Week #31 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! Well, this week had its ups and downs, but I was able to read some pretty lovely books so the bad things are not important at this stage. (Let’s begin to worry about next week and one of the books I’ll be reading, BTW).

First book I read was my favorite out of the three. It’s The 100 by Kass Morgan.


Such a catching novel. It tells us the story of a far away future when humanity has being living on a satellite for over four generations ’cause of the radiation on Earth was deadly, and the air could be still toxic. Rules are hard, and they are getting worse by the hour just like life up in space, while society is divided by the poor that have no choice but the ones the Canciller makes for them and the rich who get a sweet lifestyle. But none of them gets away with what’s consider a crimetumblr_inline_njvqhvfmxx1qfsfbm, and that’s punishable by death when you reach the age of eighteen. Here we’re introduced to four PoV main characters: first it’s Clarke (a seventeen year old dream girl sent to prison for not telling her parents’ secret play on humanity’s survival against the government’s wishes), she now has to endure a new treat to her life besides the horrific betrayal of her ex boyfriend since now all prisoners are send to Earth for some kind of experiment and she’s the only one with some medical experience to attend the wounded survivors of the fall from space, then we have Wells (the previous’s ex boyfriend, who ruined her life by telling her secret to his father ‘the Canciller’ trying to be the golden boy he used to be for society but also wanting Clarke back by getting himself imprisioned), he tries to be a leader of all the prisoners but hardly succeds on gaining back his lovetumblr_lwaiewOzC71r8t2mfo4_500 because of his selfish idea of what love truly is. Next is Bellamy (raised in the bad side of town, only watches over for his younger mysteriously pathologic liar sister Octavia and enter the rocket that send the prisoners to Earth to keep her save while pointing at the Canciller with his shotgun), his rough nature and free way of being will dragg him close to Clarketumblr_inline_njl2xflQFH1tnh3z1 while his blind love for his sister could ruin his chances to survive clean. Finally we are introduced to Glass (a best friend for Clarke and Wells, she was imprisioned but run away to find her boyfriend and try get him back), she’s so kind and never selfish with her lover but the time she spend in prison after breaking up with him in the most awful way to guard a painful secret could cost her the sanity she’s trying to retain.

Omgtumblr_mie84iHXfc1qf5xkuo1_500! This book was tiny but it was life! Now I’m questioning what the CW did to my ship here, the TV show ruined Bellarke for me so I’m not watching it. I’m sticking to the intense books I’ll continue reading on 2016 according to its ‘to Read List’. But let’s talk about the important, which is the plotline, personally I enjoyed it pretty much since it wasn’t so predictable neither heavy but so light and as I said before ‘catchy’, justamazing tumblr_naeo7n52vc1tw1vhco1_500 like the characters. I must admit at first I didn’t like Clarke much but I didn’t hate her, (maybe because of Wells’ PoV), but when it came to characters like Bellamy (my idiotic lovely shirtless romantic interest) or Glass (so sweet, my poor poor girl) I couldn’t help but to grow attached to them like they were real and there for me in this incoming world. Equal as my newest OTP, again Bellarke (Bellamy and Clarke) is life. So I totally recommend this one more than the TV series, seriously this is life and the other is just a cheap Hollywood copy of the original beauty.

PS: #BellarkeIsLife ♥


The second book I read was The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa (the installment number two of the Blood of Eden trilogy).


So many pages but too good to be true. We now are going with our aggressive Allietumblr_n6zdzwCntQ1suvvqdo1_500 on a path to find Kanin, rescue him and kick the crap out of Sarren (bald creepy bitch) for kidnapping and torturing him. On her way, she’s intercepted by Jackal (sire brother, psychopath little munchkin) who now wants to help her get to their maker to be able to find a cure for Rabidism for his own wishes to create a vampire army of former blood bagssidebar_gif and Rabids and take over the world. They both sense him on her old town New Covington, but things weren’t as “cool” as they were before since Sarren has develop a new kind of decease which drives humans mad and gets to vampires by blood without an assumed cure, and now Kanin is being held in the Prince Salazar’s facilities while on their way, they find (guess who) our dear sweetlintumblr_lu61ysulmZ1qm85dyo1_500 Zeke leading a band of boys on the undergrounds trying to survive without been eaten by cannibals or succumbing to the newest decease. He decides to follow them, but there are more surprises when they arrive to the vampire facilities since now Stick (former little cripple shit who couldn’t protect himself) is now called Stephen over his new position as the Prince’s blood pet becoming a little self absorbedtumblr_inline_n63505msGV1qgrm3t bitch. Following the path, the Prince is attacked by Sarren, later sending Kanin, Allie, Jackal (whose real name was James all this time) and Zeke to find Sarren and get a cure out of him for this new decease since it compromises the life of both blood bags and bloodsuckers, they accept only because he has attached the sickness to Kanin and later on the path Zeke gets it too. They find him and hurt him badly, but when they find the awkward cure in Zeke’s blood all this time because he’s able to fix himself and Kanin with a little of his blood. But thins are not that easy since on the final moments Zeke gets taken and murdered (?) by Sarren to teach a lesson to Allie.



Oktumblr_inline_mh3yzd8VCH1rpuj1d 019a277b-6a9e-4eff-9e21-c2f0926c672a. Let the tears fall, during all this moments I cried thinking of how Catching Fire-ish this honestly was, with the dance scene, the snobbish vampires, the Zeke being taken and assumed death. So so painful, because they both just confessed their love for each other and then Julie Kagawa does this, breaking my shipping heart filled with sadness and craziness over unfair situations. I knew it’ll be solved but I still was depressed over my poor little preacher boy. Anyways, nice sequel, nice action moments and great Allie’s speeches, as perfect as Zeke’s reasons to love her and Jackal’s bad timing for hilarious jokes. Badassery above all.

tumblr_lihdei8yDJ1qa8qc7 tumblr_mejg10QcbZ1rvkhiuo1_500 new-girl-jess-zooey-quotes-29_large

The third one was the last part of Blood of Eden, The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa.


Nicetumblr_m6dws8qYkP1qewbi4o1_250 large conclusion. Well, now Allie has gone dark for mostly a quarter of the book which isn’t that bad with the same hilarious humor of Jackal. Until we find (thanks God) that obviously Zeke was alive this whole time under bitch Sarren’s control after been turned into a vampire with no good memories but his lost ones (Jebb, his parents, the pain) and somehow how all that was Allie’s fault (how Mockingjay-ish). He tries to kill her but somehow she gets his memories of her back, and convinces him not to kill himself but to help them to get to Sarren before he ruins everything in Eden. They have sex after he gets back on himself and they bothtumblr_inline_n79o724Csa1qgrm3t tumblr_lyju75UseL1qjemo2o1_250 admit their wrongs and love for each other, (strangely thanks to Jackal), then they arrive Eden which’s island has now been taken by Sarren and his army of Rabids who have Bethany and Caleb (from book one) as hostages. In the end they destroy the bitch down, discovering that Kanin’s blood is the cure to everything and when he dies, Allie becomes the benefactor of this towards humans being revealed to be the newest Master of his bloodline; keeping Zeke by her side while they try help human race survive and start over for the rest of their forever (<<Twilight quote, well not but it feels like it tough).

Sweet. Kind. Violent. Kick-ass. Hopeful. Epic. Are words to describe the end of thistumblr_n3bu85lY6j1rkiuhro1_500 trilogy, which innovation lies on the remarkable mix between fantasy horror and a dystopian fallen society. Obviously the romance hit me to the ground, just like the dark sense of humor and the classic “Shut up, Jackal” quote, something we all said at certain stage while reading the two last books. But in this one we get to see hope and acceptance carrying Allie, towards her bright and eternal future on the salvation of mankind next to her beloved Zeke, thanks to her maker’s sacrifice and humanity’s effort to never give up.



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