Week #20 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, fellow readers! This has been the easiest weekend ever, until now at least. I’m posting this early on Sunday since I’ll be on a slumber party at night so…! Really stressed out.

The first book I read (which was done on Thursday night, by the way) was Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg.


This one’s a retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, set in moderntumblr_lvrauaJsm21r0lj89 Manhattan. Narrating the story of young student Lizzie who’s attending to a narcissistic all girl school on a scholarship which is like the worst position there since all girls are ego maniac snobs; she’s been a victim of this threads many times since she arrived so she’s used to be treated like nothing by everyone there, and she only has two friends Charlotte (not too friendly but she’s fine) and Jane (totally sweetheart, she’s rich but her father hastumblr_mzuebxqpQz1qf8jkho5_250 just lost his job). The thing starts changing once she meets Will Darcy (yeah, that’s Mr. Darcy right there), when his bff takes a romantic interest on her bff. He’s really shy or totally stupid, she thinks he just doesn’t like her out of her socioeconomic status but she couldn’t be more wrong. Stuff happens, there’s drama, confusion, love, and realisation of much much Prejudice against the opposite side.


I liked it. For me it was an easy read, really light like eating a normal sized bag of chips; it didn’t had many original and romantic moments but I guess that’s because it’s a retelling so whatever. A character I enjoyed reading about mostly was incredibly Charlotte, she seemed so down to earth and really casual. Normal stuff.

PS: there were moments where I just wanted to punch Lizzie, ’cause Darcy was just being a gentleman.

tumblr_mwfm59YZVN1slg88to1_500 tumblr_mcvye3AsBg1rjns8do1_500

Ok, so the second book I started reading on Saturday and finished on Sunday early morning (like 1 o’ clock) was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.


As always this was a pleasure to read. We have shy, panicked and sociallytumblr_m9kp71xb621rw554xo1_500 awkward Cather dealing with serious issues that only a person like her (ME!) could understand. First her twin sister Wren (weird name for a girl, the only one with that name I know is -A from PLL, sorry for the posible spoilers) has decided to not share a room with her at university and is a total outgoingtumblr_mwgyu3VN711s9w508o1_500 bitchy drunk estranger to her afterwords (I hated  when she was acting so immature and mean to poor Cath, bad sister right there one just doesn’t abandon the fandom like that leaving your sister in the way, anyways she goes good after some time I guess but still!), then she has to deal with the fact that she needs to write an ending to her fanfiction story about Simon Snow (a totally Harry Potteredtumblr_n5wqv8awUW1qfv43so1_250 fantasy book series) because she’s the hugest fangirl of all times and is not willing to let it go only because she’s now in university (duh?!), next we have her dealing with a new friend and roommate named Reagan who’s really bossy and untempered (I adore her stubborn aptitude) but friendly and open to everyone about her thoughts of life so she’s a total rocker indie baddass chick right there; also there’s Levi (Reagan’s supposed boyfriend, supposed by Cath) an all smiles farmer twenty one year old working on a Starbucks and who loves listening totumblr_nmh1go3heU1qdxypao1_540 Cath reading her fanfiction stories, a complete peace of realistic cake whom I ended up adoring tot he core (I want my own Levi)! After that, we have her dad who suffers from a maniac attacks after working so hard since the abandonment of her bitch mother Laura, so Cath worries a lot for her dad checking his eating and health constantly. Finally there is her Creative Writing class with an actual author as a teacher, she enjoys it at first but then she finds it unrealistic for her fanfic writer situation since it’s impossible to give a paper on Simon Snow gay parallels, there she also has to deal with idiotic Nick who keeps using her though she doesn’t realize of that on her own until bitch steals her co writing rights. Things are crumbling for her, so in order to fix her family she’ll have to reorganize her own and on that path discover who she really wants to be for the rest of her life. Ending plotline: “A FANGIRL SHALL ALWAYS BE A FANGIRL”.

In my honest opinion… I loved it more than Isla and The Happily Ever After, since I could relate to Cath in all aspects starting with the insides of our soul and then there’s the whole awkward anxiety we own. Her solutions are now my mantra for life, there’s no cure but the one you give to yourself: an opportunity, nothing to lose but everything to gain.


PS: Levi is like the most great and realistic FANGIRL boyfriend that has ever being written. So let’s all hunt all the Levis of the entire world.!♥



PS, of the PS: I hated so much Nick and Laura, I wanted to kick the crap out of their asses!



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