Week #14 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! As I said previously, this is the first Sunday night I’ll be posting my honest reviews, all because my sweet new college schedule which drives me crazy but I have to endure so.. Let’s begin by informing that I read four books since my last review which is now the last time I’ll be reviewing that much books since most likely I’ll be only talking about two per week. Sad but its now my new reality, it sucks!


Alright, the books I read on last Saturday, Sunday night and this Saturday night and Sunday were the following books on the fabulous series Vampire Academy by Rochelle Mead, as Frosbite, Shadow-kissed, Blood Promise and Spirit Bound (I still need to read the last one!).

giphy (2)

No need to day this books were way way better than the first one, I got to fall in love with so many characters, by the exception of Lissa ’cause… Let’s face it, bitch is so freaking annoying! At least for me. But anyways, let’s move on from the obvious point.


In Frostbite we have some character development, in Rose starts growinggiphy an anger mixed with sadness thanks to all what’s happening in her life, just to sum up: (SPOILERS) Dimitri starts courting Christian’s aunt to put away his feelings for her, Janine (Rose’s mom) arrives kicking the crap out of her, Mason keeps being all fallen for her while she intends to at least try have a thing with him, Lissa remainstumblr_n3aac49jB91qhhxd4o2_250 without knowing of Rose’s mental and emotional instability, and apparently the Strigoi are being coworkers of the human to eliminate the spells protecting the Moroi homes. So everything is pretty much screwed up for scandalous Rosemarie, and things don’t end up well neither since a death devastates her to bone after an encounter with a group of Strigoi that changes everyone involved.


In Shadow-kiss, we understand some of the whole mental instability of Rosetumblr_n1j59kJpxA1r1b1wro5_250 and we finally have a so little timed happily ever after with our favourite couple, but not for long since author Richelle Mead is heartless demented evil maniac. There I said it! If I hadn’t read an spoiler on Wikia I would have cried my eyes out on the last part, it was too much for anyone to handle something like that! (SPOILERS) And well, since Mason’s death, things haven’t been going well for Rose since now she sees his ghost on awful times with no idea why, her relationship with Dimitri is not at its best and Lissa is not behaving well, unfortunatelytumblr_n7xmzrYyir1swm1iso1_400 everything is blowing up on her face. Lastly, as always Rose saves the day and…. Well,  no actually she understands and kind of handles the day, she discovers that she’s absorbing all the bad side of Lissa and gets tired of never putting herself first, Rose also makes amends with Dimitri and they havetumblr_inline_miqism3mnw1qz4rgp sex which was probably the best part of the book besides Christian and Rose fighting Strigois like professionals, and finally the epic twist came along. Dimitri turning into an Strigoi killed me, (I knew the spoilers but it still was shocking and painful) I mean right when he was together with Rose trying to figure out what they were gonna do with their relationship this shit happens! And when idiot Lissa didn’t wanna help Rose? God! I wanted to yelled and slap some sense out of that bitch!


While in Blood Promise, we have Rose still maturing in a good super badassb0031_elena-crying-over-damon way right after she left the house of the Belikovs cause I mean they were good but to home like people and not exciting so that part was totally boring for me (Viktoria, I’m referring to you and you’re slutty ways). And since the introduction of the character Zmey, I knew he was her father right away, to be honest it was too obvious as clear as crystal! No need to say I was so exhilaratedtumblr_mrkt59YNY41qzh3kjo1_500 by the whole meeting Evil Dimitri because he’s still so him in a twisted way and I always want to believe there’s still some good on him, but it fell a little bit down when he burry his fangs on her and activated the addict on her, I mean I wanted to slap Rose there as much as I wanted Lissa to die for cheating on Christian. It was not the best book of the series, but I like the development of characters ongiphy (1) this one, I totally felt some respect for silly Lissa when she kick the shit out of that kid to save her life from Avery. My respects to that, finally! About damn time, child! I was getting really tired of her peaceful eternal inactivity. So, good for you, Princess!


Finally, on Spirit Bound everything was so exciting from the beginning totumblr_mae7yactv21reubato1_500 the very end, there were so many things going on, it was nonstop! I loved things and I hated things, for example: I liked the fact that Dimitri came back crying on Lissa like she was his mom! But I hated that he didn’t wanted Rose to be around him out of his tremendous guilt. Then I loved that Lissa proved she had grewtumblr_meomurnkA61rb5q69 a pair since the last time we saw her, but she prove me wrong when she stopped Rose from being with Dimitri! Finally, I loved the fact that Rose was so committed to save Dimitri, but I hated the fact that she did almost had sex with Adrian. And here comes a plus, a needed one! I lovesuperthumb the fact that Dimitri proved he still was so overprotective with her, even though she awfully had to be enduring some murder charges over bitch ‘Queen’ Tatiana’s passing in order for him to react like that! Besides of the shocking turn of that letter arriving. I guess I’ll never know how Bitch Tatiana actually was, pitty.

PS: Love Zmey, now. Miss Sidney a lot! Christian is my boo! I still distrust Tasha. I want to read more!!

tumblr_mt1m830oPC1rofoqgo1_250 tumblr_n2efnwPL9h1tqoojmo8_r2_250


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