Week #8 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, obviously, this was a fantastic week since I read four books and I felt awesome about that! I had nothing that stopped me from reading so I’m more than just OK.

So, today, Saturday April 11th, 2015 I’ll be reviewing four different books, that belong to different series. First we have, All You Desire by Kirsten Miller.

All you desire by Kirsten Miller_book_cover_english_book

Well, this book is the second and (apparently) the last of that saga and it wasn’t as disappointing as the previous one, this book started all exciting and unpredictable with the introduction of a group of sisters who fought against the evil ways of Adam Rosier, and this badass elite group now needs and collaborates with Haven in order to find her now missing best friend Beau. Everyone is suspicious and if Adam finds out Iain is still alive and that Haven is working to have him trapped for good, things could either go really well or really wrong.




As I said before, even though I read it just four days ago, I cannot remember much of the names many of the new or old characters because just like in the previous book, this one ended up being exactly as confusing and troubled for all its turns and annoying character features. It could have been such a breathtaking novel but (at least, for me) it turned out being ridiculous and unfriendly to readers who look for something to carry on.



To be honest, I just couldn’t go through reading it all so I left some twenty pages until the end only to finish it already ’cause it was so unbearable. I hate it, the characters were the most annoying idiots I’ve ever read about, now even Beau! I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone because it would ruin their conception of reincarnation and meant to be love, even their ideas of the devil! Not good!



OK then, the second book I read this week was The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong, which is the first book in the Darkness Rising trilogy, which in fact is a sequel to the Darkest Powers one.


How could I describe this book?… It was so cool and relatable to me, it took me on a different journey of a little slow pace with exciting new supernatural creatures that I’d only saw on True Blood before! So gracious! Well, this one starts the story of Maya (an average teen, adopted, loves wild animals and spending time with her friends, she implores for the truth) who after witnessing the death of her best friend Sienna still can’t recover herself from the shocking and unexpected lost next to her best friend Daniel (boyfriend of Sienna).






I should star first telling you that she lives on a small town near Toronto, when I say small town I really mean small because there’s only twenty students in her high school (not in her class, in the entire building). This almost secret town has being built by SoundCloud, a corporation of medical drugs tests which is the place where all the parents work, it sounds so creepy but for Maya’s all she knows.





She’s always had a thing for wild things since her adoptive father is the forest ranger of town and she takes care of the wounded beasts like a mountain lion with one leg who currently is like a dog to her! Besides all that she’s always had a paw like birthmark on her back related apparently to her Native American roots, which are brought to an speaker when she’s called a witch by an old lady. But the strange things start to glow when she’s pointed as the object of interest of the currently new bad boy of town: Rafael, and when a journalist investigator starts asking weird questions that shock her. She soon realises, she’s not who she though she was and is in fact a supernatural in the oven just like her new angsty crush Rafael and his sister, they’re some sort of were-moutain lions who were affected by an experiment from which their mothers separed them from. And just now, recently, they’ve discovered that they are being looked for by those people who didn’t care to destroy the entire town with fire to get them. They are now flying on a helicopter running away from the apparent danger.





This book, this book… Was so great! Love the characters, they were so realistic and relatable like Maya who is not willing to give her trust more than once after a betrayal, or Rafael who’ll do anything to find answers of his life, or Daniel, a loyal friend capable of everything to help. I admit I read a spoiler about a possible love triangle and I was so close to not wanting to go on with this trilogy but I finally decided to keep on reading for the sake of my fangirling reader soul!

giphy (1)




The third book I read was Beautiful Oblivion by Jaime Maguire, the second installment on the Maddox Brothers saga.


You guys!!! This one was so magnificent! The love, the angst, the sex, the shock! It had everything, it tells us the story of Camille ‘Cami‘ (the bartender who Travis talks to asking for advice), a responsible and caring young women with an unstable relationship with T.J a men full of secrets. She soon finds herself drawn to Trend Maddox the less irresponsible but same flirty brother of Travis, they developed a connection which they cannot deny.





But Cami feels guilty about it and goes back to her boyfriend only to break up with him and after breaking Trent’s heart in the process. They eventually get together admitting their love for each other, and giving us the final and shocking revelation of why she felt so guilty and angsty: T.J was in fact Thomas Maddox the FBI secret agent, older brother of Trent!





This sequel was so good! I enjoyed every bit of it, the sexual tension, the obvious chemistry, the sexy tattoos and themoments when I wanted to slap Reagan (Cami’s best friend and roommate) for leaving Kody and being with Brasil! I loved it so so much!!

Finally, we have the fourth and last book I read which was ‘Buenos dias, Princesa‘ (Good morning, princess) by Spanish author Blue Jeans.


Fabulous, at first I had my doubts about this but it ended up being one of the books that I would gladly reread out of pleasure. The story tells us about the Misfit Club composed by Val, Raul, Eli, Bruno, Meri and Ester, whom which of its members have different problems in only three days!



Val loves Raul since always and has started a secret relationship with him after an encounter with a mystic stranger names Cesar. Raul used to be nothing and now is a popular kid but never forgets his true friends, now has started a relationship with long time friend Val after rejecting Eli. Elisabet ‘Eli’ is a former bullied now more than hot IT girl who has fallen in love with best friend Raul, unknowing that her other BFF Val loved him as well, and has recently being rejected by him. Bruno is always the middle kid of his family, he’s a tiny gamer with lots of love to give, best friends with Ester and Merit, secretly loves Ester. Ester a loyal volleyball player who’s now started a secret relationship with angry coach Rodrigo, she’s beautiful but with low self-esteem, she knows Bruno loves her and is BFF with Meri. Meri’s the youngest looking of the group and has a secret that consumes her by the second, she’s currently evaluating moving with her father to Barcelona leaving her secret love and friends behind her.





giphy (2)


Everything about this book’s just too amazing. The intrigues, the lies, the romance, the fights, the jokes, the problems but above everything, is the true friendship that unites them all! I totally recommend it, Spanish speaking readers love it, just like me!





PS: I didn’t know if pitying or being frightened of Eli’s Alicia. Freeky.



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