Week #18 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, everyone! This has being busy but entertaining week for all of us right! Hello, free MARRIAGE in all 50 countries of the USA! #LoveWins! Ending that, let me tell you that as always I read two books despite the disadvantage I had since I was so busy on Saturday night but still managed to read!

Let’s begin with the closing of a lovely and sometimes so annoying trilogy: Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers.


So. This book starts like two or one an hour after the previous finished. We are in a vehicle (I think is an airplane) with Frannie, Luc and Gabe running away from the demons with the help of some seraphim angels, ourlarge trio arrives to a security beach house next to a Grigory (fallen angel working for good) named Faith who totally has a crush on Gabe but no one finds out until the almost end, which is the reason why she fell and her story becomes one of the saddest (I literally wanted a happy ending for this girl, she was good and deserved way better). Anyways, dispite all odds demons find Frannie, well actually Matt finds her and gets her to wear a necklace thattumblr_mu5jboQXWz1s1fda0o2_500-1 belongs to guess who? Lucifer himself! So He gets in her mind giving her an image of him in the body of a pretty hot guy, angel kind and convinces her slowly to follow him. While Frannie and Luc are having this struggle in their relationship since them both want to give uptumblr_m3eow4TU6W1r5tdn1 on their love for the welfare of the other, so much angst (I was so desperate to slap some sense in the two of them)! Anyways, somehow Matt manages to take Frannie with him to protect their youngest sister Maggie from demon Marc but he actually abandons her alone with their grandpa, who’s actually being possessed by Lucifer to convince her of listening to him. Idiot believes him, (I literally screamed to my Tablet because of her innocence!) while Luc finds out that she’s a quartertumblr_meojflz77l1r6hxuw demon, and Gabe starts realising he’s turning human out of her love for him. Things go down from there since war explotes and she finally understand she was stupid thanks to God/her granny, people die and people return, an entire burning hell unleashes and it’s bloodytumblr_lod6gsATbt1qztmnoo1_500 and painful and as always filled with turned feelings coming from Frannie until the very end to protect her beloved family; anyways,  her and Luc become some sort of immortal after killing Lucifer and restoring peace in hell where she’s waiting to give another shot to Taylor. A few other huge things happen before that sort of happy ending, like the death of grandpa, the whole deal of her dad becoming her guardian angel and Matt gaining an status as Grigory, oh and also Gabe becomes an angel again separated from Frannie.



Weird happily ever after but as always the final battles are awesome, not epic but awesome! When it comes to the whole ridiculous idea of being able to love two people at once, that’s just irritating! Love the idea of Frannie’s sisters’ having super powers! ♥

tumblr_mg14zuiBgD1rehrt3o1_500 tumblr_m7lpe9AUZr1qbxh0uo1_500

OK, the second book I read was the beginning of a contemporary trilogy named : Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.


I love it, not mutch at the start but as it progressed I ended up adoring ittumblr_inline_mkdsvkPr0V1qz4rgp! I want to go France! This tells us the story of miss Anna (a girl who’s moving to spend her last high school year in France, away from her ex, from her bff and her crush!), she meets some new people there starting with lovely athlete named Mere (I actually don’t remember much her name but let’s pretend that’s it), thetumblr_m8dqwcmddh1rpzp1t charming international hottie Étienne St. Clair (he’s just a perfect little dummie, who’s an American with a British accent and a French asshole of a father), also other friends like Josh and the Indian girl whose name I cannot recall right now, at all but she was the quiet kind of cool. The thingChace-as-Nate-chace-crawford-23649745-500-270 is that she starts develop an obvious crush with St. Clair (who wouldn’t?!) who’s with a girlfriend at the moment whom he doesn’t love as much as he’s tangled for Anna, they decide to be the best friends ever while she learns about her own self and discovers the beauty of Paris, also the marvelous feelings regarding true friendship and accept eachtumblr_inline_nhbne1dHxz1saa843 other’s fears learning how to get through them (also her back home friends are still backstabbing little bitches, they played with her emotions and personally I think they deserve to get herpes and unwanted pregnanciestumblr_ltne7mDSek1r317bvo1_500 tumblr_lmmuv8SJNE1qddv87o1_500 forever! Sorry Stephanie Perkins but I just find myself unable to forgive those Evil creatures from hell! They gave me so much angst and heart break! I can’t forget it!). The friendship finally get a turning point where they just can’t get away from each other and thanks to the gods end up together, so much angst after this (the entertaining kind of angst, the fangirling one! The best type there is! I ship this two! I ship them till my last day!).

giphy tumblr_ll9l4bD8TT1qzga5ro1_500

What can I say? Recently while enjoying some Booktube I got interested in the books written by Stephanie Perkins so I decided to stop being pathetic and give it a try. All I can say is Wow! This was not only teenagery romance, this was a teaching process that made me realise of a lot of things. There’s no much left to say, or intend to explain since there are not enough words to describe this astonishing ride. I travel to France, and experienced the most breathtaking French Kiss I’ve read in my life. And I loved it. I. LOVE. IT.


PS: I couldn’t find the pink color botton. That’s why I’ve been using the soft purple one for the last book subtitles, or important quotes.


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