Week #13 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well… This has been a rough couple of weeks. Let me apologise to anyone who’s reading this since I wasn’t able to post anything last week, and let’s just say my sicknesses increased during those awful days so I couldn’t read nothing more than a short novella. By the way, since next week I’ll be posting this on Sundays night since now I’m at university. But for now I’m renewed so it’s time to begin with my reading list.

First of all, we have the little novella of Beautiful Beloved by Christina Lauren.


No need to say that I was charmed by this one since it had the complications and sexy tines of the previous ones but also the introduction of a new interesting character. This told us the story of Sarah and Max, who are now married and with a little baby girl, and the only problem is that they don’t have time for their kinky sex adventures in their seemly perfect new life.


Our sweet couple will have to deal with getting to be on that radar again as parents, but also with the presence of Max’s little brother (who’ll be the main character in the next book Beautiful Secret, and whose name I cannot recall) who’s a sweetheart dealing with a recent divorce.


What can I say? This novella was so lovely, and obviously sexy as always. It also had a mature level since now everything is changed with more responsibilities to face. I recommend this 100% to fans of this series, it won’t be a deception!

The next one was the end of an Era for me. I’m talking about Redeemed by PC and Kristin Cast, the last book from The House of Night series.


Wetumblr_lse0uxjA9W1qc2oe7o1_500 had Zoey where we left her in the last book, believing herself guilty of murder in jail while Neferet is having a blast taking over the Hotel in which she’s staying, things are going bad. Until everything is on its place, with our heroes raising up against the bitch villain knocking her out for good with some sacrifices, some new loves, but the same hilarious camaraderie that (quoting Aphrodite) “our group of nerds” always brings to the picture.tumblr_no61tdPbp81tax6obo2_500

It was one of the few endings that weren’t epic but fine enough for fans of the series like me, it wasn’t mind blowing but good enough with some unexpected moments like (✴Spoilers✴) the whole Shaunee and Erik relationship, or Kalona dying and being Nyx’s actual consort, or Aurox’s sacrifice which made me think of Heath and his good idiotic heart. It was nice enough so I recommend this for fans (we maybe not many and totally bullied over it but we genuinely love this).


The third one was a lovely trilogy: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (consisting of Hex Hall, Demonglass, and Spell bound).

Hex Hall

Thistumblr_nbr8wcHrmz1qc38glo3_r1_250 tells us the story of sixteen-year-old witch Sophie Mercer having to go to this reform school for the Prodigy (supernatural) named Hecate Hall or how students call it ‘Hex Hall’, where she instantly makes friends, enemies and develops some feelings while dealing with the school’stumblr_m2yhyh3m3x1qc44or mysterious bloody incidents which points out her new BFF as guilty, and the hottest guy not leaving her mind despite having a mean girlfriend. Soon Sophie realises that those problems are just the tip of the huge mountain of her identity and family history, but like with every fantasytumblr_m20z2wbNA21qfdidgo1_500 chick flick, she’ll have to save her world in order of eliminating those troubles in the following books.

It was such a pleasure to read this trilogy, I found it shocking and funny as well as sexy/romantic so I highly recommend this for an easy mystery read that even a reader of thetumblr_inline_niymbish0h1qm4wze Charlie Davidson books found surprising to the point my jaw dropped like into the end of all three books.

PS: I found Sophie such an inspirational lead character, she was still a teen but always thinking of helping her friends and showing bravery when it was needed.

tumblr_maguvbNURH1qdxxyt tumblr_mvfxellhzF1riop3bo1_r1_500

The last one I finished reading just last night was Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.


It tells us a whole story of this races of vampires (Moroi, Damphir, Strogoi) dealing with each other while we read the main thing involving thetumblr_lscvzbGNAp1r360k9o1_r1_500 getaway of Princess Lissa and her BFF and guardian Rose, both had scaped their academy for unknown reasons and now are forcefully returning with this new hot Russian guardian named Dimitri. Both friends have difficulties adjusting to their lives again andgiphy trying to avoid the same issues that cause them to runaway in the first place, besides that someone wants to kill Lissa and her estranged powers. At least she has her connected guardian, Rose to protect her while dealing with some love interests (both of them).

Thistumblr_mkrh7pIGxN1qehsoxo2_500_zps4ee74cb6 book had me with low expectations but I raised them immediately when I started to like the book by every page, the story was a little confusing at the beginning but the it adjusted to my tastes with some soft and hard core romance (♥love Dimitri, love Christian!), and the whole BFF that Rose and Lissa had besidestumblr_mzlu4zd5jg1sejk9do1_500 the mystery of her powers. It made me want to read the other books, and I’m desperately trying to organise myself to get ready!

PS: Rose seriously needs to gain some self-respect, otherwise she’s just annoyingly sluttly. Is it weird that I like the guy’s personalities more than the girls?.


✴ Don’t forget. Since next week, I’ll be posting this on Sundays night.


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