Week #25 of Reading Like A Maniac

HI THERE! This week has being so hard for me since I had many things to do like the PLL A reveal being a total disappointment, having to get some blood tests and in the end getting to finish the amazing books I’m about to introduce. Hope you like them as much as I did, so here it comes. My honest review.

First, we have Rapture by J. R. Ward. This is the fourth novel on the Fallen Angels series.


No need to say, I loved it. Though I had the hardest time reading it, not becausetumblr_neus3gVoDT1rg73dbo2_500 I couldn’t get into it but because the PLL episode that took my life away with its awfulness (damn you, Marlen King, you liar!). So going back to the lovely book I wasn’t able to enjoy as much as I wanted to, let me tell you this follows the path of Jim Heron still not knowing who he’ll have to help despite having the clues the British archangel gave him on the previous book, while still dealing with his secret love/public obsession with innocent Sissy and with the aftermath that is betraying Devina’s trust. There’s much fear and expectations for the last part.

Anyways, Jim doesn’t realise until a quarter of the book passes that his oldKlaus-kills-his-father-3 tumblr_nqaqedBpV41qbar1do3_500 boss is alive and his new possible soul to rescue, and for that almost impossible salvation is needed someone else to show that path and good will. This gives us the main couple composed by wicked recently amnesiac Matthias and mature but stubborn and independent journalist Mels, which starts from the moment she crushes him with her car driving them both to the hospital, while he can’t remember who he was and both start developing some unstable love emotions for each other. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for her andtumblr_m023wqnO4I1qadcgd wants a new start, to protect her from his past that is hunting him again. While she desperately needs him on her life to be her other half, as well as dealing with her own family issues coming back to her. And together they carry the great responsibility of saving his soul or damn him in hell once again to the pleasure of Devina.

This one was pretty slow build comparing it to the previous novels on this series, many of the purposes of characters were inconclusive and just unnecessary with no much sense on the first scenes for some characters like Devina and Jim. But in other aspects like the suffering of Matthias, I must say J. R. Ward succeeded a ton. Giving me the Happily Ever After feeling in the end with a little of surprise despite some spoilers I had read before.


PS: omg! Sissy is coming back, no idea how but she’s doing it. As an angel, a soul, a human, who the hell knows!


The second one I read was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. The first on this surprising trilogy.


We start with our main character named Cassie Sullivan (short for Cassiopeiatumblr_m6m0nsvbsK1rri87i tumblr_lkqqu8PsjI1qbbne5o1_500) slowly narrating us how she got to be camping in the end of the world, literally ’cause since the four first waves of the alien invation she has gone through enough (earthquakes around the world, an electricity shut down, the plague that killed her mother, and the silencers that murder her father and took away her little brother) and the only thing she knows is that somehow she’ll rescue  Sammy (little bro) before it’s too late. But she’s not utterly alone as she thinks since after getting shot in the leg and left to die by a silencer she gets healed and rescued by Evan Walker, a sweet stalking hottie who kisses her and reveals some feelings and secrets slowly about himself, that makes Cassie don’t trust but at least rely on his protection of her while going after Sammy.

Who’sgiphy (3) 382fc490-2350-0133-0925-0e76e5725d9d 152386tumblrmh3atohtVR1qipyy2o1r1500 not alone after all, he’s on this recruiting military base that’s actually being run by aliens to attack humans by lying to them. There he befriends his sister’s longtime crush, Ben who’s now know as Zombie after some damaging family lost as well. We also count with a small trust worthy group consisting on kick-ass Ringer (as gorgeous as letal), smarty pants Dumbo, quite but clever Poudercake, and dangerously maniac Teacup; resisting against the aliens lead by Vosch the supposed military human general. And they are the first group of humans to get what the fifth wave actually is, cause it has arrive and it’s nothing more than them unknowingly fighting against their own race thanks to the manipulation of aliens. Finally, Sammy is rescued not only by his beloved sister and his mentor Ben but they all manage to scape thanks to Evan Walker’s supernatural abilities (our tender but powerful alien).

Omg, you guys! This book has become my favorite of this year’s To Be Read list, since it has everything I didn’t know I wanted on this genre of books. It had the sweet and forbidden romance, the action packed scenes, the shocking revelations and heartbreaking conclusion. So it had it all.

tumblr_inline_nnerc8wQ6A1qdu7a2_500 tumblr_ml9m7bdyww1rn1xfzo1_500

PS: Evan Walker is mine.

The third book I read this week was The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. The second installment on this innovative trilogy.


We start some days after the end of the previous book with Cassie still believingtumblr_inline_n5s5jiFRNJ1r25xgk tumblr_inline_mphthpN4oR1qz4rgp tumblr_nk58fg0NwN1u3wveao1_500 Evan will return to her despite the explosion that killed all the aliens that remained there, she’s hopeful and hopeless waiting on the cottage he told her to run to with Ben, Ringer, Teacup, Poundercake, Dumbo and Sammy. After some encounters with Cassie, Ringer is investigating the surrounding areas, she’s followed by little reckless Teacup and they both got caught by the aliens but since the little girl is wounded by a bullet Ringer shot she decides to ultimately surrender to save them all. Whom are being worried abouttumblr_lqjwij65uN1qd5a1eo1_500 tumblr_lmuhhx5ars1qf7phso1_500 tumblr_inline_mrnfpzTcIN1qz4rgp their location while they are encountered by a wounded Evan, who’s alive after being almost sexually assaulted by his former alien girlfriend who’s more crazy than the Real Housewives (seriously). The group eventually saves him, trying to heal him under the demands of Cassie (girls becomes histeric when he’s mostly dying, that’s love!♥); while they also receive the visit of Sammy’s little friend named Megan who’s now a living bomb thanks to the aliens but thankfully she’s saved and separated from the bomb on a surgery made by Cassie and Evan, right before an helicopter starts pulling itself down to hunt them just like Evan’s bitch of an ex (I honestly cannot recall her name right now) attempting to kill everyone and wounding poor little Pountcake on the legs and chest until he activates the bomb using his last breath exploiting the entire cottage with the helicopter, the bitch, Evan and himself while the rest is running away with the children.

On the other side we have Ringer’s POV, and wow this girl goes literally through687474703a2f2f6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f36376433383530653065343935343336363731383061633366393661653737642f74756d626c725f6d756767753654587550317279733665626f325f3235302e676966 hell since she’s put down by Vosch threatening her with killing Teacup if she doesn’t do as he says. Until they transform her into the last attack, revealing one of the most creepy secrets of them all (kuddos for that Rick Yancey): the aliens like Evan are not that at all, they are norma! humans with super strength given by a simple surgery and fake memories given by the aliens in order to make humans fight each other or simply give by snobbish humans to create a whole new race on human evolutiontumblr_mc71sn1VXB1rq7u7fo5_250. She becomes that maintaining her own thoughts and is lied to by someone she thought was helping her until she gets to scape thanks to that little traitor who she sleep with who kills Teacup to set her free while she scapes of a flying vehicle with intentions of helping her friends and reveal the truth to all. Finally we have the required epic romance scene thanks to Cassie and Evan’s reunion since he’s again not dead after all.

This was a little smaller than the first but it had more shocking moments, and just kick-ass scenes thanks to Ringer as well as the slight and lovely romance between our favorite ship. I seriously recommend this to readers searching for new experiences on post Apocalypse and dystopia societies, also with some action and hope.

the-office-20072 tumblr_inline_njn6svHOjL1t7oi6g

PS: #EvanWalkerIsStillMine#MyPoorSweerPoundcake

The fourth book I read was The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze. At first I thought it was a stand alone and it ended up being a series, probably since this is the first book.


This narrates us the quest for revenge and justice of Princess Eliza whomtumblr_mr68yvy4qH1qjwzeao1_r1_500 tumblr_ne88wuOwAY1thv299o1_500 after loosing all she valued the most because of an evil sociopath who not only killed her mother and father, and also wants the crown belonging to her family to become an emperor after a mayor shutdown but also has just kidnapped and tortured her older sister and little four year old brother, on an UK at least six decades in the future. There she forces herself to enter the wolves hall to kill the bastard herlsef, but she doesn’t realises she’ll end up falling in love with the enemy’s first born (Wesley) and getting some nasty scars not only on her face but also on her soul that’ll build a new woman on her old corpse.

She’ll go all Boudicca with the people who want the monarchy back on its legitimate place to end the tyrant’s rule, and start building their kingdom from the ashes with a look of hope and patriotism on their sight.


Ok, this book’s plot and entire summary was just gracious but the way it was written and developed wasn’t good at all. This could have being better if the author had taken the time to make realistic emotions and relationships as well as showing the connection between past Eliza and now last Princess Eliza, besides there were many plot wholes all around the pages that could have helped the writing.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-15570-1365555122-1 tumblr_m6i0amn1nx1rziwwco1_500_by_grimface242-d8fq54y the-plothole tumblr_m1oy02en9i1r83779

The fifth and final book I read was The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley.


Here we are introduced into a relationship of two frenemies becoming loverstumblr_m5d6xvQYpT1rps8wy tumblr_m3zi0pwTN61rpschx on a hard situation. They are Amber and Liam, she’s a sixteen year old panicking beauty with a rough traumatic past involving her father’s perversions on her, while he’s her brother’s best friend and has helped her to sleep since she was eight and was too damaged to conceal her dreams. He has fallen for her since he lay his eyes on her, but while trying to maintain his friendship with her brother he hasn’t being1067108_o tumblr_m7vz5prLR31rq8a7p able to act on his feelings except on nights when he accompanies her still. Their love is pure and innocent, and while they have to deal with telling her brother about their new relationship and her panic of being touched, her father returns to town with a new family looking for her to make her nightmares a reality. But together they will not let anyone get in their way to find happiness in each other’s arms, and will fight for their love of a lifetime.

This book was good enough, I seriously was trapped on this lovely situation because it was a happy book with a tragic background but the author managed to get into the hopeful mind of the main character, who didn’t saw herself as a lost case in translation but wanted every opportunity to be loved and love a possible happy future trying to please everyone and herself. I recommend this to everyone who wants a happy ending, with no much tears and without fearing deaths or crazy twists.

tumblr_inline_ncdd1sxEWJ1t0lw5d tumblr_inline_nn3p16ZWkb1rycr62_500

PS: I was not happy about Amber having no motherly instincts, at all.✖



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