he’s a half blood that can fight the serum that was supposed to stop the Halfboods initiative.




Anyways, besides her obvious desires to meet him. She realises that she has grown mature in some aspects that make her not be so impulsive and think of things before acting recklessly. While Aiden and Álex try to realise with the most obvious truth that an Apollyion is only created by one Pure parent and other Half blood, (which is something Seth has being hiding from her like many other things but she continues to be annoying and trustes him still like a godamn puppy) many other things happen like Aiden and Álex finally confessing their feelings and making sweet forbidden love, but before she’s totally abused when Telly appears telling her to confess her sinful murder of a Pure by slapping her, then she’s technically murdered by one of the order of Thanatos and brought back by Leon’s command who turns up being Apollo (yes, the god son of Zeuz), anyways on the Underworld she gets to see sweetling Caleb and he helps her heal her consumed with guilt soul and warns her about Seth (there goes another clue), oh! And Deacon is so into Luke (the feels, you guys! The feels!!).



In the end, we are left shocked by many things like Seth’s and Lucian’s obvious intentions but breathtaking ways, which include torture in Álex, compulsion on Telly and defying the gods by fucking everything up. And we are left with the first glimpse of the Olympus gods and with the final pages telling us that Álex has awoken her full power linking herself in the most hideous ways! So, so traumatizing!





OK, this book was beyong better than the last one. This one had more Aiden on it and I loved it!!! They having sex made my day, but she dying just gave me a bloody heart attack!  I just adored the whole bonding relationship of Laadan and Marcus with Álex, and I though by reading all the Seth’s a little lying bitch moments: I knew it! He was a damn bastard!  I felt in a constant rush and totally shocked by things that I should be only impressed by.




The final book of this week was the fourth in the series, Apollyon and it was so OMFG!!


Everything was so frightening! Starting with the whole connection of Seth with Álex which made me calling her effing Álex with the entire “my Seth” stuff and when it was over I was so happy that by only touching the rose necklace of Aiden, she was able to return to her normal bitch Álex senses. Eventually, she has sex with Aiden on a nightly basis which leaves me thinking if pregnancy is an option since the last time the injection was put on her it was the first book and it has being ages since that.



Leaving my speculations behind, we are in a complete but a little slow rush that translate itself in a trip to the Underworld and to a Hematoi university to gather forces to stop Lucian, Seth and the lunatic god that’s had to be helping them. Our dear couple have many unfortunate encounters with the guards of Hades in Kansas, bulls with many heads in the university, the three headed dog, Caleb, Hades’s kidnapped bride whose name I just cannot recall, their own guilt, the truth behind Apollo’s help, and the effing god who’s orchestrating this from afar and who ends up being remarkably Ares (god of war), not quite a shock at least not until he reveals his hidden identity as bitching couch Dromvy! Yeah, the asshole who brutalised Álex in more than one occasion on his sort of gym class. I hated that guy!!






The other truth was of Apollo’s knowledge, which is that Álex will have to merge with Seth’s power to absorb him first and then become the gods slayer herself, and murder Ares once and for all.



Ok, so this book is my favourite of the whole series until now for its romantic and action packed moments! So complete! I want more!


Besides, it made me develop an entire change in my relationship with author, Jennifer L. Armentrout, because I had always considered her my safe place to read but with this stunning series I kind of love to hate her.


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