Week #29 of Reading Like A Maniac

This week has being filled with confusion, boredom, headaches and ‘unicorn feelings!

University is starting to become annoying and is not because of tthe tasks but I blame two teachers, confusing us students about topics we must investigate and report. Not cool, (just get along) and tell us what’s the theme in the end!

Anyways, when it came to reading I almost forgot and started to write down some words for the next chapter of my manuscript based on vampires; thankfully I came to my senses and read from Friday till just a few minutes ago, ending with a sensation of achievement. To sum up, I gave up some things but ended up feeling fine about it. No regrets, ok my a few but I’ll go on with my decision.

Leaving that behind, the first book I read was Gone by Michael Grant, the book one on the paranormal series of six.


This one was hard. So we are introduced to Sam who’s a fourteen year old boy livingtumblr_m8tzlp0Rce1qmahxv a life he hates with his single mom because his dad and stepdad are out of the picture while also dealing with the fact he has the secret power of shooting fire from his palms, until suddenly one day all the people above the age of 15 disappear (like puff, they were gone!). He teams up with his best friend Quinn and the smartest girl in school Astridtumblr_m58coq7n0X1rqkf12 to try to find parents, finally after realising there’s no adults around and his mom has some secrecy going on before disappearing in the air, they go on a quest to find Astrid’s little brother Peter (who has autism). Once they found him with the help of fellow classmate Edilio, the team comes to realize that they are not only out of adults but locked on a dome that hurts them when they try touch it. And there’s also the fact that some of the kids locked down have some supernatural powers, firmly provoked by the nuclear plant they had or the meteorite that crashed there years ago; no matter that now because caos is striking them thanks to crying children, desperation, and imbeciles thinking they are the boss (I’m referring to Howard and Orc! Those bitches!).

Heretumblr_static_tumblr_static__640 we got to see many PoVs like Lana’s and Mary’s. Lana is an outsider who was just entering town to live with her grandfather on the order of her parents with her dog when her grandpa disappeared while driving and she fell of a high reel. She gets deathly injured while her dog takes care of her, there she discovers she has the power of healing, saving her life in the process. Mary on the other hand, lives with the other children now acting as their mother as well as dealing with her own developingtumblr_m7f6t3s5VK1r1yj84 bulimia; she becomes aggressive but still caring.But we also have the bad people arriving, like Caine, Diana and Drake. The first being a total manipulative idiot (who ✴SPOILER ALERT✴ ends up being Sam’s twin), the second being a little clever bitch, and the third one who’s a complete sadistic little psychopath (pretty much like Ramsay Bolton of GoT), he ends up turning into the monster he always was growing a tentacle to replace a lost arm.


Together they must get along or fight to survive in their new normality, as Sam’s group discovers the awful secrets behind their powers and how terrifying it can be.

Dear Stephen King!! No need to say this was like Under the Dome and The Fog all mashed up with teens, lots and lots of creepy creatures like gigantic talking coyotes, as well as mutant birds and the fact things are falling apart. It’s highly recommended but it had too many pages, so long! It would have been a favourite but its length was a deal breaker.

tumblr_inline_nu5exryyAF1taqlst_500 charles-xavier-gif-mutation-professor-x-subtitle-Favim.com-298015 FB4G4gFtumblr_mvlf7wEoGk1qcwyxho1_500

PS: I didn’t feel the whole relationship status of Sam and Astrid. Besides Quinn’s a cowardly dumbass.

Second book I read was the sequel of the previous, named Hunger by the same author.


So I wanted to give it a go. It’s being three freaking months, and it seems that Ediliotumblr_ldngy2OXHx1qbz72ro1_500 is still the only one who knows how to drive. As Sam’s team discovers some new creatures like worms but snake sized guarding the growing vegetables killing those who would show up by eating their flesh. Then we have Caine’s group whose leader has just woke up after being away with the Darkness, technically being its bitch; as Drake keeps being a disgusting sadistic freak with his new tentacle acting all mistreating with Diana while Caine does nothing to stop him since he still wants to kill his twin and is totally equal to Lana when it comes to being traumatized and somehow connected to the Darkness. Who now wants something desperately while the kids keep on trying to get along and survive when the food is no longer available.

This one was perfect, though it still didn’t attracted me like many others. We are given more information about other powers like Orc’s or Jack’s, as well as what exactly the Darkness wants and what can destroy it. We also are given a little scene between Diana and Caine that just turn on my shipping heart, because no matter how toxic and poisonous their relationship was becoming he still loved her to the point he moaned and cried her almost passing away, admitting his love for her and she also admitted that fewer scenes ago without exact words, which was pretty much heartbreaking for me.

tumblr_n40x8l5KUI1tqq2ydo1_500 giphy tumblr_inline_mnc7k8ipKr1qz4rgp tumblr_llqy5e3gdy1qfqaafo1_500 tumblr_inline_n4vnduNomu1s7kuvy tumblr_mxnmhfzOgO1rt6ipao1_400

The final book I read ended up being Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil.


Sotumblr_inline_myi1qdHxFY1qkavmj, so good. Sam, is a sixteen year old guy living in Australia with his estranged parents, and needs like friends. He’s not the popular type, and the populars make sure that he knows it; besides that he’s just a kid who considers himself asexual since he has never felt interested on romance or girls or boys or anything sexual, he only has time for his own scripts and his friends. They are Mike (he just came out of the closet, is also Sam’s best friend since they were eight and is also really into karate), then is Adrian (a chubby fun friend, tries to be confident and he’s most of the time but not really conscious of the fact that it doesn’t have its perks), finally we have Alisson (she’s really shy but wants to be considered anything, by anyone and not be invisible even for her friends).

Thingsgiphy (1) change a lot for Sam’s life when a new girl enters his high school. She’s Camilla, a potential It girl with lots of cool qualities, she’s confident and doesn’t believe in labels as well as how cosmopolitan her life ends up being with a former model mother and a musical critic of a father. Thanks to her arrival, and her addition to Sam’s small group of friends, he starts to become more aware of his own uniqueness and starts to deal with his life and troubles that come along with his friends and family. He looses his fear, as he looses his mind and falls for her.

Omg! I consider this the book that gave me back my faith in books and shipping heart, I don’t feel my usual depression thanks to the unicorn of contemporary novels, as I call it. Besides that, I had so many LoL moments, so much laugher and love and character development, just like the sight of friendship and eliminating labels thanks to a girl who’s not different than Sam but the same and the other half he always needed.

tumblr_mrdz06fySC1r032zxo1_500 large (2) tumblr_mgigp8WMjI1qbhmovo3_r2_400 tumblr_n36037rvrQ1s6f5hyo1_500 tumblr_mevun6bbHS1rq82fy

PS: I fell for Sam, and all his ups and downs. Love him!♥


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