Week #11 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well this week was kind of weird, I read only three since on of the books was over 700 pages (besides being a complete waste of my dear time) son there you have. I spend two days reading one bare book, and the next two days I read two last books. So I guess that’s it.

OK, the first book I read belongs to an unusual series: Dark Secrets by A. M. Hudson.


I thought I would be fascinated with this first book since it had the typical relationship of Twilight but no! First half of this tells us about Amara Rose (a girl scarred by the events that caused her mother’s and little brother’s death), she moves to her father’s house and enters a new school leaving her obnoxious best friend Mike (cliché name), and she meets irresistible David Knight (hottie alert!) Who turns out being a vampire with a long family history. She falls for him and he reveals his secret and gives her two options: renounce her life turning into a vampire or never seeing him again (not such a hard call if you ask me). She has until the start of summer to reveal her choice, and she’s reluctant to choose immortality (since she couldn’t deal with her family’s death, or no being able to have children, or killing people for blood). Her BFF comes to visit her, and she remembers she had a crush on him, he also had those childish feelings and wants her for himself. Amara has a love triangle (which was repulsive to say the least), she chooses Mike even though a part of her will always be with David.





First half was good but second half was filled with everything wrong! She just accept people deciding for her like when Mike arrive and just decided they were meant to be next to her family who totally supported his choice to propose marriage. First half, she was self minded and decisive and then she became a lower version of Bella Swan! The fact that he  practically forced her into his requests for her was so out of line, and only one of her friends say the truth: he’s a needy sobby guy! Her true and only mate was David, and they could have lived a life together but she decided not to for her constant choice for “destiny”! Choosing a loveless life with a friend and not a forever with her actual truelove!



Ps: I know there are some parts left but with the ending of this book I just don’t want to read more, I consider it was a waste of my precious time.


Let’s go with the bright side of the week, I read Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren, and it was mental! Love it love it!


From the start it tells us about the complicated relationship of Chloe with her boss Bennett Ryan (hottie alert!), he’s literally the most annoying person on Earth but with the sexual skills of a god! They start having this sort of affair until they realise that this is more than just sex.





Cliché plotline but really entertaining to read, I couldn’t let the book down so I was reading from five pm till midnight to finish this enchanted story. I just fell in love with this OTP, Chloe and Bennett weren’t immature neither boring so they were so pleasuring to read. I recommend this for people in the search for something easy to read and desperate to find something new.


PS: Bennett is everything! ♥


The last book was a short one like a continuation: Beautiful Bitch by the same author. Lovely!


It starts months after the first book but giving us flashbacks of how things immediately turned out for our dear pairing (awesome sex scene by the way!). Both are working so hard they barely have time for each other so Bennett plans a getaway to France on a friend’s village next to Chloe, the flights are so late but when they finally meet both propose to each other saying yes on their special ways!




This book was such a sweet start, they were having this happy life and I loved it! Still entertaining, Christina Lauren never let’s us down! I highly recommend this to read before the sequel since its little but filled with great moments!

PS: Still love Bennett and his… Ways!



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