Week #12 of Reading Like A Maniac

This week, well… I was split between great books and being terribly ill, no need to say I was so pilled up! I’m still weak while I write this but I want to entertain myself, since I also don’t have cable TV anymore, and I want to eliminate those cable guys. It’s serious, I had an anxiety attack because of it. And I know it sounds stupid but it happen, so the only good thing about this awful sickly week was reading these amazing four books!

So today Saturday, May 9th, 2015 I’ll start with the official sequel of the fabulously sexy Beautiful Bastard: It’s Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren.


I. Loved. It. I mean this book was such a new thing for me since it held the topic of voyeurism between strangers, I was shocked most of the time while reading this book but I still wanted it like sweet peppermint chocolate!


The romance takes place between Sarah (Chloe’s wofriend, remember?), and Max (friend of Bennet, owner of the French village where #BBitch took place, and …he’s British!); and they are SO PERFECTLY KINKY AND ADORABLE FOR EACH OTHER. Both met on a club and had sex, right away, which wasn’t that shocking but the ways its done! Sarah starts realising that she likes being watched, and yeah! That was the shock for me!





Their relationship was far more sweet than the previous one, I felt it meant to be right from the start. He was so tender and pleasing with her, but she didn’t trust him enough; no need to say I felt real fleshy Love.


I recommend this highly to curious people who want a brand new experience when reading New Adult. Its as always, sexy, cherishing with its innovative characters (I just adored snoopy George!). Besides I love the cleared relationship, there was no doubt about it.

The second book was the novella following the previous book: Beautiful Bombshell by Christina Lauren.


This was innovative, to say the least. Since we had two main PoVs, Max’s and Bennett’s while they are on the second’s bachelor party in Vegas! They both are entertained by their respective girlfriends, on a crazy night out! Which involves, sex in bathrooms, on a cabaret spectacle, grand theft auto, and hiring a transgender prostitute! A mad, mad night!



I recommend this for everyone, its fast paced, funny and as always super hot! We have a peak about new characters like Will (hogtie friend of Max, the owner of the naughty picture that almost broke up Max and Sarah!), and also some progress for our favourites couples. Lovely, just lovely.

The third one was the third book on that series: Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren!


This one had the most common relationship, so realistic yet unbelievable. It narrates us the love story between Will and Hanna (new girl, always had a crush on him, geek), which makes this the first book where the couple doesn’t have sex right away! Quite a shock, if you ask me. This made it be a more loyal and true love, and each other characteristics just fell into place. So, so sweet!




I recommend this to people with desires to feel free or just weird. I related a lot to Hanna, she was shy and a crazy talkative person so practically a little bipolar, but I prefer to call it different and distinctive!

The final one is a novella following this book, besides this is the biggest of novellas from this series: Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren.


The book tells the story of finally… The wedding between Bennett and Chloe! So exciting since he has decided to remain a virgin until the wedding, so no sex until its done! Poor Chloe, no time passes before they get angry and everyone knows what happens when they become anxious.




Nice book though. The wedding was amazing, and the end was the start of a mature relationship. Besides of fun times with the crazy family each of them have invited to their wedding. I recommend this to all readers of the New Adult genre who look for something fast paced and easy to read, with no internal monologues that could bored anyone.


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