Week #22 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, people! This week has being an actual awesome time for me, I felt empowered while reading what I consider to be a bunch of books. It was a joy reading this ones, some them were tiring but still entertaining at least before my fangirling eyes.

Alright, let’s begin with the second installment of the Night School saga by C. J. Daugherty: Legacy.


This one definitely got hooked even more on this series, I felt like my mindtumblr_n85zixxHfl1rnxkp8o1_250 wanted more from this. It starts with deary Allie running, (literally she’s running away from Nathaniel’s minions) then she gets rescued by Rachel’s father (highly trained security agent, Raj) and sent out to Cimmeria without being able of even saying goodbye. In this new year she manages to regain her friendship with now not so crazy but still girly Jo, also is admitted on the Night School and starts training hardcore with atumblr_lxkmw9JQl61qada28o1_r1_250 Asperger badass tiny thirteen-year-old named Zoe (I love this girl, she’s so funny without even trying, as agile as a jaguar) and is a little left out by awesome geeky friend Rachel since she doesn’t want to be anywhere close to the Night School, besides we have Allie dealing with relationship drama because she’s having some trust issues with Mr. Carther I LOVE YOUR NAME’S BRITISH PRONUNCIATION West. All thanks to her still obvioustumblr_nmrl3c4cxj1qbmp7lo1_500 attraction or attachments to Mr. Slytherin (I refuse to acknowledge his real name) who’s brought a new hot chick from France to school named Nicole. Going back to Allie, the girl is seriously confused and too much worried about serious topics like the potential traitor/spy giving up information of the Night School to Nathaniel.

As always in the end we are left surprised by many many things, like the factanigif_enhanced-14077-1411086093-5 Gabe has been reuniting with Jo all this freaking time and he killed her with the help of the betrayer (we still don’t have a clue of who that person is); in other news Allie and Carther broke up terribly and he got over her to fucking fast! (It was like seeing Joe Jonas breaking up with Taylor Swift all over again by the damn phone! Not cool) Then she did the same by kissing on the snow with Slytherin before being introduced to her long time lost super powerful grandma Lucinda, such a fine elder lady!

In my opinion, this sequel was a blast, with good dramatic parts I was very interested in. I suffered like a little kid while seeing my pairing go away, and she going for the hottie previous bubble head that is Slytherin. And to be honest, I wasn’t trying when Jo died such a tragic sort of Starcrossed death; I would have died if it had been Rachel!

Ok, the following book I read was Fracture by the same glorious and invigorating author.


We start with a completely changed Allie, she’s going through a responsibilitytumblr_ndlkkn0hua1tz0azfo1_500 hangover after Jo’s death blaming everyone and acting like a complete brat to everyone who only want to help her. Therefore she has to deal as always with love trouble since now she feels extremely jealous of not so perfect bitch Jules dating annoying Carther awesometumblr_inline_nmb1ocr3Ky1t0atwy abdominals West, who’s not talking to her trying to avoid her 24/7 at all cost which hurts Allie like crap. Then we have Nicole being a total badass but inefficient match maker for Allie and Sylvain; I mean Allie obviously wants to want the same feelings Slytherin feels for her since it’s the easiest getaway from the awful truth (that Kiss, you guys!). Next we count on Rachel being an useful friend for our main protagonist, and strangely meantumblr_m9or1eRJtF1qe3kfyo1_500 girl Katie giving actually worthy relationship advice to Allie like there was no tomorrow (there’s friends love and romantic love, you guys). The we have all the actual business: we still don’t know who’s the traitor since they all though it was the poor librarian locking her up only to catch up the actual betrayer who wasn’t catches yet, Nathaniel has more allies than ever taking away violently their children out of Cimmeria, and Allie is in more danger than she thinks (it’s crazy)

As always it’s a pleasure to read this work, I actually was never bored while reading this. I find Allie an enjoyable female lead to follow, she still has flaws but you don’t even care while interacting with her inner thoughts, and reactions. She’s the first character on a love triangle that actually cares for them both that I actually don’t find slutty (mm Tessa mm), or misguiding.


The following book is Resistance by the same author, is the fourth one in this series.


We start with Allie and Slytherin in France, running away from Nathaniel’stumblr_inline_ngtdy68JfB1rj9fud ob_b9b79d_tumblr-nc79aijhhr1twxysvo3-250 forces and going back to Cimmeria which only has fourty students now since the getaway of many. In this book all fantastically crazy things happen, since bitch moron idiot Jules is away we can enjoy of some tension between my OTP Allie♥Carther while the previous tries to hold a relationship with Slytherin under the obvious demands of Nicole, who’s herself having some secrecy with new Night School student Rachel who’s herself newly single. Anyways, Katie has become one of the good guys and helps children staying at Cimmeria, cool character development right there; she’s sort of dating Nick. Besides of Allie having to reunite with her grandma at a sort of Parliament with bitch Nathaniel to deliver the now unmasked traitor who collaborated on the murder of Jo, and that person turned out being one of the actual good teachers. Pitty. Besides we have a new awesome character, an American girl crazy for gadgets who gets some use for Rachel on the team!



We end up with my OTP facing reality of their love, that moment was to epic and perfect for me! Omg, just remembering makes me crumble. But as fucked up as always, books before the ending one never let love happen in a normal basis! Lucinda gets killed, and Carther gets kidnapped. Damn! I need to kill Nathaniel somehow!

tumblr_m8rop9RHo01qhk6l1 tumblr_m1ybpe2eFt1rsg7iyo1_500 tumblr_m5o8ev8z7m1qze8f7

PS: I think Rachel♥Nicole is happening! And I love it!

tumblr_nmesblbvkA1t5d7ryo1_r2_540 tumblr_inline_n9h1zzxcb91qh4xwo tumblr_m80k1esq8W1rnzecl

The other book I read was the more than just amazing Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover.


It was glorious! We have Tate and her new neighbor and friend of her brothertumblr_inline_mr45fcicve1qz4rgp tumblr_m27l4aB6yv1rntl15 Miles engaging on a not strings attached relationship. She obviously wants some love but he doesn’t want it from anyone, the guy is clearly broken. He tells nothing of his past and that makes things even more complicated, while Tate only discovers parts of his secret for hating love. We, readers do get more than a glimpse of his sad story, he had a girl he loved with his life named Rachel, she was his new stepsister but no matter what theytumblr_inline_nnuz3cQXip1snxgfy_500 loved each other till she got pregnant, and he loved her more but when she gave birth he loved them  both; tragically their baby died on a terrible accident and she grew tired on loving him and left him when Miles still loved her. Six years have passed, he’s starting to heal thanks to Tate who doesn’t make him fall on love, but to fly in love. Feel fit enough to be loved by Tate as his new family grows.

So perfect, I went through all the pages like nothing. It was so perfect, it gave me a whole new perspective of love that I never knew of. I cried like a little girl during the hard moments, even tho I had read some spoilers it still hurt. Good one.

tumblr_inline_nlw705DBm91snclfz tumblr_niy5kzS2HM1tj2fb2o1_500 tumblr_inline_noewqwzinM1rm2uyz_500

The last one was entirely different from the previous ones, it was A Game Of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.


I guess no need to say it was fucking huge! I think everyone follows the storyline thanks to the first season of the TV adaptation, so I’ll be explainingtumblr_inline_nq5u4mkCa01s3umai_500 my favorite characters to read through this humongous journey between the size 10 letters. First we have Ned Stark, at first I just couldn’t see the honorable and respectful men described in the TV show, but as his POVs progressed I got that feeling that he was doing the right thing and was always good and a great dad to all his children, and besides all that family issues, hetumblr_ml949rwAsa1qcqa3io3_250 was a loyal friend and wise advisor. As my reading went on I stopped by Lady Catelyn Stark (nee Tully), I just didn’t like her for all the crap she gave to her husband’s son, I understand her position but no her ridiculously bitchy ways of making the poor boy feel neglected and unappreciated besides being a complete bad mother to all her children besides Bran duringtumblr_nap27pVm5p1qbar1do1_250 his convalescence, I know she grows along the book but I could not forget her flaws. On the other hand we have Queen Cersei Lannister, Westeros’ bitch in charge, I just wanted to punch her the entire time for all her peacock aptitude towards everyone she considered less than herself which is everyone! All her lies and plots brought much more pain, and she continues making thetumblr_lkqe6pT0bd1qawng8o1_500 worst mistakes in the world by putting her devilish boy on the throne. Then let me introduce you to Jon Snow, Ned’s bastard son, this guy starts a little uptown compared to his brothers but then gathers some humility and a really honorable way of thinking, every chapter with him was lovely and filled with melancholic vibes from his past and not knowing nothing about his mother besides feelingtumblr_nqa4d91htK1sjw00ko1_250 lonely and lied by all in his previous home. Next is Daenerys Targaryen, she starts as a poor little innocent thirteen year old girl who’s set to arrange marriage with a men double her age; but ends up the book as a strong minded women with some strong life experiences to guide her path to regain her father’s throne across the sea. Finally we have bothtumblr_m5qcnyoy5m1r1yj84 tumblr_md9z2yQ9Oo1rqmypj Stark sisters: Arya, supper awesome badass girl with no time for formalities and lady like ways but is better with the sword and kindness towards anyone who proves worthy and not a complete idiotic snob! Sansa, the most tiring character ever I mean little one was exhausting till almost the very end since there she realises of her mistakes and her sorrow grows; her story is the one with most drama and tragedy since she believed there was good in the world that was painted for her but it was nothing like that.

It was Awesome. I will not be continuing with the next books since I don’t consider myself much capable of Reading more pages, it was epic but it was too much for my poor eyes. Maybe in the future.

eyes tumblr_m5xtkwgawk1r7p94h


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