Week #28 of Reading Like A Maniac

YOU GUYS! This has being a week filled with new experiences starting with the fact that I’m in my first University week. So I’m so excited and frightened but still amazed to find people who actually are like me when it comes to study Translation as a professional career, there will be feuds but I’m there to make something out of myself and gain some forever lasting friendships! But not even the excitement could pull me away from my reading habits, with that said let’s begin explaining the 3 books I got into this weekend.

The first book I read was a companion version of a two-part series named Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols.


We are submerged into the life of Lori, a fifteen year old dreamy girl who duringMini-mini-mcguiness-19336930-500-247 the summer becomes desperate to finally be treated like a girl by her brother’s friends (the boys next door). She’s always had a thing for the elder brother of them named Sean but he has never showed any out of normal fondness, just some casual greetings but still shetumblr_njq2osKGkx1qh74xlo3_400 wants him to be her boyfriend out of some previous events that lead her to believe her now deceased mom wanted for her to be with him. And even though he’s an hot as a sunny day idiot, and also a stupid little dick that screw his younger brother’s girlfriend, anyways her teen heart is in love with the idea of him loving her (which I found completely irritating when I didn’t know how old she really was).

On the other side we have Sean’s brother, named Adam and who’s having2BmVWsa a thing for Lori since always. But is only her overwhelmingly appealing best friend, until they decide to harvest a plan to get to be with their significant others again, and obviously they end up falling for each other like a broken rocket. Soon they’ll find out that no matter how much they want to be with each other, things can get in the middle of their plans: maybe parents, or their own contradictory teenagery characteristic behavior towards troubles on their summer paradise.

No need to say this book was annoying at first. Since I didn’t know that Lori was practically a kid, because all her obsession with Sean without even thinking of the repercussions and stupidity of her ideas of him, was exhausting for me as a reader. But once you get to see her real motives, you understand her to certain level even tho I still don’t share her ways.

tumblr_m5kefcHP6F1qd9fm8o1_500 royals 3 a615bc9539e0960f08054afacd16f23a smokin

This book also helps you to understand that some people are definitely not what you think of them. There are evil and good, but who are them actually? You don’t know until you dig on their graves really really deep, to find the dirty mess there’s underneath the pitty looks.

PS: Adam and Lori need to understand their plans are crap!!✖


So the second and third books I read are part of a series, and these books are called Once in a Full Moon and Magic of the Moonlight by Ellen Schreiber.

oncefullmoonhc magicmoonlight2

Here we have the story of seventeen year old Celeste Parker, a girl living intumblr_inline_nt3j5xbzqw1tafma3_500 the suburban part of her town being part of the popular clique who’s too kind for her elitist friends and her dumbass of a boyfriend (seriously that guy’s just a waste of space), but when she’s cornerd by a pack of wolfs and the new kid in school Brandon Maddox saves her getting a wolf bite, things start changing. First of all, he’s super attracting andtumblr_npbhepE2PY1utbkvpo1_500 hipnotic toward anyone’s eye but living on the wrong side of town is not a plus, but being a hero capable of not being a jerk is definitely one. And of course there’s the thing that after he got bitten by the wolf, he has transformed into a werewolf, besides them kissing!

Celestetumblr_nr4lyeMQw71s0t9k2o4_250 understands him and he understands her in levels no one ever considered possible for none, but their love is unstoppable. Not even her friend can get him out of her mind, and not even his werewolf status and genetics can do it but instead they keep putting themtumblr_np6wo6Z3fc1rp2oueo4_500 together like magnetism. And of course this romance will get so complicated once people start seeing a werewolf wondering the forest, and this gentle monster keeps trying to find a cure.

tumblr_mfcffb0Mii1rhhfzzo1_500 tumblr_njc6fom0zE1u4cfddo1_500 tumblr_nf9esokR8V1u27r3ro1_500

This books were really gratifying for me since I’ve never read about a person becoming a wolf with no information about it, not even some background or secrecy but nothing on the matter. It was fun, and even though I have never being able to like a werewolf since the Darkest Powers, this Brandon guy was so perfect and lovely to everywhere you look.

tumblr_nj2cpk6zrS1rp9b1eo1_500 d4e592ef4cbce13a1215b292e7253e1d tumblr_nm92xm6qm51u8759xo4_500 tumblr_n3qi7tS2PR1txx70ho1_500

His whole energy, and the plotline were so good that I forgot about the annoying kind nature of Celeste through all the books as well as her little capability of standing up for herself against her snobbish ‘friends’ to help her wolf.


PS: God! He ex was so irritating, just like her friends! I wanted To eliminate them on a heartbeat!

tumblr_mkjaqto6yQ1s1jdyio1_400 friendbrag.gif tumblr_inline_mg0k7eq8ww1qipir7 tumblr_inline_nem6yv7sp31s27rpx


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