Week #7 of Reading Like A Maniac

Today Saturday, April 4th, 2015; i’ll be reviewing two books. Alright, here I have my excuses for not reading at least 3 books this week: First, there was this thing me and my Catholic family called holy week and well I had to be rushing to my Grandma’s house to spend it with her and other relatives living there so I was a freaking chaos,  adding to the storm that was already happening to me because of reasons I wish not to explain, never. The good thing is that I could read two books, so that’s a plus!




So the first book I read was on Tuesday, I was kind of torn about reading this ’cause I had the lazy bug wondering around me a lot but I finally decide to read it and with that finishing a great series of books. I’m talking about Sentinel, the final Installment of this awesome series, by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


Well, what can I say more than… It was awesome! Frighting! Melancholic! Sweet! Shocking! Uninformative! And precious! The book started right from where we left in the last one, with Álex awakening after Ares kicked her ass almost killing her in the process, the first thing that Aiden informs her is that well, her eyes have changed of color resembling bitch Seth’s so that’s not cool at all. But she’s still her and wants to destroy the bitch first Apollyon (Seth) to become the God’s slayer and murder Ares, which is something that requires an strategy that only another war maniac could give her and the team, and person is no other than a Tytan called Persee who they have to awake from a long hellish sleep on the Underworld.





Plus Plot: remember I was like almost certain that Álex was pregos? Well, she and Aiden though it as well after something that a goddess said but we were all (unfortunately) wrong! She was not carrying another Apollyon baby but the set of demonic twins of Ares making her a fearful mask of nerves! Those bitches!




Anyway, returning to the whole storyline, we are on our way to kill Ares in New York when Álex reunites with her father and is such a sweet moment but then everything crumbles when Olivia dies and the war explodes ending with the God’s slayer being Álex absorbing Seth and murdering Ares, then the gods appear and kill her themselves. So, you can presume I was like what the fuck just happened?!!! Then we see Álex in the Underworld being miserable even though being visited by Caleb and her mom, because she cannot see or be with her adored Aiden and that just hurts like crap (I cried during all those pages, like a bloody river, no joke).





But thanks to the gods, well, only to one named Apollyon we find out that she’s not dead at all but has reborned as a semi god (an immortal herself) just like Aiden has done and they’ll have to spend six months on the Underworld and other six on the living world for all their eternity seeing their love ones for ever, and together! ♥♥♥ Isn’t that lovely?! Omg! And I cried all over again but this time out of happiness! So shocking!! Loved it!





This book made me realise that Jennifer L. Armentrout can make me cry out of two opposite reasons and that proves what an amazing writer she is; she may not be my safe place to land anymore but I still adore her!


OK, outing myself from all the non stop tears, the next book I read was more than anything really shocking and confusing, its The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller.


I decided not to make a short synopsis but to express my humble but critic opinion about this book. Well, I was expecting an amazing thing about reincarnation like Fallen but I got something so grey and simple as a empty desk, it was good but not exciting. I wouldn’t read it again for many reasons, but the main one would be the lack of meant to be romance. The two main characters, Haven and Iain, weren’t likeable and there wasn’t that spark at all on that relationship; with the other ones I experimented anger, annoyance and tenderness but the story wasn’t sweet and the only thing I ended up liking was the whole mistery and that this book gave a serious meaning to the phrase “trust no bitch”! And also the turning page that Adam was the devil and had being killing Haven like since the beginning of times, so that gave a less importance to Iain but you kind of feel bad when he dies and feel so ‘men’ when he turns up being alive. It’s so flat.





PS: Anyways, this two books were so different. One gave me the chills while the other gave nothing more than flat emotions. Wicked, but I plan to read the next one of the eternal ones because well is in my list and haven’t erase a book of my ” to read List” since the Juliette Society and that was because a whole chapter was about spunk! Ugh! So I’m to finish this ‘two book’ seriesseries, otherwise I’ll feel so not good.




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