Week #30 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello! This has been a though week for me. Adjusting university, and dealing with the worst study and reading hangover of all times. So, no further through.

I read the Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodking. Starting with the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer.


Whichtumblr_inline_mm1rq3twbA1qz4rgp starts with obviously the main character named Mara Dyer who’s a sixteen year old girl dealing with the fact her friends and boyfriend died on an accident and she was the only one to survive, living with the guilt of not beingtumblr_ncx2q35auR1rvxfemo2_250 able to remember a thing about it. Also to get away from those demons her family accepts her idea to move to Miami, there she meets this enigmatic hot guy named Noah Shaw, who immediately notices her and beings the courting, while her new Bff warns her not to fall for him, or she’ll be hurt just the others before her. She tries until she doesn’t want to do it anymore as she begins remembering pieces of that tragic night realising that most of her trauma and posttraumatic stress is only guiding her to her actual deadly powers. But she’s not the only one ’cause her new love Noah, also has some secrets of his own involving the fact that Mara might not be crazy after all.

This book ends with Mara finding out some things on her own, she kills with her wishes and what happened that night, is still haunting her ’cause he’s not dead. So you can imagine how crazy things were for me, but for some outrageous reason I trust Mara’s POV and didn’t thought she was clinically insane.

tumblr_mbuk7aw1XJ1qeq85ao1_500 tumblr_mm26fqhFS01ro8niuo1_500

Ps: Jamie was so much fun! But the romance was so so much lovely.

tumblr_nd7hokmaOx1tcbhsqo2_500 tumblr_lxfe9wYsvn1qlrh5po5_250 tumblr_ndmhj1niru1rqdsn8o7_250 tumblr_nv55or94ij1tl2v6yo1_500

The second book was The Evolution of Mara Dyer.


Ittumblr_inline_nkqqwaizAb1t8icws starts with poor unstable Mara waking up on a hospital with some straps on her arms to protect her from any harm she can do to herself. Nobody believes she saw Jude, but Noah and together they start unleashing the truth about her origins and about the doctors thattumblr_nn3vf2l7kv1uq7dd7o10_500 convince her family she’s insane and needs to be locked. Both discover that her grandmother was just like her, and she’s gaining some of her memories; but also the fact that Jude has being tormenting her with the help of the staff in charge of her and the other ‘crazy’ kids. Besides Jamie and Stella being powerful as well, but taken for an experiment thanks to Dr. Suzanne, without the knowledge of the parents and the outside world.


This ends with Mara ‘killing’ Jude, after he has murdered Phoebe, Adam, Ā little Megan, and Noah is probably dead according to what the Dr. tells her, but Mara knows inside her that no matter what he’s not.

PS: God! I hated Phoebe!

tumblr_inline_mpt11538E21qz4rgp tumblr_mms28wpgJN1ro8niuo1_500 791563 tumblr_inline_mfetvqNmsM1qltqg1 15842647 tumblr_ndz5wimjxT1qbyb95o6_r1_250

And the last one was the Retribution of Mara Dyer.


So791529ashley15 bittersweet. It has been some days, since she’s being captured, tortured and lied to by the staff with no information of her current status thanks to the drugs they are giving her. Until Jude helps her by releasing Stella and Jamie as they try to find a way to stop the corporation and unleash their secrets, besides saving Noah with some intended kills by Mara. Together the trio, travels to New York, only to find that the truth they desperately wanted, wasn’t what they expected. And we also get to know even more the first Mara, the contemporary’s late grandmother and her sorrows through this life.

tumblr_n6pdxyFFGE1ri824oo1_250 tumblr_mu9ggsiwnj1rimy1do1_500

No need to say this was so BITTERSWEET, with the truths that she’s actually his kryptonite and their ancestors conecction and wishes for them (Mara and Noah). But their love is stronger than the sad stories and future perspectives, that their painful past and the tormenting revelations. They both, free each other, and their choice is the same for all the days they live.

tumblr_m3xlsmpRGA1rqynppo1_500 tumblr_n5zgl4l1cF1rxr5tuo1_500 78d70fb0-9f6e-0132-a2cf-0e6808eb79bf tumblr_morc1sUbLH1ssymfbo1_500

See y’all on two days, to review the Scorch Trials movie adaptation.!


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