Week #27 of Reading Like A Maniac

HELLO!, So, let me clarify that this is the last week I’ll be reading more than 3 book per week since I start University this Monday and is going to be hard so I’ll only read two or three books if I’m lucky. But let’s continue with this post by informing you of my weekly reads.

So I’ll sum up 3 books I read which are Sixth Grave on the Edge, Seventh Grave and No Body and Eight Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones, each one belongs to the Charley Davidson series.

142263 91N3r4A642L._SL1500_ Eighth-Grave-After-Dark

I’m a big fan of this series, and of Darynda Jones’s writing style thanks toarrow-gif-mine-lone-gunmen-thea-queen-willa-holland-queencest-sex-eyes_zpsb39019c2tumblr_mskiip7dug1r9wksko1_500tumblr_inline_msvk79BQvG1rhmtde it so no need to say I enjoyed this last published ones with a passion. We are introduced to our dear Charley having to say goodbye to her father who says he’ll be on a journey of self discovery after his imminent separation from evil stepmother Denise, also we have an old naked ghost quite on her lovely car, then is this dude who sold his own soul to a lesser demon but now wants it back, then there are Reyes’ possible birth parents acting all suspicious and investigated by Captain Carson, next we have hot friend Swopes desperate to know if his former one night stand is his baby mama, then is Amber divinating the future on tarot cards, after that is Cookieodeya-rush-tumblr-o tumblr_mwfmdt418Q1sns1dfo6_250 being assist by Charley on a quest to make uncle Bob ask her out on a proper date by having online dates everyday in front of poor Ubie, and accepting Reyes’ marriage proposal besides resolving a strange crime involving the Mexican mafia and false testimony. Obviously, she resolves all this queries with lots of efforts but it is not only till the end of book six we are informed of a shocking revelation: Charley is pregnant with Reyes’ baby.!

Now every demon wants to end this family. Since the unborn baby girl istumblr_mh5e2bEIKg1qd7fc3o2_250 tumblr_nnoka0MVbt1u54350o1_500 destined to kill Lucifer and rule out Evil on Earth, but she has many protectors starting with her next family: her angel of Death mother Charley being all badass and maternal but still resolving crimes with her eight months and a half baby bump while trying to help a constant running nun on her new residence with a sad past, her son of Satan father Reyes being all master chef with the new restaurant and so overprotective with his new family (still hot as f), newly found as ghost maternal grandfather being all double agent to protect his daughter and granddaughter, her granduncle Bob and newlytumblr_mbwfxkUOVP1qjhmf3o1_r1_500 tumblr_n0nb4clZNd1s3zkl4o1_500 grandaunt Cookie (yeah, this two get married!) besides tarot reader aunt Amber doing all a human can do to protect the savior little child, also aunt Gemma still trying to reconcile the family by taking bitch Denisse to Charley but since the bitch ends up being a possessed maniac as Charley always suspected we can assume the attempts were unworthy. But there are also the family friends like Swopes with his new voodoo descendant baby and being all hipnotized (like the others) by the baby’s presence, next is Angel as always being so sweetly perverted and supportivelarge of her mom in all times, then we have newly acquired lesser Daeva demon named Osh who’s infatuated with the baby and wants to protect her and her mother no matter what to kick the crap out of Lucifer, and finally there’s Mr. Wong who ends up being this badass warrior protecting and fighting for Charley and her descendants.

This book ends with Charley and Reyes having to give up their newborn babytumblr_mke9y88p7w1qd7fc3o1_250 in order to protect her, they gave her away to his biological real parents after they named her Elwyn Alexandra which is really sad (literally, I ended up crying out of the depression ’cause now they’ll probably never meet her again and she’ll grow up without her parents which makes an awesome new storyline for a whole new series but it is so tear bringing that I’m crying all over again while writing this), and extremely overwhelming for the new mother. This drives Charley’s brain to command her to leave her home leaving no trace and forget all she is, all she knows of her life while Reyes is desperatetumblr_m6881iEWRW1r8byrro1_r1_500 to find her but Gemma denies this since it would cause great pain and danger for Charley’s stability so they will give her time but still will try to be in her life during her blackout leaving an entire new plot for the next book. And that’s how Eight Grave concludes!

Omg, you guys! How intense everything became in only the last book, righttumblr_nousdytbnZ1swv4gbo3_400? The part that they had to give up their little girl, how ‘The Originals season 1 finale’ was that! And the whole thing of the future of Elwyn and Alexandra being a thing, how ‘Twilight imprimation situation’ was that?! Overallsuperthumb, this 3 books were so gratifying to read since I missed Charley’s sassy humor a lot with all her funny remarks and sexy times with Reyes, also sharing time with Cookie besides resolving the badass mysteries like a professional (which she is). And she acting all maternal, I like when characters have that motherly instinct because for me it’s really important when a baby is coming in a book! So challenge accomplished, Darynda Jones.


PS: I knew the reporter bitch had something to do with the kidnappings, poor Ubie. Besides I love the whole idea of Reyes knowing his parents, I wish we had seen that scene.


Then we have the first two books on a new series, this are Angefall and World After by Sussan E E.

angelfall world-after_612x917

This welcomes us to a world filled with destruction and fear after and angeltumblr_n5xypbyYPD1skhsroo2_250 tumblr_lrjulw0zNj1qdv7owo1_500 tumblr_inline_n2dd6zs4og1st7zmu invation that ruined all civilisation known. A family of 3, Penryn of 17, her handicapped sister Paige of 7 and their unstable mother leave their home looking for a better place and some future. But they encounter themselves in front of an epic angel fight (actually, there were only a group of bully angels cutting the wings of other), when they focused on her family Penryn does everything to protect her sister so she distracts the angels by giving a sword to the recently hurt one, in revenge the others take away little Paige while her mother only runs. So she stays with the wingless angel finding out his name is Raffe, she forces him to promise her to help her find her sister. Obviously an attraction takes place between them both while they find other people as a Resistance army with awful and friendly people but they are  no competition fortumblr_mii7e78yH81rhw3hro1_500 tumblr_matquhCtzc1qi75yxo1_500 bAFeNeq Penryn’s badassery.

At the end of book one we have found Paige (she’s changed, and now has cannibalistic tendencies and wild animal strength), their mom is still going nuts and is dangerous as hell, the angels continue being bitches creating nephilim like creatures to distroy earth as well as some disgusting scorpion like things and, putting some sort of vampiric wings to Raffe and taking away his original wings, besides Penryn being paralysed after an scorpion bite. Then in book two she recovers, but again looses her little sister while her mom goes on being all crazy, it is not until the end that she finds Raffe again and finds out of more political schemes between angels and their scorpions that end up being humans tortured by the bitches trying to bring apocalypse to reality to save their fallen friends selfishly.angel

This books has humor, action and political moves besides the obvious innovation and originality of its plot. But what I truly enjoyed was the romance, there wasn’t much on the second book but that what I like the most since it’s so sweet and ethereal going with the wind. Really fresh.

large (1)tumblr_mnp61tGgfq1ri7bvqo1_500movie-quotes-about-lifetumblr_m7jemdZAi21rsl78go1_500tumblr_n52jkxWNYw1rwzq4jo2_500tumblr_ntgsgz2mJV1qablyvo5_250

PS: last time I’ll be posting five books. 😦


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