Week #10 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, to anyone who’s reading! This week was improving since I could read nine short stories and an actual full book, they were all really different but i enjoyed them much. And since this week I had to do nothing I was able to read freely without falls, but now while I’m writing I’m forced to hear my mom’s loud radio and this is going to take more than appropriate.

So the first collection of short stories I read was kind of a companion book belonging to a dystopian trilogy that is Divergent: So this is Four by Veronica Roth.

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This short stories are divided in four (not a coincidence) which are named Four the Transferred which tell us a little of what Tobias had to endure after taking the aptitude test with Tori, dealing with his abusive father and the apparent loss of his beloved mother until the ultimate decision of choosing Dauntless where he gains the trust of Tori and his kind instructor Amar.




In the second story, Four the Initiate, we understand the terrified feelings of Tobias who goes from being the last jumper to one of the best qualified of Dauntless gaining friends like Zeke and Shauna (also knowing their respective families, Uriah! Lynn! Hector! Even Marlene!) But also gaining the trust and respect of Amar while the Erudites start to look for Divergents, Four hides it but Amar only appears dead. Tobias blames betrayer Eric.





The third story, Four the Son, tells us about how Evelyn turned out being alive all this time and how Four reacts to this and all the information she gives him about Erudite-Dauntless wanting to eliminate Abnegation. And he starts questioning if he’s newly accepted position as one of the leaders would make any change; he’s not longer a foolish Dauntless boy but a son of the Factionless.



In the end we have Four the Traitor, where Four and Tris have already met and he already feels some kind of connection with the small but brave Stiff. We go through all the path that takes to Four to fall in love with Tris, all the things she makes him question about his beliefs (that maybe not every Abnegated is evil, just like the new rules of the Dauntless have fallen deep to the ground), and also learns about her Divergence. He shows her his fear landscape as an idea for a date, then kisses her and Four finally accepts he’s not faithful to the faction but to her. Tris is now his home, he admires her, he accepts her, he has fallen in love with her.




These stories just made me fall in love with Four all over again, he’s not as perfect as we thought but his vulnerability makes him so irresistible; and unfortunately that makes you remember how much he rely on Tris and after Allegiant you understand his motives to want to forget. Now I want to cry, damn Veronica Roth! Poor Tobias, he deserved better! Besides all, this was a good companion book that helps Divergent fans understand better Four and his rough childhood story.


PS: Veronica should have killed Marcus! Die, you disgraceful bastard!


The following stories I read were the Secrets saga by Ella Steele and H. M. Ward. Need I say this is a soften and better #50Shades?. Well it kind of is.


This is a collection of five short books that go from 78 pages to 118 so I consider this short stories. It tells us the stories of Anna, a photography student applying for internship who’s dream job would be working for Sophia Sottero (bridal pictures) and after advises on how to ruin an interview with the most misogynistic men alive: Cole Stevens (boudoir pictures). Unfortunately, Anna gets the job and discovers that working for Cole is no picnic but is not what she expected at all, and this is what she truly desires to do.





All this while developing some feelings for her new enchanting boss that increases her not so vanilla sexual fantasies that her germophobic boyfriend refuses. Her feelings for Cole a reciprocal (after breaking up with her boyfriend, Edward) but he refuses to act upon them for unknown reasons, but Anna doesn’t give up and stands up for herself and her desires.






She comes to understand that all she thought perfect and impeccable was twisted and ugly while all she consider distasteful and insulting was in fact beautiful and realistic.






I recommend this saga to fans of erotica but with the wanting of some mystery, secrecy, love, tears and above all: self discovery! This main character’s name may remind you of certain little lip bitter who recalls her inner goddess but this Anna Lamore is a proper women with lots of courage and is not afraid of taking risks, fighting for wat she wants until she has it. She’s stubborn and strong willed. My kind of girl!


PS: Mr. Grey who? I want Cole Stevens!! ♥

The final full book of 204 pages was the adorable ending sequel of V is for Virgin: A is for Abstinence by Kelley Oram.


This time is narrated by Kyle and it takes us from the moment he realise he wanted Val back and was so desperate that he became abstinent using the pendant she gave him as a gift all those years ago. Their lives have changed and they have grown up but their feelings and fears are the same as when they were teenagers (that’s how love works!).



large (1)

They found themselves dealing with their relationship’s issues: lack of communication and the fears of being turned away by the other. While meeting the families and fixing some friendships they thought irreparable. Their relationship grows and improves for the better, they face their vulnerabilities and strength finding the same crazy but now little more tender love for each other.







I recommend this one for the ones that needed a conclusion for the first book, since this is a nice ending. It’s a lovely book on its own but a great final book with an expected happy ending filled with lots of rock concerts!! By the way, I just loved Kyle’s development on this book, he really mature on his own way and surprisingly I found lots of myself on him! While we also could we why he loved Val so much, I mean… The girl was like a freaking Princess D!




PS: Virgin Val is no longer a Virgin, and has a K instead of a V hanging from her neck now! ♥



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