Week #19 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, dear few people who read my weekly blog! Sorry for uploading so late, but I went out with my family this Sunday for my birthday (today is not my birthday, it’s just a tradition), so I just finished reading the last book on this weekend. And here we go, dearies!

Let’s begin with Lola And The Boy Next Door by the lovely Stephanie Perkins.


So, this book! It was unbelievable, it was like everything I ever wanted on a contemporary YA novel. This tells us the story of Lola (17 year old girltumblr_lksxohC0er1qfxzmjo1_500 working on the same movie theater that Anna works next to St Clair), she’s so much into fashion design and her style is so unique filled with wigs; she has a rock band boyfriend way older than her who none of her dad’s like (me neither by the way), she doesn’t sees why (I do!). Everything gets more complicated when the Bell twins arrive town, when Lola was youngertumblr_n2ggh5TLdL1qfdtglo1_500 they used to be friends but then Cricket Bell broke her adolescent heart. We soo realise that it was not actually his fault but let’s blame the circumstances (bitch Calliope Bell, his twin), he actually still loves Lola and is a total innocent sweetheart; besides shetumblr_lhwjeqL3NR1qcov9qo1_500 has some hidden feelings for him as well but since she has her idiot of a boyfriend she declines many of his proposals. They try being friends again but nothing can hide true first love (not crush, Love!), everyone realises they are meant to be but Lola who after feeling eventumblr_m8ggnd4qsn1qcik0wo1_500 more guilty for ruining not only her ass of a boyfriend but also breaking Cricket’s heart all over again, goes and breaks up with the bitch boyfriend she had. Bitch ended up being the bitch I always knew he was, and after revalidating herlsef she comes with the conclusion she must be worth it to deserve Saint Cricket, and for that she also has to learn how to be herlsef. She proves they are actually meant to finally be together, as I always thought! ♥



Ok. Let’s talk about Mr. Cricket Bell, he’s a the sweetest most perfect main male protagonist I’ve ever read since the Herondales. I fell in love, and after his ‘stars speech‘ I fell drop dead because of this dude. He gave me the feels, I want a dude like that! Everyone should have a fresh Cricket Bell for this Christmas. Seriously.



PS: the whole dress of Marie Antoinette was so much fun! #fashionSecretMistress

tumblr_n00xj1rRLL1re6b50o1_500 tumblr_lwaqkkfVVC1qbdq9so1_500 tumblr_m9dh5xeIB61qiyullo1_500

The second book I read was actually the third and last installment on this contemporary trilogy, Isla And The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins.


This one, this one. I had problems with this one. I thought I felt something at the start and I ended up feeling completely different when Itumblr_m81rqfmkNc1qb0im5o2_500 finished. This one tells us the story of Isla (remember? Girl who draw Josh in the first book? You know, pretty red head who didn’t let Anna get grounded because of her punch to bitch Amanda?), this tender and truly caring girl, always with her crush for artistic and almost school drop out Josh finally achieves her inner dreams by starting atumblr_mazgu2qzVj1qkdght serious relationship with him. Everything seems like for out of a fairy tale, so romantic and passionate (the scenes on Spain got me off the hook), like a teenage dream, pretty domestic but unforgettable. Unfortunately things start to crumble when he gets cut off school and they are separated after a lovely getaway, then they want to work things out but Isla’s insecurities and Josh’s actual troubles do not permit them from moving on. They break up, breaking my heart on the process but finally they get together in one of the most 80’s and innovatively romantic scenes of all times. So realistic and beautiful.

tumblr_m48065uLKN1r1yj84 tumblr_inline_nqx8hhEnFR1tri7aw_500 tumblr_lpwmi8RRYM1qa51o3o1_500 tumblr_inline_ndikjcPspF1so10o6

It got me so emotional. Stephanie Perkins taught me a lot on this book. Since Isla and I turned out being so much alike, (it took me quite a while to understand that) and out insecurities were the same so I cried, I smiled, I laught and I learned so much from this, it helped me a lot. For that I’m extremely thankful.


PS: Loved the Anna and Étienne proposal. So unexpected but gorgeous, perfection! I was fangirling like a Maniac.!



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