Week #35 of Reading Like A Maniac

Happy late Halloween, to anyone who’s reading! Ok, so this week was a though one for my studies, but a split up one for my reading activities. Since there were good and just horrible books to read during this entire time, no idea how I endure it but I did.

Let’s start with my second favorite which was the dystopian fantasy novel named Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.


SoLady-Lola-lady-lola-reign-36898338-500-320, this is set during a future beyond our times where two kind of people are coexisting with each other during generations. First are the silver ones, (obviously, that blood color) the elite, the government, the ones who run the world outshining the rest with their supernatural and violent powers to scare and fight against their commoners, under the rule of a royal family. Then we have the red ones, (that type of normal blood we all know) the common folk withgiphy no powers, desperate to survive like rats on a maze with the fear of being sent to war as she now is certain will be her case. But things interrupted when her best friend Kilorn has just lost his opportunity to survive without going to war and she finds herself desperate trying to save him but it becomes worst when accidentally involves her sister into being in the same situation as her friend without a future away from war. She learns about a revolution taking over the reds, which includes a badass and young female leader named Farley with the capacity of attacking the silvers asking for justice. But things change for her own future when she’s given a job at the castle to support her family, after meeting an intense and mysterious young man named Cal under the rain where she told him about her own suffering.

It’stumblr_myy6an54rD1s7sutso1_250 obviously a shock when she discovers Cal is in fact the presumed heir to her country’s throne, a prince on his own right. But is not as close as discovering she has some silver powers under her sleeve, after being almost murdered but saved by her surprisingly dangerous management of lightnings. She’s no silver but a red who could become the face to a upcoming revolution, so the king orders her to hide her identity taking the last name of a fallen battle hero and be engage into a future marriage with his second son Maven, while Cal is betrothed to Evangeline (a sick crazy bitch with almost white hair, craving for a crown). Soon she finds herself not only threatenedtumblr_n21fepTkKU1t96tobo2_r1_250 by the wicked Queen Elara, but also by court intrigues and political backstabbing; and that’s not it ’cause now the revolution wants her and together with her kind betrothed she joins it not knowing what she signed for when doing it. As well as developing some forbidden feelings for Cal. On the next weeks, will she be a perfect silver forgetting the hunger and injustice but trusting the beautiful lies of ugly people, or she’ll be truth to her red self fighting back and keeping her hope in a good future for her reds?

Omg! No need to say this was amazing!!! Loved it from moment one, I literally couldn’t put my book down for a moment. And totally figured out the whole traitor plotline, for me it was obvious. But let’s remember that I’m into mysteries so don’t feel bad, I cannot be tricked into these situations. Talking about backstabs, I mean how Caligula and Nero was the whole king beheading dramatic move! So frantic! During the whole time I was like ‘damn you, Maven and Elara, you sick little Joffrey and Cersei’!!

tumblr_lmaf3sz1XX1qdy3soo1_500 tumblr_n5iyr5giqm1ttf00co8_500 tumblr_lvcbbzavcf1qgr1nn giphy (1)

Then the romance aspect was legit and slight, it was the thing that drove the whole plot but a smoothly scent navigating the whole character development of Mare and Cal (each on their own terms). Both so different in beliefs but just as strong minded about passionate topics. So, so meant to be. ♥

Lady-Lola-lady-lola-reign-36898345-245-358 tumblr_n5fjw4Rl7Z1tx5vduo6_250 tumblr_m8j7j9aRXv1ryr1djo1_500 tumblr_n122wg8PIc1t4eh9wo4_500 tumblr_mtah9qG0oS1swron3o2_500

Ps: Love Mare, but c’mon I couldn’t trust Maven a second after he talk shit of Cal or stood after his mommy dearest.


PS of the PS: Mare was the mostawesome character with her powers against Evangeline, like freaking Storm.

tumblr_inline_n95iwjoxwg1ru4649 tumblr_lqlp2m2WHc1qdvyq2o1_500 tumblr_inline_nbnoexECiW1rjabbw SNLbnO8 tumblr_inline_nhmhj9Jp6n1szvd43

So the second one I read was a short science fiction/romance story named Stupid Perfect World by Scott Westerfeld.


This was life. We are introduced to a new society where tumblr_m8miwaaBoO1rrdpfispace travel is a matter of minutes and exploring the world of seconds, where there are no deceases neither unwanted hormones nor dangerous stuff. And where the only memory of the past is placed on a class where two students feel different about, we have Kieran who hates it and prefers the staged life of the dramatic arts, and who now will have to endure the ability and pleasure of sleeping and maybe dreaming during the eight hours peopletumblr_m5q9cyJB1g1rr6fra used to. Then there’s María, a straight A student, who loves the class and now has chosen to life with the crazy but interesting hormones that teens used to live with going through adolescence and puberty. Both soon realize, that he cannot sleep well without her telling him all the poems and stories she’s learnt to inspire herself with because of all the feelings he has given her without intending to. These guys will eventually learn that no matter how inappropriate neither how tragic nor extreme love and hope can be, it’s necessary and so powerful you may become addicted. But that’s not bad, right?

This was so sweet! I was so shipping the two kids from the start, and the technology revived my hope in the author’s abilities for science fiction. Besides that lovely childish and teenagery relationship growing for Kieran and María not wanting to return to their meaningless life, but adoring the past experiences the world could offer for them to continue holding hands as love birds.


The third one was the fantasy/supernatural novel named  The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld.


tumblr_myjbivXCW91s0t9k2o5_250This was a living nightmare. So this girl named Jessica just moved to the strangest of small towns since only some teens can stay awake during the minute cero of midnight, these have special abilities a fight against some disturbing creatures. Just as she has to deal with new young love named Jonathan, and we have to deal with different POVs like the goth guy named Rex, the mind reader (the only that caught my attention) named Melissa, and the rocking ethnic girl of the trio named Dess.

Sorry for not spoiling more but, as I said. It was so so bad, so tiring and empty with no actual emotion or scent. Not right, I was expecting badassery from moment one but I got bad timing and inexistent character with no personalities, and cero reasons.

tumblr_mbnzt8EuKD1qih9gi tumblr_n7fq3uN2El1qj4315o1_500 tumblr_mtdqjyGd5W1qj9d3uo1_500 tumblr_mk59ft1ibA1rzbvsto1_500

Let’s rest and talk about the awesome next tale named The Whitechapel Friend by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and others.


Here43ee50d5-e663-4c14-867a-49da42b44061 Simon receives another unexpected visitor to teach him to jump of trees: Mister Jace Herondale, who tells him about his worries and brings back their old relationship to his mind as well as the obvious hint to write to Isabelle to apologize for his shitty behavior. There they both discover about some aspects of the still lovely Tessa Gray, who paystumblr_mf02iiGQsj1r99f4t a visit during Catarina’s history lesson to tell the students about the truth of Jack the ripper, when Will, Jem, Gabriel, Cecily, Tessa and even Jessamine help discover his real face. It was a demon child all along desperate to play Evil games and a mother to take care of it. While Jace learnt about their blood connection, and how being a Herondale is the best. And after all, there was much hope for Sizzy, because Simon wants to be that guy again to be perfect for her.


So much feels! The Herondale humor was there, the Lewis jokes were there, the romantic intentions were there, and the sobbing for certain dark haired Herondale was definitely present. So in short words, the tale was the PERFECTION Magneto was referring when he met the true Mystique.


PS: the jokes of certain hot Herondales were life.

tumblr_mxd7hx0Ki31s710zro1_r1_250 tumblr_nvxcg13hLN1rl5axho1_500 tumblr_inline_nq47ltQQ341t805l9_500 jennifer-lawrence-fangirling-whoalawrence


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