Week #26 of Reading Like A Maniac

So I was able of only reading four books this entire week, blame the doctor appointments and a friend’s birthday party but anyways at least I got to read some, with many different genres.

The first one is a new adult standalone called Stripped by Jasinda Wilder.


It narrates us the story of Grey a southern born sweetheart raised by a stricttumblr_m7vdu4EPQr1qbcpzgo6_250 tumblr_mb18l1Hq2C1rr6ht5 religious extremist father and a cancer consumed mother, with no more joy that the amount of hours she spend in film and dance classes. So when she decides to depart to LA after her mother dies, he ass of a father disowns her and with nothing more than 200$ on her pocket and a scholarship awaiting for her, she leaves. But time passes and her money is off just as the College’s help, and she knows she mustn’t be picky with job offers since time’s running out and that’s how she falls in disgrace becoming the first virgin most required stripper, nicknamed Gracie. Obviously, she suffers a lot doing somethingtumblr_n2wjt2XHbI1stfjhzo1_500 tumblr_m0ydvs125j1r8f5nz that repulses her but she needs to survive at least until her newest temporary college work on an important venue raises her from the ashes. Unfortunately the worst happens before her big debut, she meets Dawson (a super famous actor and hottie) when he asks a private dance and understands she doesn’t belong there, but if that’s not enough he is now part of her great début ’cause (surprise, surprise) he’s the actor she has to take care off for the company’s most important and ambitious project of the year.

They both develop feelings for each other but the trust issues separate them, and only violence and love put them together again to face reality that they need each other over something bigger than just sexual tension. She’ll strip more than ever for a man she has learned to adore, and will find herself for the right reasons: to finally feel free.


Omg! You guys! This was such a sexy book with several subtle and not so subtle descriptions, but what I liked the most wast the perfect almost poetic dialogue used when the main characters referred their love or each other’s impact on their lives. It’s just so romantically beautiful, and most of all a story made of trust and liberation of the soul. So no doubt that I totally recommend this one for beginners on the new adult genre but lover of the romantic love.

giphy tumblr_inline_nj5xqd3DGU1r9ym4u

PS: I know I’d said this many times with other different characters, but… #DawsonIsMine♥.


Alright, the second book I read was the contemporary romance,  What I Didn’t Say by Keary Taylor.


This introduces us to Jake Hayes, a young adult/teenager in its lasts strugglingtumblr_l7q5p1SAfz1qc39pwo1_500 with the aftermath of a crazy drunken night with his friends that resulted on a furious car crashed, that changed him for the rest of his life since the accident cause him to become mute and now he regrets with a passion nor being able to confess his feelings for the geeky girl in school, Samantha or justtumblr_lidf9fVZW01qcrf67o1_500 Sam for friends. He thinks nothing could be worst but is so wrong since now the object of his affection is spending more time with him until both are just so close they can’t tear each other apart, they are confidants through words written on his diaries confessing their sorrows and good memories, and getting closer than ever sharing tender kisses and the newest not love confession relationship.

She goes through tough times which shows Jake how lucky he is, not because200_s he survived the accident but because in the aftermath he gathers a family, friends and much support than she ever experienced in her life. Together they fight all odds, resurging from terrible situations that pull them apart and learn how to love knowing they don’t need a voice but words written in paper and hearts that dance for the other 100%.

This was such a sweet story. I fall in love with Jake and Sam during the entire book, I just couldn’t help but to give them a piece of my reading heart since they brought me to tears of sadness and joy, and even brilliant hope during this journey. I highly recommend this one to everyone who loves a good contemporary with bits of John Green and Nicholas Sparks but the amazing thoughts of Keary Taylor.

tumblr_inline_mv3aomu0nl1rlpk9c tumblr_m6nf7t4GFN1rys4czo1_500

PS: I hated so much when they were apart, the two parts. Blaming her drunk dad, and Norah the Whora.


The third one was of a new genre I like to call horror/fantasy/romance/dystopia from the Blood of Eden trilogy, named The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa.


This starts off with Allie a young girl living on a dystopian future ruled bytumblr_inline_mqr7gjGFL61qz4rgp vampires and a deadly plague, surviving of crumbs and violence of gangs so she doesn’t have to be a blood slave or a pet for the vampires she hates the most. But all changes when her friends die, and she thinks she’ll surrender as well but a vampire stops death bytumblr_m427eivdHL1qggrzoo5_250 turning her in one of his own for the displeasure of Allie. She learns she’s not longer alive and she’s a monster but she’s not willing, until her Maker is captured for being one of the responsible for the immortality of the plague while she runs away to find a new city, a new hope that definitely turns on her humanity. So, armed only with a katana she kills some humans and sick forms of the plague, until she finds a peculiarlarge group of humans traveling to find this place called Eden where a cure is a possibility for a life. She pretends being human and finds her inner soul not to have transformed like her physical shape but to have remained loyal and capable of feeling, specially once she gets to know Zeeke a sweetheart going through horrible times being the foster son of a fanatic pastor guiding the group of humans and falling for the girls he thinks is Allie, since he sees her as a good result of how a damaged world has not ruined enough a person who’s a unbreakable.

But when she’s revealed as the blood sucking monster, she still follows themtumblr_inline_mlmt6rLxLt1qz4rgp to protect them since she has grown attached to them and is intended to help them and rescuing them if she must because her human part wants them to succeed, just like her unconfessed love for Zeeke. But after saving the day and some struggle on the way back, she leans that she’s now resilient to give up and before love there shall always be blood, so she needs to save her Maker from the torture of her own kind while the humans face their destiny, and maybe her body and brain will be saving and fighting but her heart shall always be bonding with the human she left behind.


This was so, SO good! At first I had my issues since it gices us a slowpaced emotional description of the world and extra characters but after the departure her life really extends beyond taking the physicality to another lever. I would recommend this to vampire and dystopian worshipers, cause this is something unique and out of this world!.

tumblr_n5uace7MCb1tw5kw4o1_500 tumblr_mq6dovRsrt1rm00dso1_500

PS: I hate Ruth a Jeb so freaking much!✖

And the fourth and final book was a contemporary teen flick, Impossible by Komal Karmat.


This is told from two different points of view, first is Ashton a cheerleadertumblr_inline_njw3iiRKXu1t1pjbw self absorbed and obsessed with status (typical bitchy mean girl), living next door to her old BFF and the other narrator named Luca who’s himself a rock band member with some aged hatred for his former game friend. They haven’t even shared a word since his father died, but all odds seemed to have put them in each other’s way; now that for backstabbing reasons she has lost all she hold dear (popularity) she’s forced to make a deal with newly discoveredtumblr_mbu9akuHWy1rrpmqjo1_500 hottie Luca to gain back what was taken from her: they’ll pretend be on a relationship. But they’ll find out that so much hate can easily become a love story.

And soon Ashton finds out all she loved was the most despicable things on her life, and all she hated was the most loyal and kind human being she ever met. Together with Luca she’ll find old Ashton again to live happy this teenage affair, that might look impossible but not for them.

tumblr_mhz72i6Kj21rqwni4o1_400 tumblr_lyl7prbXns1qjl2vw tumblr_lncs2pgQjp1qg6sl5o1_500tumblr_inline_n0n52kjGAW1s5g73a

This one was a good one at first sight but after some hundred pages it changed the plot to a non solid one, so half of it was sold for me and the other half was so nonexistent. Anyhow, I like it big time because of its romantic aspect and the whole personality of Luca! I recommend this to contemporary beginners.

PS: I hated Ashton’s personality so much! I literally wanted to punch her in the face more than an infinity of times.

why-do-you-have-to-be-annoying easy-a-annoyed 1a19610b2b74877baea423b171e0f82a3552d68d9ebb9a4a59fecbaeec65d0cc


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