Week #23 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good day, to everyone who’s reading! Well this week has being a hard but accomplished ride, I succeed on reading all the books I wanted even though I was at my grandpa’s house and that place is hell for readers, children playing loudly is not a lullaby for my ears while trying to concentrate or picture character’s appearances. Anyways, let’s begin with this.

The first book I read this book was the first classic I’m reading this year, and it was one of the most anticipated for me for a long time: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


Holy dear! Awesome trip to childhood innocence and British manners! Sincetumblr_n1363aR5jX1trmkp7o1_500 most people know this story I’ll be talking about how I sensed it and my favorite characters. As I said before, this was a trip, a journey where I consider Alice  ran to what was like to be an actual adult for a child; for me all the creatures with their respective behavior and sense of law was a concept that a little child had of normal adults on thetumblr_lkrapsyfJ41qhigt0o1_400 first time they are somehow explained what’s like to live as a grown up, or it also could be referring to a teenager giving the first steps towards adulthood (not understanding a thing, being confused most of the time, and so stepped over by the elderly). Anyways, when it comes to interpretations of this story in particular, there are no right or wrong answers but many possibilities including the one that specifies it’s just a children’s book to enjoy and not to question.

But when it comes to the original characters I’ll have to give into two of themtumblr_nr1jvlvwJM1utn1fuo1_500. We are introduced to the blue caterpillar smoking from his hookah, having a mysterious blast when answering questions with more questions that actually end up making sense into Alice’s little head, but we never understood what was his place in all this since he’s not even call to the Trial over the Queen’s stolentumblr_lvi6gwrvbS1r6v22uo1_500 tarts. So where the fuck was the caterpillar, or was he an illusion inside the dream? Leaving those questions behind, I’ll like to talk about my crazy Cheshire cat who doesn’t only have a huge smile all over his face but’s somehow a guide to Alice from the moment he meets her, he’s the honest creature stating a reality in all aspects since ‘we’re all mad in here’. Even you!

I completely adored the book, since I had the first edition with all the black and white pictures to imagine it in more detail. It felt great to finally have accomplished my childhood dream, seriously all children should read this at one stage of their lives.


The second book I read was crazy hot, I’m referring to Rhett by J. S. Cooper.


This tells us the story of the protagonist who’s name is obviously Rhett, hetumblr_njq5peA0JS1sqqa0ao4_250 doesn’t believe in love since his mother abandoned him with his cheater father, and now he dedicates his life to have only sexual affairs with no feelings involved. Except for his BFF Clementine (“Clemmie”) who’s being friends with him since they were six or seven, she’s nevertumblr_m6s7uxtWUy1qgliex had a boyfriend but a first kiss given by Rhett himself when they were twelve. Naturally he starts slowing feeling more attracted towards her not only physically, (he has a thing for her boobs, really concerning but Wtf right?), but how could he not? She’s an awesome confident who knows his troubles when he doesn’t even talk, she’s smart and cheerful with beautiful piercing brown eyes. Not much time passes till he realises he loves her, just when he’s about to loose her for an awful mistake of his after they engage into a friends with benefits situation; finally love succeeds and our couple has a reunion with some 80’s vibe.

tumblr_m6x4lslvOz1rzapx4o1_500 tumblr_lv2i2hm0Jv1qjwwfh post-64052-Seth-from-OC-Adam-Brody-gif-it-KXez

No need to say I loved this, so much my type of New Adult. Easy to read, fast paced and sexy in many levels, with spicey characters to mix the flavor. I fell for Rhett’s vulnerability with the thing of his mom, it was heartwarming and how he wanted nothing but the best of the best for Clemmie but he still didn’t consider himself fit for her. I literally wanted to jump on that book and tell him how good he was, and he deserved love more than anyone.


PS: You know if you wanna jump into the book, then is a good book.

The third I read was a contemporary one, the first one I’ve read in a long time and it’s named We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.


You guys, this one! Hard ride! It tells us the story of Cadence (“Cady”) Sinclairtumblr_np18ku4qjb1swtbemo1_250 of 17 years, born into a rich and wealthy family, daughter of a divorced couple, and new on medication for headaches after being blackout for some moments of her life. She used to spend the summer next to the entire family and her on going love affair Gat, but she’s not being there for a year. Now her mother is ready to take her to the island again where she sees her cousins Meren (she’s a girly bright andtumblr_loae4a4ElK1qkr7pk tumblr_m9wbbj0G2F1r9xz9po1_500 tumblr_lkwzmzfBDm1qjfhj9o1_500 shiny girl with a future ahead of her, blonde as a sunny day with a smile for everyone and everything; she’s a golden star with a caring personality) and Johnny (he’s the funny guy, not quite responsible except when it’s really necessary and is ready to take any risk to prove he’s the best in whatever he does; he has a golden heart with the ability to make people laugh even when they don’t want to besides his bravery), besides there’s Gat (he’s the future nephew of Cady’s aunt and Cady’s secret love, he’s caring for the world and self aware of his place next to her but still is very lovely and kind; he might not have nothing of gold  but his tender kindness definitely leaves a mark on her for all times).

Everything seems perfect but she’s still has a blackout, till she’s starts remembering what truly happened two summers ago. The family was sotumblr_no9bchsDQG1refpsco3_500 desperate for the recent death of grandma, they decided to fight like dogs for the properties including the huge island house; the kids on the other side decided to stop this war the only way Cady knew how by making a fire to burn the house to the ground. Two dogs died that night, or at least that’s what Cady thinkstumblr_my4g2nGrF61shtrwdo1_500 but when memories come back everything has a turn for the worst. Two cousins and a lover died that night, because of her being drunk during the fire; so was all this time and conversations with the three of them just hallucinations provoked by guilt and fear of letting them go?, or were they just trying to say goodbye by helping her? Her family has being healing for an entire year by leaving the little ones on their own, she hasn’t but is ready to not let this little kids go. All Cady knows is that she’ll follow Gat’s advice, she’ll be kind.

At first this was so slow paced, and I didn’t get quite well what was the wholetumblr_mbh8bgmvbh1qm1xuto9_500 tumblr_nhe0kbv2721tq4of6o1_500-2 hook on this book. But as I kept reading I wanted more, I didn’t fell for the characters right away till we lost them in that fire (which was a shock for me, I was like “WTF just happened?! Dead?! All this fucking time?!”); I cried next to Cady during the final pages of her journey to regaining her memories and healing not only her but not letting the remains of the little cousins fall like the rest, before their time. It was a great book, shocking and just perfect; E. Lockhart is such a good writer when it comes to fucked up surprises.

The fourth book I read this lovely book was Losing It by Cora Carmack.


Gracious! This tells us the story of virgin panicking Bliss Edwards, a youngtumblr_inline_no9iehVnAS1tur6pw_500 women at the final stage of her Acting studies at university trying to find a guy to lose her V card with (technically being forced to go to a club to get it by her friend), there she meets a hot smart British guy named Garrick Taylor, but just whentumblr_static_b5pnowx8vtc84w8wggg8cso4g things get heated she gets nervous and literally dumps him on her apartment with the pants down under the excuse of getting her nonexistent cat out of the vet on time. Only to find that he’s her new Drama teacher; they both know a situation like theirs wouldn’t last and is quite dangerous so they decide to not tell anyone and act like nothing ever happened; obviously they soon realise they can’t contain their feelingstumblr_inline_no9if9Coqu1tur6pw_500 or hands from each other so this pair engage into a secret relationship having their ups and down but finally getting things right by giving their own souls to each other (which is my sort of Shakespearean annoying way of saying that they have awesome make-up sex after getting mono for days).

I just couldn’t help not to fall in love for both the main characters till the very last moment, I mean Bliss got me to figure my own panic attacks as something light and not frightening while Garrick got me to actually believe there are guys who wouldn’t consider this concerning or weird, but funny and cute for a girl who doesn’t stop talking when she gets nervous. As I said before, I love them.

tumblr_inline_npbuuyKvu51t99tx9_500 tumblr_m52dtmuvUY1r3zat8

The final one was actually a novella, kind of a short sequel for Losing It named Keeping Her by the same author.


It was entertaining and I wanted more! So, we’re going to London to celebratetumblr_mvhitfiuUx1sp9im5o7_250 the engagement of Bliss and Garrick with his rich parents, obviously she’s more afraid than a rabbit specially after meeting his snobbish mother who looks like mix of Maleficent and the Evil Queen from Snow white; she seriously scared me to death and was so rude with poor Bliss but our girl shut the bitch out with her classy sass. Though the bitch made her question wherever she was pregnant or not, soGIF when she finally told Garrick about her suspicions he was almost about to get a job induced by his dick of a father that he would hate more than anything in the world, but was brought to land again by his beloved Bliss telling him she wasn’t pregnant but even so he shouldn’t quit to his dreams and that wouldn’t be the way to raise their future kids. Happy ending.

I fell for the characters all over again, and more since now we counted with Garrick’s Pov in more than one chapter. So romantic and sweetly humble.

tumblr_n0forl82Is1tryedao1_500 hvgZsaE 7c02ef50-c2a2-0132-459d-0ebc4eccb42f

PS: I got really sad when I found out the actual sequel doesn’t have our main couple but a new one with Bliss’s friend who loved her Cade.


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