Week #15 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this weekend I was able two very different books. One was the last installment in a series and the second was the first novel in an ancient quartet. As I said before, very… Very different. Let’s start!

So the book I read on Saturday evening was Last Sacrifice by Rochelle Mead, the Vampire Academy series finale!


Where do I start? Well, now that Rose has been put into custody for the allegedtumblr_m5fzp7CylZ1r589g7 murder of Queen Tatiana (old bitch!), she’s having some issues with staying there behind those smaller bars but in no time she gets awesomely rescued by Mikhail, Eddie and… My lonely and sometimes cynical Dimitri Belikov! They both are in the run thanks to the sponsorship and generous criminal mind of way too dangerouspost-55364-the-rock-k-gif-Imgur-Tumblr-2bld daddy Abe the Zmey, next to long time lost recurring character Sydney. The trio are chased down by guardians all around until they arrive to a safe place while Lissa and the crew are working to get Rose clean of all accusationstumblr_m4hjluLp0N1qb5cs3o1_r1_500, everything seems cool until Rose tries to scape so she can find the lost sibling of Lissa to help her cause, (that kiss and punch was legit!) Dimitri and Sydney accept finally to help her quarrel with the unexpected help (quite needed actually) of psychopath Victor and crazy for the spirit Robert but they ask only one thing to gain time: Lissa2dujus8 must run for Queen. Only after of being chased by this Amish like vampire community that wanted to fight and show some caves, with some scandalous ideas of what’s rightfully admitted in a normal couple (they reminded me a lot of the Were-panther family of True Blood, so so creepy that I even felt sorry for the younger ones that wanted Rose to take them to the outside world).

Lissa does it quite well, I was impressed since you all know I just find hertumblr_mhrfgu0cmT1qc7e5jo1_500 extremely annoying for her humongous weaknesses for pretty much everything but I respected her quite a bit much for her inner strength. Don’t you worry, I still consider her the most immature and unrelatable queen on literal land but anyways. Next, we finally find out about who is who on this on and on game of schemes! (✴SPOILERS✴) So, I was not expecting Jill to be Lissa’s sister, I kind of thought it was Ambrosse, IDK why but I did so you can guess I was in a full shock! And I totally guessed from book 2 that there had to betumblr_m2pvsaU0Uz1qzkdxuo1_500 something wrong with unfaithful bitch Tasha, I mean she was too nice and too much controlling (almost like a fanatic) so when it was told that she was the one who killed the bitch queen, it wasn’t a shock (I actually said “I knew it! I knew it was that jealous old bitch” I still felt sorry for poor little Christian). Besides it was pretty clear that Lissa deserved to be Queen, she behaved like a dammed Princess D.

Another great thing was the love reconciliation between my baes! I think everyonetumblr_n9lm1d1Sue1qh74xlo3_250 knew Dimitri was only pretending not to love her but Rose, it was so obvious but… Whatever, they were so much cuties next to the gracious and so holy intervention of Sonya Karp, love her! She was like the faery godmother of the whole book! Thanks to her the angst was all worth it, their auras are so golden next to each other! It was perfect, conditions, sexy times, evaluations, close to death experiences, just perfect!

PS: The final part with Adrian and Rose, pretty much summed up my hatred for him. I liked him a bit from book two to book four. He became the immature little bitch I always thought he was.


The second and final book I read on Sunday morning was The Giver by Lois Lowry.


It tells us the story of the utopian Communities that end up being such creepytumblr_n714oqM8Yb1tvb8juo1_400 and senseless dystopia, in the world of twelve year old Jonas living accommodated wit his “family” and “friends” in what seems to be a perfect way of living until he becomes the Receptor gaining all the memories of the world, that include things that may look simple like colours and the weather but these were unknown to people like him. The memories of pain and lovetumblr_nbv9hqFSHh1qh99mio8_250 are not as bad as the real present that he’s living in, all is plain and is up to him to find what’s right again: standing up to what the Community thinks is perfectly stable or saving what’s left of what could be a hopeful future in an actual perfect imperfect world of the past in their present.

The book gave me a great message even though it didn’t had as much as many other dystopias I’m used to reading. I liked it and I’m willing to read the rest of this 90’s science fiction quartet.


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