Week #30 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello… To anyone who’s reading this, would you mind leave a comment, please? No matter what thank you all. Anyways this week has being a fun ride because i finally sort of got used to my University’s schedule and tasks, then seeing The Scorch Trials (I’ll post a review), and reading three terrific books belonging to an innovative trilogy. So lovely.!

Let’s start with the first book I read was the Lost Code by Kevin Emerson, which is the start of the Atlanteans trilogy.


Thistumblr_n3u8y1EhcP1tozeq4o2_250 narrates a future world filled with destruction thanks to global warming which has separated people who are lucky to live in domes protected from the sun, from the ones that are living under the harsh ultraviolet radiation damaging not only humans but plants and animals, so life is definitely not what it used to be. And in this society there’s a camp with water, a fake sun, natural environment and quality time to spend with the youth named Camp Eden (the company that has taken over part of the government being the makerswhy3 tumblr_m7808oOAeZ1rubkkao3_500 of domes). There we meet Owen, a shy guy who never wanted to be sent to this camp but accepts it to see the sun and know water (since he used to live alone with his sick father underworld), being there he meets weak people like him who never stand up for themselves while there’s also bullies lead by the gang leader nicknamed Leach (an annoying guy who was frozen for the last fifty years waiting to be realized on a better time for humanity), but Owen also immediately develops a crush for a beautiful lifesaver and tutor named Lilly (a dreamy girl who barely notices him, andtumblr_noxfcg19I31sqn8i3o1_500 who was also frozen but only for the last thirty years). But he’s finally noticed when he almost drowns after having a vision of a blue mermaid giving him a message for more than ten minutes under water; he’s saved by Lilly but finds out he has grown gills and now is able to swimm without drowning but the shock doesn’t stop when he finds out that his love interest and her friends (Evan, Marco and Alliah) also have develop this ability.

He’stumblr_mile63AAP21rz1h2mo2_500 obviously falling for Lilly while learning from her past, her feelings and hopes as he develops his own. As well as trying to find out what had turn them into these creatures, but when they discover that they are actually the descendants of the Atlanteans their life’s meanings will change. Even more when they are told that together with Leach they have the blood of an important trio to fulfill a prophecy that might save Earth; and things will get even more complicated when the boss of Eden (that bitch Paul) gets in the middle of their destinies for his selfish wishes.



Omg! This was intense, and so innovative when it comes to general plot idea; I think no one had ever thought of mixing fantasy with dystopian before. I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure about this when I first read some twenty pages but after that, everything was just so interesting I couldn’t stop reading till I find out what happened next. So this should definitely be welcomed onto your wishlist.


PS: I know he was a little traitor but I couldn’t help but to LoL every time Aaron talk.

tumblr_mie9ba7zA21ry0i36o1_250 tumblr_inline_njjld16n1h1sn2cms tumblr_niuonoink91tha1jgo2_540

The following one was the Dark Shore by the same author, the previous sequel.


On this one we’re still scaping with Owen, Lilly and Leach from the Eden corporationtumblr_mmfvidhvRE1qcmnsuo2_500 while searching for each their skulls as they deal with the fact she’s probably not an Atlanter as well as living outside the Dome with no food or protection from the wild areas. Owen feels neglected by her, just as Leach becomes more welcoming and open, as Lilly detereorates because of not having swam in days; it takes a turn for thetumblr_m70fz722bu1r9xmmao7_r1_500 worst after they’re poisoned by traitor members of the South Eden ashes’ cult.

After many downs in their journey they arrive safe and sound or at least still breathing to Heliad-7, where they are welcomed by Dr. Victoriatumblr_lpohujc4MF1qhdvf5o1_500 tumblr_mvfrwoIoVA1sojrkso2_250 or how the habitants call her “Mother” who the trio discovers is a cult leader leaving people believe in human sacrifices and fake illusions resembling old Aztec traditions as they discover the mother who abandoned Owen and his father living happily with her new man, and the fact that there’s this cocky girl who also has gills nicknamed Seven whom Owen develops some attraction while Lilly notices this and Leach learns some secrets. Ultimately, Lilly discovers she’s the true Atlanteans, a partial member of a trio and Seven’s just a hoax while Leach tells the truth to Owen: he’s also being frozen for thirty years, that woman’s not his real mother and he had a sister who wasn’t saved as promised by bitch Paul. While the south crumbles, the trio runs on their flying boat but with a dying Leach.

So sad, so angsty. And the feels! I have to be true and I’ll say I liked Seven at first because Lilly was becoming really exhausting not being her badass self but then, she grew on me as bitchy (us girls know when another behaves that way, is not rocket science). And I ended up feeling quite bad for poor Lilly, but when her idealistic persona came back I was like “I’m ready, girl!”. So so good!!!

tumblr_inline_nnznv6saj41t0n9js_500 Youre-a-Mean-Girl-In-Mean-Girls-Janis-Quote-Gif giphy 7966451 tumblr_n02vq4eys31qcdniko1_250

And then finally, the romance happened. So SO GOOD.

Carly-Rae-Jepsen-call-me-maybe-quote tumblr_mgr397IO7f1qhq24eo1_250 tumblr_n7mq1iD6Cw1r6oh3oo1_400

PS: I got a feeling of the Scorch Trials while reading this. And while reading all Owen’s mistakes I was thinking the following Shameless quote: “Men are never right. That’s why women were invented, to think for you assholes”.


And the final one was the Far Dawn, which was the obvious conclusion.


Thetumblr_n5j73cYhai1se7dhho1_250 angst. We have some little good times with Lilly and Owen enjoying saying the L word to each other like there was no tomorrow, then things turn to shit when stuff blows up like a powder cake. Starting with the fact Lilly dies with Evan and the other guy ( I seriously can’t remember his name), then Owen is not a true part of the trio since he’s only the chosen one of Terra to save her, then Eden Home ends up being all up to Mars to kidnap the heart of Terra, and did I mention Lilly dies?! ‘Cause she does, she freaking does!!


Owen has now to deal with that not thinking up straight and having selfish moments like almost giving up on Earth to bring back his love one, but thanks to his conscience things end up right when he answers things right, Paul dies, and Earth heals, oh and also when Lilly and Owen wake up alive on her lovely island at camp Eden where they’ll live happily ever after. ♥

tumblr_n13ic5EZF61s8zehxo1_500 tumblr_n00oj5c1Jp1si99d7o3_250 tumblr_mdv66ka3Je1r82rzqo1_500

This almost gave me a heart attack, I was like all on denial over her death. Not cool, Mr. Emerson. Her whole aptitude towards what’s right was the aspect that hooked me to be into this, while Owen’s character was just too teary for me. But above all was the beautiful last scene with both of them together and finally safe and sound. So so recommended to everyone in the search of fantasy/science fiction reads.

tumblr_mkrmxis96m1s7p49so1_500 tumblr_nalis9uK1Z1tts3f4o1_500tumblr_m4h96wqn8c1rwcc6bo1_500

But then



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