Week #24 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all. Sorry, that was me trying to sound so southern and not succeeding at all; ok. This week has being filled with excitement and some fear, excitement because all the marvelous books I was able to read and fear ’cause I’ll be having some little blood extraction for my College (FYI it’ll be the first time blood comes out of me thanks to a needle and I’m freaking out).

Alright. Let’s begin with Faking It by the faery godmother of new adult books, Cora Carmack.


This one was pretty right for me since I sensed a lot of the feelings I got withtumblr_me17jz4bEw1qg6diyo2_250 certain contemporary book (uhm… Lola…uhm) but way better. Here we have the story of Cade (remember? Bliss’s friend whom she rejected?), now living alone next to his friendly neighbor, with almost nothing of job offers and still going through his mourning period because of his romantic status. He was sitting on a coffee shop when he met eccentric but so sexy Max, she asks him to pretend be her boyfriend in fronttumblr_m20z2wbNA21qfdidgo1_500 of her controlling parents since she doesn’t dare to show them the kind of guy she’s currently doing; he agrees under one condition: she must accept a date by him.

They soon realize that this fake relationship is becoming a great friendship, and that appearances are only facades: since Max is hiding herself from her parents and showing the world how talented and trusted she is to the rest while suffering from old wounds she refuses to let heal, until perfect Golden Boy Cade shows her that is worthy a life that she’s capable of living with him.

tumblr_mdqunfiVyW1qegi01o1_500 tumblr_n7cxpwk3EH1rexx6oo1_500 large

No need to say this was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time for my fragile shipping heart. There was so much angst that brought me to having those feelings, specially when Max believed herself unworthy of Cade’s affections, while himself thought she didn’t love him cause he wasn’t magnetic enough. As I said so much angst and beautiful moments, and that’s why I recommend this 100% to new new adult readers.

Next we count wit the second book I read, therefore finishing a glorious trilogy: Finding It by Cara Carmack.

Finding it pb rv

You guys! This one! God! If you thought the second was so much angst chargedtumblr_inline_myfkjkqtuq1r1vpiu then this is a nuclear bomb of emotions! Here we got drowned in the adventure of Kelsey (Bliss’s other friend, the party girl) who’s recently being travelling all around Europe going from club to club with perfect strangers that she’s not afraid to do if she wants to, as she would say iv1jVliving life to the fullest“, until she sees the hottest man on Earth who doesn’t do anything to get into her pants. His name is Jackson and he mostly takes care of her after an almost dangerous moment that brings awful youth memories to Kelsey, but he’s there for her.

Together they travel to different places with no maps, no plans and no knowledge of what they could find, just leaving it all behind and just feeling. There they trust their most hurtful secrets to each other and learn to accept love when it comes right to your feet. They heal each other and get ready to the hardest but most enjoyable tour: A new life with no guilt and just new beginnings to explore.


As I said previously, this was emotional starting with the whole traumatic experience of my dear Kelsey at the age of twelve and her horrible parents. She thinks she’s alone and afraid of a new start but when she meets Jackson everything changes for the better. This gave me so much feels that I couldn’t content the happy tears in my eyes.

PS: I always suspected Jackson of being her bodyguard or something like that.

Then we have the third one named Covet by J. R. Ward. This is the first in the Fallen Angels series.


So innovative. Let me introduce you to Jim Heron, a former secretive forcetumblr_n2huzjGquW1r00543o3_r1_250, now a worker for a building company living on his own with no ambition neither future. On his 40 birthday, he has a one night stand with a hot women who’s later revealed to be his boss’s girlfriend, such a mess for poor Jim, but everything turns to ash when he technically dies electrocuted and he gets the visit of many archangels telling him he’ll have to safe seven human would from damnation or else the world will fall down to hell with no opportunity of rising ever again.

The first soul is his boss, Vin di Pietro, who becomes a friend to Jim after7f4ca99a3203d33670dc3943ea15a11b his fatal  accident. This man is an addict to having all he can possibly buy after having a rough childhood and not knowing what love truly is, not even with his gorgeous but fake girlfriend (Devina), whom Jim thinks will be his salvation at least until Vin meets tragic Marie-Therese. A prostitute working to raise her son well and paying the debts she acquire from her delinquent ex husband, she hates it but goes on with her lifetumblr_mlukaxqdhR1qhkkp7o1_500 for her little boy; later she finds herlsef drawn to Vin and begins to slowly fall in love while all kinds of crazy things happen like the following: Her real name is Gretchen, someone’s stalking her, Devina is actually a devilish bitch, and Jim sacrifices himself for the salvation and love of Vin and Gretchen.

Pretty awesome storyline, even though at the beginning I was literally confused in almost fifty pages. Besides from it, the romance was of the exact amount needed and I ended up falling for Jim all over heels with no regrets, also I hate bitch Devina with a passion.

tumblr_n6glpk8Kmx1to341eo1_500 tumblr_inline_nn28p2pTPY1sqf2ij_500

PS: There isn’t as much sex in here as in other J. R. Ward works.

The following is named Crave by the same author. This is The second on this series, BTW.

9466378 (1)

Nice one. Great plot. This has Jim, Adrian and Eddie (the other fallen angelstumblr_inline_n15qzjed1z1ria758) being screwed over by Devina again while getting no information nor help by Nigel (the obviously gay archangel in charge), to find the next would to save until Jim himself finds out is no one but his old work partner110724045715641141 named Isaac who’s now fighting on a daily basis for money and entertainment of others until he goes to jail in danger of getting caught by his former boss named Matthias (who by the way wants his head on a silver platter), there Isaac gets a lawyertumblr_mbvqrn3nZJ1qabn7mo4_250 paid by the estate named Grier (who’s herlsef a rich women with a passion for her work and still mourning the early death of her younger brother whom she’s still sees as an actual ghost going around her). There’s an obvious attraction between the two, while Jim on the other side gets even more concerned over Sissy (the girl Devina sacrificed on her tub) whom he saw on hell while being tortured by the bitch, the poor girl is frightened and worried for her family and him. Which makes Jim even more preoccupied for her safe rest, which made me ship them.

Anyways, together Isaac and Grier unlock some secrets of her family involving35212c4fe750d8f8_tumblr_lmbz3b724w1qbacrgo1_500.xxxlarge the death of her brother which links her to Isaac’s past still wanting to murder him and everyone he loves; this two understand their love will not be stopped not even by themselves, but will be build with another member coming in nine months. For the first time, Jim fails his soul to rescue since he got confused and safe the wrong one, from the beginning it had been sick Matthias with his suicidal wishes and homicidal manners.


This was a fun ride. I enjoyed more the storyline itself than the whole romance since it had more action and so much hard emotions to deal with, like the desire to kill Devina every time she opened her demonic mouth to speak.

tumblr_inline_mh9j6y8DXt1qz4rgp tumblr_mh4k0yVNRD1ribnwko1_500

Finally, this one I finished just yesterday at midnight and is named Envy by the same author.


Much more attachment to these momentary characters. Here we dear Jimtumblr_n5kn9zqe5z1rskuz9o1_500 still mourning Sissy, and now making a deal with Devina to get the name of the next soul on an awful so sexual way. The main couple is constructed by the soul to safe: Veck, a homicide detective with a rough past that includes his father murdering women outtumblr_mfnphoPJ9w1r61hj9o1_500 of fun, who thinks will end up just like him; and Sophia Raelly and adopted women working as partner of Veck who has also not such a hard pasttumblr_md472aW9qN1ryw0ll but some scars. They find themselves falling in love after two sexy times, and get to trust each other while investigating the abduction of Sissy with undercover Jim, Adrian and Eddie.

Things get difficult after people try to blame Veck for the murder of Sissyalyssa-edwards-bitch-sit-your-ass-down-and-shut-the-hell-up-bitch tumblr_m5oexc7B3S1rpvdji, and Raelly actually believes it instead of trusting him (which is why I wanted to kick her ass). Later we learn some few things: Eddie dies leaving Adrian heartbroken after an awesome thresome, Veck is half Evil thanks to bitch Devina who most likely whispered on his father’s ear to kill all this young women and who now has Raelly as a hostage to gain over his soul. In the end, we obviously had to win and the couple as always stays together for awesome good reasons.

This had it all. I hated and loved characters here, and had many ships that I thought I would never ship like Adrian and Eddie, Nigel and Collin, and as always Jim and Sissy. I seriously was so desperate to know the end because of its interesting arch, and glorious spin off moments with the vampires.

PS: I’m not ashamed of shipping. But really feel weird about it.

03607bd0-1602-0133-461a-0a2ca390b447 tumblr_np8x26u0hW1sm7pv1o3_500 tumblr_inline_nsmhhozsgQ1stjn7q_500 i regret nothing_zpsgjbevff3


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