Week #33 of Reading Like A Maniac

IDK. But somehow I was able to read 3 awesome books when my weekend was full with family meetings and university homework, maybe because I spend five days dedicating the last hours before my bedtime to read taking advantage of the study week. I was the master of my own biological clock, dominating my sleep and essays for tomorrow.

Let’s begin with the book I started reading last Sunday night and finished on Tuesday afternoon, it’s Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire.


Holytumblr_mlf0r0Gz0S1qm22yyo5_250 Maddox siblings! This second book on the Maddox Brother’s series introduced us the the PoV of Liis, a recently single FBI agent who just moved to Sand Diego to ascent on her dream job getting ready to master this assignment with her killer stubborn personality on the size of a lovely little person; like a bad tempered chihuahua on a suit. Just the night before starting her new job, she has a memorable one night stand with a strong hottie, only to find out that he’s in fact her boss right away on the morning she arrives atumblr_mc2r1zhmVI1rj1x18o1_500 meeting. This man turns out being Thomas Maddox (remember? The estranged elder brother), who’s still depressed over loosing Camille to his brother Trent but now since he met Liis is beginning to realize he’s not so broken and might have a chance to love again, this time for real. But soon she puts stuff on the realistic table, clarifying that they both must dedicate to their work forgetting about their obvious attraction and sexual tension because they are married to their job and he apparently cannot forget his last girlfriend not even for Liis, who after never have being heartbroken is noticing that her soul aches when she even considers taking him seriously. But after some moments in Vegas, can they still resisting to their obvious connection?

tumblr_mx1eyuV7yG1rd49zuo1_500 tumblr_inline_mkl633HtH11qz4rgp tumblr_m3spyhsuHz1r7ifqv

Omg! Omg! Omfg! I fangirled all over this. So I will divide my opinion in 3 aspects. First, there’s the romance which I really enjoyed since it was so different to others I have read before where one of them ends up being weak, but in this both of them were stubborn and irritated most of the time. They weren’t the typical happy couple, and that’s what defined them so remarkably. Then there’s the story itself, which kept me entertained the entire moment I read this because of it’s sensitive it still mechanical aspect with the whole FBI storyline, which everyone took so serious in comparison to other moments. Finally we have the characters like her newest bff (who’s name I cannot remember), and the obviously gay bartender. Both of them so funny, and hilarious with their own vocabulary and wicked jokes about anything, they made this ride less formal with hilarious instants, that I totally appreciate.

kgR4wql tumblr_mamkc9B5Ut1rt2432

PS: I don’t think I need to say that the last part with a pregnant Liis living with adorable Thomas was LIFE! The feels!


Second book I read during two days was Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender.


Herelarge we are introduced to Collette, a sixteen year old girl who recently has given up to succeed in her family. Her parents just got divorced when he run away and left her mom, brother and herself on their own to pay bills, therefore giving up on their house and feel forced to live on a tiny apartment filled with cheaptumblr_n6pi39ZlF91qft49to1_500 tumblr_m91dlz7gEB1rt2432 clothes and a scholarship for the teenage girl to readjust to her new lifestyle after years of living like a princess. Besides that, she has to deal with her annoyingly and snobbish bffs (Hannah and Pillar) who still don’t know about her situation and being the most rich and popular girls on a preppy all female school would never understand her, but she doesn’t want to give up on them. At least she feels like she can’t, she wouldn’t be able to resist another change in her life so she keeps it a secret to everyonetumblr_llagh7p0cM1qdoecso1_500 . And just now, she has to fly to Paris to attend a school trip to improve their French as schoolers; there she becomes intrigued by two aspects, their stunning Parisian tour guide named Jules, a college gracious student who becomes an independent and dreammy allie on this journey for Collette. And of course, Marie Antoinettetumblr_mziezsworZ1ql6ewao3_250 who apparently our main protagonist sees every time she turns around during her excursions to many popular spots near Versailles. She discovers is a ghost and somehow is related to an ancient clique dedicated to protect the royal family but failed to not only their Queen but to her innocent children, and unfortunately Collette ends up being an descendant to Marie’s best friend/another traitor, and she now carries not only the key belonging to her ancestor but a curse to the most volatile of the descendants of this exclusive clique who have been beheaded just like her majesty during these last months. All of them spoiled children, or materialistic adults but Collette will not give up without a fight specially when it involves the only one of her bffs who never hated or envied her for any nonsense reason; oh and the fact she doesn’t want to die.

Glorioustumblr_mzgqj8crE61r9gxj4o5_250! God, I learned many things from this book. Like the whole time in prison for Queen Marie Antoinette, as well as the relaxed and calm style of the Parisian streets in comparison to the extravaganza of actual Americans. Leaving the physicality of it behind, let’s talk about the character development on this, specially with Collette transforming from a follower to her mean friends despite having the knowledge of how bitchy they actually were, to being a realistic down to Earth darling girl desperate to be a part of her family once again and reevaluate her inner self; besides telling g you know who to go f*** herself.

1429568145-tumblr-mr88i7dcvn1r5n0bgo1-500 tumblr_n3ui710amp1qg94hko1_250 tumblr_inline_mjhy0eogFr1qz4rgpnew-girl-jess-nick-quotes-35

PS: the romance that was not fulfilled. The feels!! ♥


PS of the PS: can we all please kill Hannah? Seriously! I always found myself screaming to the book when she showed up, shouting : shut the fuck up!

tumblr_m96qh15idQ1rvbl2btumblr_led6f9MARp1qdlkgg tumblr_mhu55o8Fni1rdutw3o1_500

The final one was the best of them all. Being an epic fantasy named Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch.


There’stumblr_majsiwEIl81r3mrdt tumblr_mco8glvi4O1rhumgro1_250 tumblr_ll84hpVcuI1qii97qo1_500 a world introduction here. Some time ago the country of Winter was taken by the evil Spring king, who not only killed their Queen but also has enslaved their people to a life of unbearable tortures. But a group of nine survivors are still fighting to regain their nation and the peace they so desperately desire with the help of their crowned Prince Mather. In this surviving group we have our main character, named Meira (an orphan girl raised by their leader William ‘Sir’, who herself grew with the need to become a fighter and integral part of this resistance. She’s a strong minded sixteen year old in love with her childhood best friend, the Prince Mather, who soon proves herself worthy of trust and admiration when alone she finds an key element to her people’s survival but still she’s offered a new job, and instead of being taken seriously as a knight she’s given as a potential betrothed to the Prince Theron of Cordell like a mare for sell. While strugglingRichard-Madden-1 with her feelings for Mather, jus like him with his for her; she uncovers the plan of Theron’s father to give them all to the wicked Spring King. And in the middle of a battle she’s taken by his guards to become a prisoner and suffer like the other eslaves; there she doesn’t only learnedtumblr_mhco6qroEH1qb64kco5_250 about the prisoners and a little of the king but also of herself who’s not the orphan she thought she was. But instead, it is revealed by the previous Queen of Winter that she’s her daughter, the only surviving child of the once powerful Queen. Making her, Meira, Queen Regnant of Winter the one who holds the power of magic instead of Mather, who himself ends up being the son of Sir who was offered as a distraction to King Agnar to never look for Meira’s power. She regains control of her nation after weakening the King but with the involuntary mix Mather made of Agnar and his powerful magic, liberating the eslaves and holding her new crown and status.


This one was a winner for me. So epic, and I want more. I mean the character of Meiratumblr_ljemghIbRz1qc1s6co1_500 was so stubborn and genuine and loyal, I love her every moment (maybe not her whole relationship with Theron, since I’m so team Mather). The fantasy side was also a breath of fresh air thanks to the storyline of the powers, and looks of the different nations; beside that I would like to see more creatures since there’s magic there should be more of that. Then I loved the romance of Mather and Meira since in the beginning was so forbidden and now is even more forbidden, and I refuse to believe that she just forgot about the way only he made her feel, specially with that little kiss on her neck (so perfect and memorable). Finally there’s the picture next to Angar as a child on his obsidian castle I would like to know if that was his mother or his lover or someone else probably. I need to know, that maybe he has a heart after all and there’s a weakness to his evilness.

tumblr_lm1gyp1igb1qd18f6o1_500tumblr_n49ziaQBka1tt8afeo2_250tumblr_lxkv12CF4L1qccm57o1_500giphy (1)tumblr_ljr61onDUq1qhbnr9o1_500tumblr_nf77k1vhWO1s6pec5o1_5003405078ts4

PS: many reviewers think the sequel is lame but I’ll give it a chance.


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