Week #36 of Reading Like A Maniac

This week was weirdly not so hard to get over. It might be because of this new psychologist I’m visiting, who listens all my issues and sorrows about life and books. Which makes me remember that I read four amazing books this week, and with everyday that passes I’m getting closer to finish this year’s TBR list.

First we have the sweet and so freaking angsty contemporary/warzone that is Promise Me Light by Paige Weaver.


Dear feels! Here we start like two to three weeks after the first book finished, with tumblr_m7nahyeLck1rzpffzo1_500Maddie alone dealing with the fact that she’s pregnant and hasn’t told a soul about it, besides she now wants to go see what happened to Ryder, to find out why he and the others didn’t return with Eva. To her disgrace, he doesn’t come back immediately but she’s desperate to get him back, so she goes into different expeditions while remembering certain times when it was clear that she loved him just as much as he loved her, but both their immature hearts couldn’t cope with that. She learns surprising facts, like that her friend Eva was awfully tortured and has being witness to the most horrendous war acts but the terrorists, and also that Ryder’s older brother (I seriously can’t remember his name, at all) has beingtumblr_mnxw94CBm31qdiaboo1_500 in love with her since always but never acted out of respect for her but now even kisses her when they explore looking for him. Until now it’s pretty obvious that Ryder eventually comes back, not ready to deal with the fact that he’s going to be a father and needs to regain his normality without posttraumatic stress, and a duology of personalities. However, Maddie still loves him but is not sure she’s ready to keep up with his poor common sense, family background or dramatic immaturity. But as two lovers who can’t keep their feelings from each other. Somehow they’ll manage to heal harshly. And live with their love, and their soon to arrive child as dealing with the consequences of war and lost.

giphy (1) tumblr_inline_nczlpyWgqw1so10o6

Seriously, you need to listen ‘Beautifully Unfinished’ by Ella Henderson while reading this book. So much angst, because they don’t communicate well on their toxic relationship. It’s meant to be (their love), but when it’s toxic, it cannot be denied because they both have this issues going on with their lives, and non of them actually understands the other with their jealousy, tiredness or insecurities. But somehow this OTP did it, they accomplished to see a way out. Something I could not see, or find but they did it and I couldn’t be happier. So so sweet.

tumblr_m77t9hwPiB1rziwwco1_400tumblr_inline_nto9s2D1uk1t5cs94_500 tumblr_malw5eodqd1rdsdz7o2_500

PS: “Ryder’s brother who’s name I cannot recall”, do not mess with my ship!

tumblr_m29leoAIEO1rtsqlyo3_500 tumblr_inline_nl0cc6xV941t10bt3 tumblr_m6rupjHID51r2b0qy

The next one I read was the erotic vampire continuation of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, named The Shadows by J. R. Ward.


Here we are introduced to two main couples, which are Trez and Selena, & iAm and Maichen. Starting with the first one, we have Trez who’s still trying to forget tumblr_msj56fwX2D1srrq7yo1_500Selena working on his club (U know, selling sex and drugs) as also dealing with the fact the lessers are selling drugs on his club, and that the Queen of the shadows wants him to do her daughter as it was accorded a long time ago by the stars. But now Selena understands her life is coming to an end, since she has a genetic decease687474703a2f2f33382e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f36356632383364663838393364343738343137623730373830633430386436352f74756d626c725f6e62796933694264536431746b6c3132346f315f3530302e676966 that only her sisters and ancestors have had ending with her becoming a living sculpture without the capacity of moving at all; but after some encounters she intends to spend her last days as Trez’s shellan. She obviously achieves this for a short amount of days, enjoying the joy of being alive (experiencing a sort of bucket list) with the love of her life as the rest tries to find a cure. But as the ends reaches her life, it becomes clear she’s only a passing soul on the ground of the living, wishing to end her life on the hands of her tumblr_inline_nckiha2OGC1s8n1vebeloved Trez. Then we have iAm looking for a way out for his brother of his imminent mating ceremony as well as a cure for Selena’s wrong, but he only gets himself in a cage for prisoners of his kind, with only the presence of a brave servant named Maichen who helps him get out. They fall in love giving their virginities to each other as a sample of their love, but when it’stumblr_ltsagyBLnX1qlg2kxo6_500 revealed that Maichen is in fact the Princess Trez should have married; the relationship crumbles because none of them could help but to love each other like mads and now after some truths are revealed by the lying Queen, this couple could have a happy ending to live for the first time a life filled with greatness and second chances, and at least some tender hope.

tumblr_mv56z6Dh6G1sx8vito3_500 tumblr_mjkacc5gHj1qiyullo3_250On the other hand, we had the common couples and the new characters introduced. There’s Xcor and Layla (she’s having twins, by the way ♥), both of them tragically in love but forbidden to see each other, with the excuse of her not wanting him to hurt the Brotherhood with his knowledge of their wereabouts, and his desire to be a better man for her and the children she’s now carrying. Children of another man, but children of the woman she claims as his. Without noticing it Xcor has become now the man she claims as her own; but none of them will ever admit it out loud because of her not so clear innocence dispite being pregnant, and because of his status like the terrifying leader of the Bastards’ League. He is dangerous for her and still believes that he doesn’t deserve such beauty, as she’s insistent on being near him for his crying soul. tumblr_mxd75yoHRS1s4w33do1_500Finally, we have the newest character introduced (which will be the main protagonist of the new spin off series named Blood Legacy), known as Paradise, the only child of the King’s first advisor who’s now working to help her father on the Brotherhood facilities. She wants to gain some independence and not marrying her dick of an ex bff, this girl has the need to fight for herself and maybe even join the Brotherhood since now even females are accepted but for now she’ll join the practices to be able of defending herself. And it has nothing to do with the cute hot but mysterious guy she met who coincidentally will also participate.

Even though I had read the spoilers about Selena’s passing, it didn’t make it even less harder to experienced.  It hurt, I cried out of pain and sorrow because of this sweet power couple coming to its end when they hadn’t even lived enough to outcome this. But I felt bittersweet thanks to the new characters, just like the past ones. I can’t wait for Blood Legacy, and the Beast coming since December to the bookstores of the USA.

tumblr_md8416hxcs1qdx5sqo1_250 tumblr_inline_nwm6ef9eD51t7q93q_500 anigif_enhanced-7772-1407870454-5

PS: How dare you, J. R. Ward?! How fucking dare you to kill her?! You’re not longer my safe place to literarily land!

tumblr_mapxdhsV7p1r2labqo1_500tumblr_nahqvqcOoZ1tts3f4o1_500 tumblr_static_cat_crying_gif tumblr_msxe9tUliW1sg3u26o1_500 tumblr_inline_mjkdceiaPh1qz4rgp tumblr_m34fadLRR21r0ftodo1_400

The next one I read was the dystopian love story that is named Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.


Here we are introduced to Juliette Ferrars, a seventeen year old girl who has unnamedlived in an Asylum with no human touch for the last three years, on the command of her parents. Because she’s not normal, she’s cursed to live with a lethal touch hurting everyone who she lays her skin on even the innocents with no control over it. She has lived hurt and abused but negligent parents whom never loved her. But now a guy her age has arrived as her new roommate, sheunnamed (3) recognizes him slightly as the only boy who never mock her or treat her with harshness, his name is Adam Kent. But now he has revealed he’s not a patient but a secret soldier working for the government (the bitches who pretty much are like the beginnings of the Capitol of THG), to do some experimental research on Juliette’s mental status and see she’s mentally available to be use as a weapon against the rebels and unnamed (2)traitors by the Commandand’s son named Warner (a sick little shit). But not everything was a lie because Adam only entered there to see Juliette once more, since he’s being in love with her for a long time and she is reciprocal towards this feelings. But some traumatic experiences have damaged her enough, thanks to Warner the sick little intriguing but hot bastard that technically bought Juliette and now has ‘fallen’ for her abilities to make people suffer and her obvious beauty, claiming to be just like her on the inside but she refuses this. Running away with Adam, and after a long getaway with his little brother James and his coworker who’s name a cannot recall, which leaves Warner injured, Adam near dying and Juliette confused by the fact she’s not the only one with powers and that she kinda like the kissed she shared with the sick intriguing hot bastard.

No need to say it was awesome, I wanted more. Somehow this author managed to get my attention without so much of the world explanation, only with the characters interaction and the romance, besides the inner thoughts on Juliette. I wasn’t feeling the romance much but it was cute, not an OTP material because it was such and instant crush but still sweet. Sort of like a Stelena relationship, on TVD.

unnamed (7) unnamed (9) unnamed (10) unnamed (13) unnamed (12) unnamed (11)

PS: the Omega group are like the Avengers of dystopian societies.

unnamed (14)avengers

The final one was a companion book following the trilogy, named Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi.

images (1)

Here we get to see some character exploration on Warner, on his PoV we learn unnamed (16)that he’s not a sick bastard after all, just a hot damaged child trying to survive and do some good to others protecting the rest from his father’s actions. But only when he reads Juliette’s diary he understands that they weren’t equals because of her secret desire to hurt others but because of their painful backgrounds and desperate desire to be loved. He gets to know her better and even gets a glimpse of her at the end, holding the though of him being truly in love with her on levels not even Adam who glorifies her could understand or achieve.

unnamed (18) unnamed (17)

Yeah, I loved it. Yeah, I would definitely recommend this if you were unsure about Warner’s personality or his sadistic charm. And hell to the yeah yeah yeah, I suggest you to read this before going through Unravel Me. I couldn’t help but to fall for him, he’s no longer a Sebastian Morgernstern but a poor Damon Salvatore, just love it!

unnamed (20) unnamed (15)

PS: Can we murder the Commandant? Please?

unnamed (19) unnamed (21) unnamed (22)


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