Week #16 of Reading Like A Maniac

Dear readers, this was a hellish week for me, at least on stressful matters. Preparation for University is not damn easy bit I kind of feel like I’m handling it well since I was still able to read two books this weekend. Progress!


OK, so the first book a read this Saturday night was the Louis Lowry companion sort of book: Gathering Blue.


It was OK, not fantastic since I’m used to THG kind of things. You know? Strong baddass stubborn contemporary characters, with this one I felt everyone totally flat by the exception of an awesome little boy. This tells ustumblr_n80lh32zuc1qc17uuo3_250 the story of young teenager Nora (or Kira? I read on Spanish so no freaking idea of the true name) who lives in a community where strength is the most valuable thing, she has a bad leg since birth and her mother (her only defensor) just died. But this girl is not common she has magic on her hands, she’s a fantastic weaver creating beautiful images on fabric she touches; anyways, thanks to her amazing power she’s sendtumblr_md8vh82jv91qe3hnzo1_500 next to another talented teen to work on the Singer’s veil (its really hard to explain, the fact that this Singer tells the whole story of world), try to fix its colours or she’ll have no use and be send to the beasts living on the dangerous forest. Next to her friends, Mat (awesome little boy, he’s like a mini Jace and Katnish, love that kid) and Thomas (he crafts wood and isded246850016853951a8aa36 so so flat), she’ll find out that the glory of their jobs is not what it seems but an eternal prison where creativity is not welcomed by mysterious Jacobo, who seems more like a puppet master for me than a loving tutor (is like putting President Snow and Joffrey Baratheon on a corpse with the looks of Matt Davis, not nice!).

PS: the ending was a flop. But OK enough, I guess.


The final book I finished reading just a couple of hours ago was another companion book by the same author: The Messenger.


This one to me is in the middle of a dead heat with The Giver, since ittumblr_m4kvcz7Bio1ruw8rpo1_500 tells us the amazing, good natured, and heartbreaking story of little Mat who after six years is now called Matti and lives as a son for The Seer (Nora or Kira’s blind dad), they are both on the sort of heavenly community where everyone gets along, surprisingly next to always calm and hopeful Jonas (from thetumblr_inline_n3v5v4lI4B1rj9fud first book) now referred as the Leader (also baby Gabbi is there going to school, no idea what his character has become though); but something is changing with the people and their environment, and also with Matti since he has discovered that he can heal animals. Everything is full of selfishness, anger, and self absorbancetumblr_nid1fhGdLA1rfno21o1_500 since the people now want to close the gates to others so is Matti’s duty to find his friend Nora and bring her to her father or they’ll never see each other again! Matti thankfully finds Nora, and they are encountered by the Leader while everything turns dark so Matti in order to rescue his town, returns the life to everything. He gives his life for a better world.

Ps: It was heartbreaking! Another thing I wanted to point out shall be that I won’t be finishing this Quartet with the Son, since I didn’t downloaded before. Sorry.




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