Week #21 of Reading Like A Maniac

HELLO!, fellow readers. I have an special announcement before reviewing the two quirky books I read this week. So… I’ll be reviewing more books per week since I’m on my summer vacations before starting University, I’ll be free till August 31st.! So I’ll be ecstatic most of the time, reading and fangirling all around, it’s gonna be so much fun!

Ok, leaving that statement behind, let’s get started with the first book I just finished reading on Friday night. It’s Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen.

few are angels

This one was so much slow paced. It tells us the story of Ella Monroe, a younglarge women dealing with her parents passing and her recent exit of an Asylum, she’s just readjusting to live in the outside world with her parents’ best friends (they treat her like a daughter) while she suffers from fainting episodes as well as hallucinations of a tragic girl. Her case gets even worse when she meets mysteriously handsome and athletic Kale, a paletumblr_m4eio2ZPRu1r8khsj stocker on his early twenties; Ella feels like she’s known him before and she’s right since he’s on her hallucinations which are now revealed to be memories from her past life, and he’s not just a chivalrous guy but an ancient Nosferatu (a vampire). She’s obviously not ready to deal with this revelation so she hides herlsef on hertumblr_n2nw5aSUbk1qhc9d1o1_r1_500 contemporary life, being a newly hired cashier on a little supermarket next to the most slutty but somehow kickass rich rebel girl named Mia (who I genuinely think has a thing for every men around), then she also has to encounter her childhood best friend who’s the son of her parents’ friends. He’s overprotective, thinking she cannot look aftertumblr_mbvr8y4afC1rgiymlo1_500 herself (its true but whatever), he’s also being away in NY for College for a long long time and now is returning only for Ella, he “obviously” has a crush on her even though he has the weirdest way to show it, since he was totally flirting with Mia, what an ass! Well anyways, his name is Alex!

Ella faces reality when she can no longer be away from Kale, they reunitelarge (1) and he explains everything from her past: she’s what people call an Arc (still no idea wtf does that mean), she was the daughter of a very powerful man known as the Prince of Darkness Laurent who killed his own daughter in order to create immortals (vampires or Chory), and now there’s this prophecy of an Arc being able of not only seeing her own past but a future when Laurent dies out of a simple weapontumblr_inline_ngn3f4eHN51r9pone. So she’s hunted and the only ones who can protect her are Kale (her past’s lover) and Jace (her assigned secretive guardian); but let’s not waste time on details since the thing is that girls in the town are dying. Girls that resemble Ella, Laurent’s minions are close and when she expects it the least she is finally found so she has to run away to a place called the Counsel of Inmortals but she wants to say goodbye to Alex and Mia before. A fight explodes, Ella has being betrayed by who knows who; and she’s left alone by Kale while he fights. Yeah, that’s how the book ends.

Let me tell you that the characters were alright, not the most realistic ones. I mean who the fuck goes and just encounters an estranger, a vampire and is not even afraid enough to protect herself, and lets get serious for a minute: Kale is the most boring vampire in the story of fiction, his only redeeming quality is that he was sweet for what… 3 minutes?. Anyways, this book was good but not the first half. It got interesting with the whole fight in the end, and I still need to know who betrayed Ella, was it Alex? Was it Mia? Who the fuck was it?!


PS: I’m not gonna read the rest of the series, is too slow. Sorry not sorry.

Finally, the last book I read for the entirety of Saturday night was Night School by C. J. Daugherty.


This book was kind of surprisingly fantastic for me, I’ll explain the detailstumblr_msjvjlWKqW1qcah0ho2_r1_500 later on this post. This one tells us the story of troublemaker Allie Sheridan, who after being caught by the police on a criminal act for the  millioned time gets send to an intern School by her parents on the country side of England (she lived in London her entire life). Her life on the new school gets great after thetumblr_mx010j6nwx1ruw8rpo4_250 first day there, she makes new friends like crazy friendly Jo (bitch’s nuts, and too happy to be true; literally she becomes her bff) right from the start and I find her too liberal for my taste, like she has no boundaries at all; besides her boyfriend blondie puppy eyed Gabe (he’s just like the friend of Mr. Darcy, yeah, he’s that much of a cutie). The we have nice to the eyestumblr_inline_n4oc3nyfC31s4krcx Sylvain (who I  couldn’t help but to call Slytherin all way long till the end of the book), Allie obviously develops a crush on him right away; next we have Jules the perfect prefect, she’s nice and so painfully beautiful with an exhausting manicure (bitch’s perfect, it hurts just to look or treat her). Next is the Director named Isabelle who’s more liketumblr_m55oa35LfO1r5tdn1 a friendly mother for Allie, she’s more of a mom than her own so… She’s a soft core lady with lots of secrets, and all of them involving all of this guys that are part of this Night School program, and Allie; and this last dude: thetumblr_inline_ngtdvaXJJf1rj9fud hottie nice bad boy like named Cather (I just adored pronouncing his name with a British accent almost like Sophie Turner from GoT), he obviously has a crush on Ella but she can’t see pass his bad attitude and the lying face of Slytherin (I  couldn’t help it! LoL). He wants to protect her and its not until he rescues her from her almost date rape with Mr. S that she understands, besides this murder takes place and the school makes it look like it was suicide when Allie is the only one who know the girl was killed before her bare eyes.


She starts doing her research next to Cather, nerdy boy Lucas and clevertumblr_m4xanjxylu1qml18i tumblr_mby2p0LX5m1rynxj1 Rachel since now her friends have turned their backs on her, (those bitches). Cather confesses the Night School is the first step to rule the world, everyone who’s on top has been trained for it on this secret school but there are enemies that want to rule the world on a maniac sadistic way who try taking over the school; and surprisingly06d910bbe6f593e157f0d0571ae8ef3b also Allie. She discovers that her mother attended this school named Cimmeria, but drop out (no idea why) and now this awful man named Nathaniel wants her just as he wanted her missing brother Christopher to destroy Cimmeria if he cannot rule the damn place! In the end, a fire runs in school, Cather saves the boys, Allie saves the girls, and Slytherin saves Allie out of his weird obsession with her. And Gabe was the killer, shocking!! Really!

Now I’ll explain the first sentence in my post of this book. When I started reading this I honestly thought this was a fantasy novel, and when I discovered it never was I became a little sad but it didn’t last since I loved the book and now wish to read the whole series. It’s so intense filled with drama, sexy moments, mistery, murder and feels so real it scares the crap out of me. I recommend this one to everyone who’s looking for something innovative and effective when it comes to keep you at the edge of your seat. Lots and lots of kuddos for this!

tumblr_nqbz19lLlR1tlcevno2_500 tumblr_m5064d1Ysa1r9i0fuo1_500

PS: No need to say, I’m team Cather! ♥ because Slytherin can go to hell and never return. (I wanted to punch Allie so bad when she’s still willing to be around Slytherin after the almost date rape, I mean wtf!).

tumblr_mmfej6e3BR1spjbefo1_500 tumblr_lhvfjw4tL91qbahvl


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