At the movies… The Scorch Trials!

So a week ago I was bluffing about having seen this book adaptation and I did but I just couldn’t write my review on it, but now I do so…. Let’s start.


II watched this just one day after its premiere, with one of my best friends since we both love the trilogy. Ok, so moving forward to what I thought of the movie. It was a good one, with a well established path because it was clear that after some action packed moment there was a good rest and I consider that wise with young audiences that are looking forward to some shocking heads up.


But when it came to the adaptation I was ready to deal with all the differences between book and film, like all scenes but two or four like that romantic moment of Brenda and Thomas (I totally fangirled there), or the lighting on my poor Minho, but there were two things I just couldn’t deal with. I’m talking about Minho being taken by WICKD unconscient. That was just coming out of nowhere, not cool, not right if they just followed the normal storyline it would have been just gracious, like with the absence of Aris on the betrayal of Teresa. Finally there was that last speech of Thomas, which I felt so Hunger Gamish and not fitted for this kind of movies. He just doesn’t talk like that, he acts out of desperation not revenge or even planing; he’s a kid who thinks of his friends’ and his own survival, not to fight against WICKD.

14.-why-would-you thomas-no

So my final thoughts on it are: half amazingly original, half Hunger Games copycat. I give it three starts and two quarters.



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