Week #34 of Reading Like A Maniac

Wow, this week was the most relaxed one I had in a long time. There were no hard tests, there was homework I did in a heartbeat; and obviously there was time to read like a maniac checking these books deeply instead of lightly like I used to embarrassingly do when I had no minutes to read on a weekend. But let’s forget the bad times, and start reviewing.

The first one I read was the epic love triangle known as The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.


Really cool one. Here we are introduced into a new epic world where two factions are at constant war and only a suitable marriage alliance can help one of these factions known as the most civilised of the two. Which has always had magical abilities wrapped up in the female first born of each generation; but now there’s an issue because the one for this generation has not develop her powers and thereforetumblr_mkmpci8Scx1qaz89zo5_250 has become a pawn on her father’s political moves by making her the new wife of the Prince of their potential allie on this war. But right before the wedding Princess Arabella (known as Lia) runs away with one of her maids to never return in a bold move to be more independent and live on her own. And she lives like that for a few days working as a waitress on a tavern in one of the most free of towns working for and old acquittance of her maid named Pauline, but hertumblr_inline_nizdzw3TV81rxlhrp  fantasy becomes a little distracting when two young men enter the tavern. One of them answers to the name of Raffe with hair as dark as night and an inappropriate attitude towards her but with a secret golden heart and intentions; the other is named Aiden with sunlight like hair and a gentleman’stumblr_nciizgBnfD1t2c6suo3_250 attitude but with also dark intentions towards the Princess. While making distinct conclusions according to Pauline as well as the difficult situation of her family now she run away referring to the frontal attacks these barbarian enemies did against her elder brother and his small family; now she also has to deal with the feelings she’s developing for Raffe.

tumblr_mlr23cKhil1r4m60qo2_250(✴SPOILERS✴) what she doesn’t know is that one of these mysterious guys is actually a killer send to murder her by the barbarians, and the otheris the Prince she abandoned on the aisle. We later discover while she’s kidnapped that the killer was charming Aiden, who’s falling for Lia but relies on his fears and mindless values, andtumblr_llzqu8d56K1qdwjb5o1_500 on the other side is Raffe the Prince who fell for her with his rough and passionate behavior, and who she fell for. Who’s know on his way to rescue her and return her to safety. But she’s no delicate thing but a badass young woman destined to achieve greatness with her strength and the power she’s just starting to develop.

I have to admit I first thought this book was lame and too predictable with an annoying love triangle but once I start reading it I became more intrigued by how all characters and their backgrounds were developed. Because here no one has and empty head nor only concentrates on Lia. Which I enjoyed a lot. Besides that awesome point, we have the kick ass Princess desperate to be free growing as a character leaving her innocence to lies, responsibility, war, love and her destiny. So no need to say I fell for this book and need the next one now, and I know is out but I wanted on my native tongue so… You know.

tumblr_mujvvljMwf1qjpimqo2_250 tumblr_m0wcmbYAdD1rqfhi2o1_400 tumblr_mh9x46r4aA1qfhq48o1_250 twilight-emmett-kellan-lutz-badass

PS: I’m obviously on RAFFE’S team, but I can’t deny feeling a bit like Tessa Grey in the middle of her kidnapping adventures.

tumblr_mlxefd4NIz1qf426so1_250 tumblr_n4yv9qeGLk1t5oim1o1_500 tumblr_m8i4ekCjdc1rd87aho1_500 tumblr_mw2s2reDcq1sor4z6o1_500

The second one I read was the contemporary work named Paper Towns by John Green.


tumblr_m59pg0yMMH1rooebp tumblr_mmwl5gWmIh1rotn1uo2_250personal growth…. Well, this starts with the main character Quentin Jacobsen ‘Q’ introducing us to his conception of his long time crush, former BFF, actual popular girl and neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman. For him she’s always been the most wonderful thing on Earth, a girl living adventures since they both found a corpse and she challenged herself to discover the truth about the man’s death looking for Q’s help but his fear stop him from becoming just like her. She now develop this adventurous and risky nature getting lost every now and then to discover the world and its opportunities. But Q thinks that on the last year of school everything will be the same for his normal life next to his psychologists parents and his 3 only bffs (Ben the pervtumblr_nmpjntOuyu1twdnwjo3_400 justice-smith-jaz-sincalir-paper-towns-road-trip also known as Bloody Ben, and Radar the tiny dude who became long as a basketball player dealing with the fact he cannot let his girlfriend know his parents own the second biggest ‘Black Santa Claus’ collection); but he’s wrong. Specially when a night Margo enters using his window to ask his car to borrow; they both find themselves on a pay back journey for the lies in Margo’s life like her boyfriend cheating on her who now has his small penis on a picture for life, then her friend whom her boyfriend cheat getting a catfish on her enormous closet just like a group of insults coming from her dad after being caught having sex, after that there’s the only friend who had the balls to tell Margo the truth receiving a bouquet of flowers as a sorry message after Margo insult her refusing to believe the truth, finally there was Margo’stumblr_inline_nmsifmyFsr1t4xm1c_500 best friend since always Lacey whom she thinks knew about the whole thing and never told her so she leaves a catfish on her car all smashed and gross. But nothing is over until Margo repays Q for his services as a partner in crime by removing the eyebrow of his number one tormenter since they were eleven. Later she gets all melancholic on the top of a building explaining how all their home town is aa fake Paper Town filled with fake paper people, and how people live for tomorrow all their lives instead of living today. Next day, Q thinks he’ll find Margo but he doesn’t and nobody cares since she always does this things, but it becomes strange when after days and days of not making a surprise appearance she’s still not coming back. Only Q and her not backstabbing friend Lacey are the only ones who seem to care, and as he finds clues of her whereabouts; he starts realising she was not the girl he thought he knew. But actually he never got to know Margo, but is glad in the end to have met her for giving him the purpose and push he needed to change his tomorrow for a today.

tumblr_ml9fn0if1l1rk6fbvo2_250 tumblr_m59m0d8Dzr1rooebp

When I read the first half I wasn’t very convinced but once I finished it, I was assorted by the wonders this book can do for your inner thoughts. As well as finding out that you can never try to be another, so only find them and ask them; and that there are moments in our life when we have to decide if we run the risk or think on the what ifs of life.

tumblr_n7jymzYTjE1tee47oo1_500 tumblr_ml27140dkD1rxzliio1_500 tumblr_mb5pfvJ6IX1qmeeo4o1_400 6a59f4f06bd7fbc153e56c4ecc5bd0ca 63efa81d9e45eda66317cb7040d8fdc6 tumblr_n18yavILbY1qmvap7o1_500 tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

PS: Ben was the most hilarious idiot I’ve heard of.

tumblr_m8rr6rtZUo1rutdj3o1_ 9334846

The last one I read was the mystery contemporary named Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


Wtftumblr_inline_minq0wilZk1qz4rgp?! Ok, this is told by the narrator’s PoV who’s Samantha ‘Sam’. A 17 year old girl who has lost all her memories because of a fatal accident she suffered, but not only her was involved but her still missing best friend Cassie. As Sam tries to get back her life involving her boyfriend, and friends she discovers she wasn’t the person who everyone loved but who all hated for many reasons. With that said, everyone had a motive to hurt her so bad just like Cassie. She hates the person she was and is not ready to live like she did, she hastumblr_nf1miyFTpN1rlvdl7o1_1280 become another girl who only wants a shot to be right for her brother, her parents, her true bff and the right boy she fancies. While she tries to find out what really went through that moment, after Cassie’s body is found down the river which is really weird since she was an expert swimming. Every clue leads to Sam but she refused to admit tumblr_ms27ppkf2r1sfip61o1_500that, and even considers someone is trying to shut her up with little mystery notes as well as with the psychotic apparitions made by a Cassie covered in blood. Just like the memories of Sam’s past coming back, like her torturous relationship with her dick of a boyfriend, and her so called bff stealing everything she owned for herself including her boyfriend in the middle; but as she falls in love more and more with her brother’s bff namedtumblr_inline_mpuyd8dRmp1qz4rgplarge (2)tumblr_mrours4USx1qc2ac3o9_r1_250 Carson, until she discovers who wronged her and Cassie during their entire lives. (✴SPOILERS✴) Her dad was so obsessed with the status that marrying her mom gave him, he wanted to keep his dirty secrets under ground. It turns out he had a long time affair with Cassie’s mom some years ago which gave origin to a baby girl whom the woman raised on her own until Cassie found out and became jealous of all Sam had and she never got her hands on, including their father. That’s why after Sam discovered her and her boyfriend having sex, she’s guided to find Cassie talking (practically begging) for their father’s love and named, which ends up with Cassie being killed and Sam observing every detail in horror. She runs from her murderous father until she falls down, kicking her head. But time runs in the present, when her dad discovered she knows the truth trying to kill her and her new boyfriend hot Carson but is stopped by her mom who shoots him first. As time passes by, her family tries to move on and …don’t look back.

tumblr_nb6m5lRjiB1tkaptro6_r1_250 tumblr_inline_n8bidaBE8u1sbtrbu-1445365707 13746480

Need I say the obvious OMFG!!?! Like seriously, that was the most wonderful contemporary mystery novel I’ve read. I didn’t trust JLA could put up a great story like this that didn’t involved hard core sex, or aliens, or fantasy but she sure as hell can! This mystery was magnificent, I mean I figured out who was their first option as the killer, and the I immediately knew who the real killer was; predictable for me but it was awesome!!! Love it!!! Even thought there were some moments when I wanted to slap Sam so hard for not seeing her boyfriend Del was a dick!!! Anyways, cool book.

tumblr_mbgiklIXIK1riqizno1_400_zps7f261c01 tumblr_lywsw0tHh71r8058ko1_500 GIF-Jaw-drop-Amazed-Amazing-Shocked-WTF-GIF

PS: their romance (Sam and Carson) was so lovely! ♥

tumblr_nugiznY2QQ1tjz72bo1_500 tumblr_n3w52a8Klu1tqtu89o1_500


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