Week #9 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, to anyone who’s reading my lonely and wicked blog. This is me again to bring you my honest and some kind of immature reviews about the four books I was pleased of reading this week, and let me tell you that this is the first week where all the books I read gave me a smile ’cause I liked them all; so this will be more like a positive review with some flaws but a good one (that’s the key target).

Let’s begin with the ending of the heartbreaking, fun and unexpected trilogy of the Misfit Club: ‘¿Can I dream with you?’ by Spanish author Blue Jeans.


Guys! Guys! Guys! This book was awesome in many levels! I was this close to cry on several moments, and that ending! That ending! God, what an ending! It leaves you thinking about many people that could be going through the same disease, so depressing. Well…. The book starts like weeks where we left off on the second one, and many problems have been fixed like the trouble of secrecy between Val and Raul, our closeted Meri has now a sweet girlfriend, and Elizabeth has no eyes in this clique since Alva’s abandonment of her evil plan. But there are new freaky situations that have developed during this book, like the crush that Ester now has for Bruno who still has feelings for her but is now dating Alva, Elizabeth’s return with a new tender personality trying to win her friends back but never left by Alicia and her new love companion Angel, then we have Meri living happily with her girlfriend Paloma until their secret is discovered and are forced to not be together (that part broke my heart, I cried like a small child!), and finally we have the golden couple having some trouble of the type love square (Cesar loves Val who loves Raul who loves her but its love by newcomer Wendy) that takes place.









This leaves us with a breathtaking conclusion: Bruno and Ester accept their feelings for each other and are on step to become boyfriend and girlfriend, Val recognises she feels something for Cesar but her emotions for Raul are even stronger so they stay together, Alva is heartbroken but learns to live with that, Meri and Paloma are allowed to date and love each other wit their parents final approval, finally we have our much hated Elisabeth realising that Val was never her target of madness unchaining Alicia but it was herself (told by Angel who’s also imaginary) and she decides to stop herself from wanting to murder Val and instead jumping in front of the running train killing herself in the process. Sad, depressing, unforgivable, unfair, poor innocent creature! She deserved better. Elisabeth deserved better than a tragic ending.











I recommend this one to people who love angsty troubled teens and the gorgeous scenarios of Madrid, Spain. And also, of course, the ones who can read in Spanish and want to cry like Magdalenes over fictional couples (so every fangirl in the planet).



PS: That final scene in the store with the girl named Alicia and her doll, gave me the chills. It was a complete WTF?! moment.


Fine, the second book on my ‘To Read List’ of the week was the sci fi first book of the ‘Lunar Chronicles’: Cinder by Marissa Meyer.


So, I started to read this book and I wasn’t quite impressed but I kept reading until the second part and I got to love it! I was enchanted by the whole futuristic faery tale with this cyborg living on this place called New Peking in loved with Prince Kai! Love it, adored it, liked it a lot!



This starts with Cinder a sixteen year old cyborg working as a mechanic to support her wicked human stepmother (Adri), bitching stepsister (Pearl) and friendly stepsister (Peony) next to a house android named Iko who’s her best friend in the whole world where she’s treated like nothing by the rest for her condition of a human-robot. Until she meets Prince Kai and her life starts to change.





He doesn’t know she’s a cyborg but slowly starts to feel something for her while all the wrong things happen with our poor girl: her nice stepsister falls I’ll of a epidemic disease and dies, she’s given as a subject to work on by her evil stepmother but for her is revealed that she’s immune to the disease and is a Lunar (a race of people with mind powers living on the moon, known for being liars and enchantress to get what they want), besides that there is the arrival of the Queen. Levana of the Lunars (a wicked women convincing everyone of her perfect beauty but hiding under a veil to cover her face and desperate to marry Prince Kai for her advantage) waiting for a decision to be made about all her requirements to not attack the Earth.





In the end we discover many things like Cinder’s true identity as the long lost Princess Selene of the Lunars (the true queen of Luna), Kai imprisoning Cinder for lying and about to deliver her to her aunt Levana, and the power even bigger and more perfect of Cinder that is everything in compared to the nothing Levana has.

giphy (2)


This book is for sci fi lovers who adore awesome villains, humanised heroes with their ups and downs, and epic futuristic stories filled with great characters. I loved this, it is not my favourite but I loved it, and I’m starting to understand Cinder more and more by the second.

PS: There was not much of a plot twist for me. I was capable of figuring it out easier and faster.

The next book is the sequel named Scarlet which could be a retailing of the Little Red Riding Hood.


It is situated in France sorrounding the disappearance of the grandmother of eighteen year old Scarlet Benoist. Who in her quest for clues meets a wrestler nicknamed Wolf with mystic emerald eyes; when she realised this is not a common kidnapping but a search for answers involving certain cyborg now on the run so she starts to look for her missing gran-mére with the help of Wolf who seems more like a true wolf than most people would think.



Then we have Cinder who’s run away with the help of Thorne (a young adult criminal with some wits and a Jace Wayland character mixed with a Jack Dwason looks), and these to different people find themselves now on space trying to figure out what to do with her destiny of ruling Luna as the legitimate Queen besides the fact that Cinder still urges for Kai and is now desperate to know more about her life before her adoption in the caring of Michelle Benoist who not only help her as a surgery doctor but also as a caring old women who looked after her when she was unconscious on her lower floor without the knowledge of her grand daughter Scarlet.



Meanwhile Scarlet finds out that Wolf (whom she has kissed and hug already, passionately) is one of the beasts that have kidnapped her strong willed grand mother looking for answers about the where abouts of Princess Selene. After a depressing and painful confinement, Scarlett manages to scape with her dying grandmother behind and Wolf now frightening her but never forgetting what he feels for her. Now Scarlet has chosen to do what her grandmere told her and help Cinder get on the Lunar throne, because she helped her not to get killed by those resting beasts and saved Wolf on her ship who answers to the name Iko.




On the other hand, we have Cinder deciding that she will accept her destiny but unfortunately finding out that Kai has accepted the request of marriage from Lavena to protect at least a little more the Earth.


This book is way better than the previous one with a more badass character like Scarlet and her fresh romance with Wolf who I learned to love little by little. I recommend this for romance lovers, or persecution fans.

PS: For once, I though that Cinder would have something with Thorne but they didn’t.

The final book I read yesterday was Cress inspired in Rapunzel, telling the story of the crazy haired girl who helped Cinder know the truth of Levana’s intentions before the ball of the first book.

Cress marissa meyer

I have to start saying that this is the most close to the stories than all the others. I mean Cress is so naive and dreamy with all the characteristics of a innocent child, new on Earth. She’s so lovely and scared of the world but in love with idiotic Thorne from a far since she looked at his pictures thanks to her hacker abilities advertised by bitch Sybil (you know, one of Lavena’s lackeys). The thing is that she’s about to scape from the satellite she’s being put in for years to help Cinder and the crew but is stopped by Sybil and send to Earth on a deadly ride next to Thorne who was to pick her up. While Scarlet gets kidnapped by Sybil and Wolf is left unconscious, Cinder is left alone with the help of a outspoken soldier named Jacin who swears loyalty to a princess.



Cress is left alone in the Sahara next to a newly blinded Thorne and will now have to return to civilisation to the help of some caravans who later will want to take forcely Cress to sell her to a crazy doctor working on Lunars while Thorne looks for her desperately like a man in love with an animal instinct capable of killing no matter how blind he is.



The doctor turns out being Dr. Earland who’s just discovered that the disease is mutating and now attacking the Lunar shells but is no matter what helping Cinder and her now reduced crew; but his world changes when Cress is brought to him and is revealed that she’s the lost that was taken away from him a long time ago. (I cried)



While in Luna, Scarlet’s two fingers have recently being cut for refusing to reveal where Cinder is and is now the pet of a insane quirky girl who’s later revealed to be the traumatised but kind and friendly Princess Winter (Levana’s stepdaughter). Awesome turn of events!

giphy (3)

Now that the crew is reunited they have a plan: kidnapp Kai before his wedding, fix Thorne’s eyes and travel to Luna immediately to claim that Cinder is Queen in her own right. And things go slightly right, but Dr. Earland is revealed to have the mutated disease and confines himself not before saying goodbye to his beloved daughter Cress on a heartbreaking way, then Sybil’s soldiers attack the crew with the numb Kai on Wolf’s arm but Cinder manages to stop Sybil with her huge power getting to the point where Sybil is left insane ‘looking at the sky for pretty birds’.



Cinder discovers she doesn’t need to be a Princess but a Revolutionary after a sweet encounter with Kai, but surprise surprise: War has started.


This book was the best so far. I just wanted to be this book’s slave! So gracious!! Filled with awesomeness but the part of the dessert, but besides that everything was just so explosive! I recommend this one for people desperate for strong minded females and epic fights!

Ps: Dr. Earland’s sassy behaviour towards Levana was everything to me! I was like “suck on that, bitch!”. Well written.





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