Week #32 of Reading Like A Maniac

SO. This week wa a nice one since I had some days off University, and I could read more stuff than I thought. But I lost my sister’s birthday meal to write this entry, anyways I’m happy I read those four stories, because you know that with my studying schedule a normal number of books to read in a week would be 3, and I still have some twenty something more books to read for this year.!

First, I read the contemporary supernatural novel named Outcast by Adrienne Kress.


Okbragueta-amy-faking-it, so we are introduced to our main character named Riley, who’s a young teenager dealing with her crazy (and I mean coockoo crazy) small town being infected with angelic falls who then take humans with them to never be seen again. They’ve being found this for the last six years, taking young healthy people under the age of forty and nobody seems to give a rat’s ass about it. People leaded by a fanatic Pastor believe the angels are taking the best of the best and that they are the new gods, so they should worship them and live through their evangelism (or at least the idea of the Pastor of what really is going on). But Riley is different specially since those freaking angels (her words) took her best friend in front of her just moments after he kissed her for the first time diminishing any chance of romance in her life, so we can assume she’s pissed. That’s why she doesn’t even hesitates for a second to shoot a sadistic angel when it comes to take her, but oh surprise5bedbdec84fb412c3f1471ef344e92bb takes place when the angel is revealed to be just a naked guy who claims he’s from the 50’s. His name is Gabe, and in fact he’s from that decade since it appears he was taken by the angels back then; and now will live with Riley who has to understand his humor and dick head behavior towards morality and first love. Together they do their research from the past and present to figure out what exactly happening in that small town and why angels are taking humans.

tumblr_n4tulizzZW1qbyihao1_250(✴SPOILER ALERT✴) In the end, we discover there’s a revolution up in the sky where angels and their human slaves are in constant battle trying to regain freedom for each of their teams, and somehow Gabe gets into this revealing his lost memories. He was actually a former slave, one of the mean ones taking humans for his army of slaves’ slaves) and when Riley shoot him, somehow she saved him. She’s revealed to be a Nephilim (half angel, half human. Capable of many things), but now the slaves have given her a choice, conserving Gabe to herself or gaining all the people who was taken back to their normalities and families. She offers the ultimate sacrifice, gaining back her best friend but loosing the love of her life.

I seriously thought this had a innovative concept but somehow the way relationships were developed in this was a great disappointment, just like the unrealistic reactions Riley had towards Gabe’s time travelling ability. But when we see the development of characters and their different personalities, also their journeys you realise that this is a fine stand alone, but it would make a gracious duology to be a reader of. So I recommend this for lovers of good monologues with lots of humorous remarks about supernatural aspects. But I seriously didn’t understand how she fell in love with him, I mean he was a 50’s idiot, he had a sad storyline but nothing further than his hotness to attract anything with lady parts.

15473947 Penny-Over-It-Happy-Endings tumblr_luw9lyetrj1r025uoo3_250 53816_88867_tumblr-inline-nkqf1w5dm91shrb8p_500_237 tumblr_inline_nlsrv71jSa1s02phu tumblr_m789zvzIJY1r5hjvro3_500

PS: Love Lacy, such a funny character!! When she’s being herself. ♥you know, letting herself loose.

tumblr_nfc0gfFqSx1tylnpto1_400 tumblr_ndtezy84uU1tzjikho3_r1_500

The second book I read was the lovely story of Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen.


Heretumblr_nke3medRqx1rqdq53o1_500, in the 90’s we meet two young children narrating the story of the first love and the first sight of adulthood rising from their perspective. First, we have Bryce. He’s always had one thing in mind and that’s running away from Juli Baker, the girl who obviously has a crush on him and he can’t stand it. He’s uncomfortable with her, and all situations that make him feel embarrassed or an individual with different thoughts. He wants to be part of society like his father is, and believes that he’s a know-it-all when it comes to fitting in as a popular boy, with no more self interest than himself and banalities of living what seems to be the perfect familytumblr_niapyjXfuk1tyd0ojo3_400Then we have Julianna or ‘Juli’, a unique young girl. She’s always had a thing on her mind and that’s the gorgeous blue eyes of her neighbor Bryce Loski. She thinks he’s the perfect guy since they met each other, and believes that if someone is to give her her first kiss, it should be him. She lives in a middle class family, with her parents and two brothers barely surviving because of her special uncle who she never met until a day she realised the truth of the cruel world. But no matter what, she still has hopes and loves life now knowing that a person is more than the addition of its parts.

Nottumblr_n9wrqxSc8M1s01fsdo1_500 too soon, Bryce realises his life is not what he always considered it to be, and definitely not what he wants. He wants something to enlighten the secrets of his life, and how empty he could become if he doesn’t find that light. That one turns out being his all time stalker, Juli who he now sees as for what she really was all this time. A piece of sunlight, filled with ideas, and happiness, and knowledge and curiosity for the world besides havingtumblr_mjohgbpm4B1s403vho1_500 the ability that not many people have: seeing the beauty in all things. But Juli realises of something too, that Bryce wasn’t so amazing and perfect as she thought but he’s all she never wanted for herlsef and is destined to cut things off and enjoy being a kid in a family of artists and free people. This couple is definitely going to sort things out, but calmly because let’s not forget they are only thirteen, just arriving high school and they have plenty of time to get to know this new bright versions of themselves.

No need to say, I love this!!! I have to admit, I watched the film adaptation first andV0HKG2A that’s what brought me here, to read this marvelous story. I just love it, the main characters and each of their paths crossing each other time and time again, like somehow it was fate giving them sign after sign. And the story leaves the rest to be told by the reader, so is up to us. I think they are now living in the new century together, probably married with one or two children enjoying each other’s company and seeing what’s beyong the picture of this world.

Epic-kratom b83501f1-0ccf-4b5a-a417-e1ceb552e6cc 3z04f tumblr_mbj2irCNfg1qbz8aro1_r7_500 tumblr_m4cw81PuUa1r1vcx3

PS: and about Mr. Loski, and Garret. Well, this is what I wanted to tell them during the whole novel.


The third and fourth stories I read were Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy and The Lost Herondale by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Brennam.



I’vegifalberto3 been waiting for this for a long time! Ok, here we got Simon getting ready to attend the Shadowhunter Academy in Idris, and he still doesn’t get all his memories back and is totally sad, and makes me totally annoyed. Even though I think him considering Jace being his best friend is the most hilarious thing on Earth! His goodbyes to Clary and Izzy were the most depressing ones ’cause on one part you feel sorry for him trying to be the guy they knew but on the other side he’s this little coward for not giving it a go and actually go ahead and be the guy he still is. While when weoriginal arrive next to blue warlock Catarina Loss (who doesn’t seem quite fond of Simon, nor any Shadowhunter), we are introduced to a problem of food and resources by the Dean Vivianne Penhallow. She looks nice, and too young to rule an academy but who cares, she tells Catarina to stay and occupy the place Ragnor left free when he died as a history teacher, she reluctantly accepts. Then we are introduced to some of the studentstumblr_mld1il595a1s2shcwo1_500, like Jon Cartwright (God! I hate that nobody kiss ass little nudget, pretending to be superior when he’s like a bad and weaker version of the Magister), and then we have lovely George Lovelace. He’s such a sweetheart that he’ll have an entire sentence dedicated to him, he’s an adopted mundane with the sight and such a good friend to Simon being his new roommate besides being utterly precious. Ok, the story follows Simon being a hero for everyone, after the Dark War and dispite not remembering it he follows the idea he’s popular there, but after many hints of hate towards Downworlders he decides to take classes and sits with the mundanes instead of the Shadowhunter borns. He stands up, and finds a comforting friend in Catarina as well as in George.

PS: I can’t believe he broke up with Isabelle after she called him her boyfriend and set boundaries!! I mean she DTR it!!! Damn it, Simon! You just can’t break my Sizzy apart like that!!

tumblr_npd6d5Pirj1r5zcx1o1_250 depression tumblr_najpksPTPl1tts3f4o1_500 tumblr_ltjjctocxY1r33ar6o1_500

Intumblr_inline_noiy500CXx1rtvhwu_500 the second short story we got Simon after weeks of training, being the best in archery but not so good doing push ups. He learns about most Shadowhunter borns there, are now orphans since the Dark War, and he listens to the story of Tobias Herondale and how his wife and child had to pay in a horrendous manner that law is hard but is the law. Their teacher, Mr. Moron (I can’t remember his name), tells them the best ones on his class will go on hunting a murderous vamp with no weapons. Jon faints at the sight of one of them, while Simon is left to fight it alone while he soon looses control with mixed feelings about killing a Downworlder without a trial; when he’s about to get axed he’s saved by Izzy who slays the vamp and takes no orders from this dumb mundane who claims he didn’t need any help from her pushingtumblr_mshghhQtOT1rlrymro1_250 tumblr_n4q7jcisqm1qzi80do2_500 her away again. After, having a considerated argument with idiot Jon, he’s left thinking about his humanity and how unfair is their law; but Catarina talks to him about the baby of Tobias Herondale, about how the father grew mad on battle and the Clave didn’t forgive. How she saved the baby, raising him as her own child under the name of his father as a mundane until he was of age. Giving him the opportunity to live a happy life, away from the destruction of his race. Choosing to live on her way of seeing things, not believing in what she thinks is good and fair. Simon understands he can choose, but is not after having a little chat with new visitor Clary that he witnesses how he can still be that hero without breaking his own vows, and that were those mundane vows the ones that made him the hero everyone is talking about.

Lovely! It was nice that they introduced the problem with the Clave’s law, and the injustices besides the unique way of thinking Clary and Simon have in comparison to other Shadowhunter borns.

tumblr_nvxet2Sxc21rl5axho1_500 Dianna_i_love_you_obviously 7c5c81fa-824a-4764-854b-f6709deb887f

PS: can we all kill Jon for once and for all?! Like now!

tumblr_inline_mibwrfaXvq1qz4rgp tumblr_n5bqylpwWU1rk9h5ro8_500


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