Week #17 of Reading Like A Maniac

I know its a little late to post a new entry but you guys need to understand that this Sunday was a hell of a day for me. Father’s day, I had to be at my grandpa’s house and spend all day till five pm, (quite a nightmare for me) when I arrived home I had to read the second book for this weekend and I just finished it. It’s insanity, but I wanted two books per weekend so I wouldn’t let anyone down. OK after that explanation, I’ll star with my honest and totally fangirling reviews!

Let’s start with the book I read on Saturday evening: it’s Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers (the first book on the trilogy of the same name).


Let me tell you, I had some high expectations for this book but the first half7oDvAa7 was kind of slow and little boring, but then it started to get entertaining to certain high level, not the highest but high basis. This tells us the story of Frannie (real name: Mary Francis. Freaky, all her sisters are first named Mary!), a regular senior high schooler with a completely Catholic family,tumblr_n4t6p0YS4G1r78yrco8_500 she’s obviously the dark horse of them (well, her and her cool grandpa). She hasn’t been the same since the death of her twin brother years ago but now she has real issues to deal with since she’s being courted by a hot new guy named Luc Cain who’s actually a dark haired demon send from hell to tag her as a resident to betumblr_mzzvatT8OD1qfdtglo1_250 for Hell itself (his name is actually Lucifer), and she’s being constantly protected by another hot new guy named Gabe who’s actually an blonde haired angel send to tag her as a resident to be for Heaven (he’s name is Gabriel), but that’s not it ’cause now she finds herself on a predicament since she has some special powers that make her so desirable to both places to bring Peace or War for humanity. Not big deal.

The thing is that she ends up totally in love with Luc as him with her, buttumblr_msezuwY5IR1sfl909o1_500 she also develops some comforting feelings for high angel Gabe (its way wrost than Tessa from the TID trilogy, way freaking worst!). Now she’s constantly being chased by demon’s to fix what Luc couldn’t do (tag her), eventually she realises that she has changed Luc (literally) turning him into a human. And after big fights happens tumblr_ma5ixdlGBP1qh09nho1_250(emotional almost death experiences, well there was death and resurrection involved so…), she needs an official guardian angel when she decides to be tag for Heaven after forgiving herself from her past guilt (thinking she murdered her brother by pulling his feet when he was climbing a three out of childish hatred and jealousy); her new angel ends up being her passed away brother named Matt! Hurray!


It was a cool book I can’t deny it but I would have liked some more relatable characters, the only one I could bond with was Luc!

OK, the second book I read was: Original Sin by the same author, continuing the trilogy.


It starts a month (I think) after the events of the first book, now Frannie istumblr_miuj5u2rWZ1qjf8nao3_250 fine with a newly human Luc being guarded by both Matt and Gabe, but things start falling apart with the retire of Gabbe and the apparition of new shy and poor girl living across the hall of Luc named Lili. As Matt starts to develop some feelings of obsession for Lili and resenting her sister besides wanting Luc to be away (I hated the little kid so much!), Frannie starts worry about her friend’stumblr_m3vhtxjAyT1r0u1neo1_500 safety and her own since the demons are still following her and Luc who also has to deal with being human and this new attraction he feels for the new mysterious tagged for Hell girl, as well as being turned into a demon again and then intotumblr_mrvph8OGxB1rwkpk5o3_250 a mortal again. Almost half way to the end we find out some things, Lili is actually Lilith (Adam’s first demonic wife, I knew it!), and bitch wants to screw anything that Frannie loves including Matt (literally, I wanted to slap the sense out of that kid!), Luc (that grossed me out so much) and even Frannie herself! And after taking away what she loves the most (baddass and empowered bff Taylor, that hurts as well no matter if the bitch was being a bitch, but Taytumblr_mua3urFe8S1rhajm2o3_250 deserved better), our golden trio sort of wins against the bitch and her sadomasochistic master King Lucifer, after some on and on seduction and passion games that really really grossed the crap out of me. But now its quite obvious that in order to protect what Frannie loves and still has, she’ll have to abandon the. For their own protection. But anyways, during those hard times, I was so desperate to cry all over my Tablet! My poor baes and their immature hearts, the feels!

tumblr_mvsww33nzy1si1zv3o1_500 tumblr_lwxmv3RS2W1r4t71f

Oh, God! Where do I start? I loved this book way more than the first ones, this had so much angst and annoyance and sexy times and triumph moments and pain! It was perfect! It wanted to slap Matt so much when he got fucked by his own penis and sent straight to hell for forgetting about his sister’s welfare! I almost wanted that for Frannie when she did the same! And I wanted to kick the crap of both Frannie and Luc when they kept pushing each other away over and over again! (I understand it for her since she’s a teen but c’mon Luc! You’re old enough to be her twentieth generation ancestor!)

l7kC7A0 17m1435acmwzmgif tumblr_n14kwcRRgr1toamj8o3_r1_500 giphy tumblr_mbou36HKzZ1qk0rujo9_500 tumblr_m4t1rkd1PX1qlolyqo1_500

PS: I missed Gabbe a lot. But phenomenal book, anyways. My baes Frannie and Luc are meant to be! ♥


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