Week #37 of Reading Like A Maniac

I’m so damn glad I got to accomplish my Goodreads goal of 2015, since I read 137 book on this year. And I’m reading more, most of them are short stories but I’m still reading so.. I’m so excited for 2016 cause I hope to break my record with each year that passes. Besides I read 3 books and 2 short stories, this week. Kuddos for me.

So the first one I read was the dystopian love story that is Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi, the sequel to Shatter Me.


unnamed (24)Here we start like some weeks or days after the end of the first book. With Juliette dealing with the fact that she’s dangerous for Adam, cause after some research on his body Point Omega has found out that he looses power or energy when he shuts down other powers, and it takes him a lot of life to do it with Juliette warming up his skin until an almost death experience. She feels extremely guilty and hopeless of a life together as a couple so she breaks up with him on a tear friendly moment, with the most heartbreaking reaction coming from Adam. Then she starts to make friends and be more social with others, like Kenji and unnamedthe healing Twins that share a room with her; she’s send to explore the fields of the outside with others and ends up finding Warner being weirdly kind to a starving dog, which starts to change her perception of the monster he could not be after all. Next, two of Juliette’s new friends go missing kidnapped by Warner’s father and Castle is forced to send a rescue team while war takes a little place. She goes unnamed (1)alone to the place to meet the bastard, there he tries to kill her to hurt his son, but he’s stopped by Warner who receives the bullet and on a rampage of rage Juliette attacks him by shooting both his legs only to see him suffer in agony. Both, her and Warner are rescued by Kenji and Adam, who recognize Warner’s father as his own. (Shocking) While on the compound of Point Omega, Warner and Juliette bond and discover they are so much alike and have developed some feelings for each other, so strong that scare her and dominate him.

On the final moments, Juliette is taken to be killed by Anderson (Warner and Adam’s father), he actually shoots her and leaves her to die. But Warner saves her by using his power to transmit the powers of the Twins (who have been kidnapped by Anderson) to heal her, while war is taking place against the Omegas.

unnamed (9)

Need I say omg?! I just love this, mostly because of her growing love attachments for Warner, discovering he’s not a monster neither a cruel maniac. That he in fact was just a hurt kid like herself in the past, with so much energy for giving instead of receiving. And who loves her every beating cell, and just now has found out that he wasn’t helping her emotional self but hurting her, which hurts him even more. Here we also get to see Juliette’s power evolving into a mass that can hurt and prevent her body from it, which was pretty awesome.

I wanted to kill Anderson so many times.

unnamed (8) unnamed (16) unnamed (17) unnamed (18)

I loved the whole relationship of Juliette and Warner, so much smut and fangirling emotions.

unnamed (3) unnamed (7) unnamed (10) unnamed (11) unnamed (12) unnamed (13) unnamed (14)unnamed (15)

PS: I loved Kenji’s sass.

unnamed (2)

The second one I read was the final part on this trilogy titled Ignite Me by the same author.

images (1)

Here we begin just days or hours from where we left on the previous book, with tumblr_nemz0aEuqs1qlyuevo2_500Juliette just waking up from a healing sleep only to find out that the Twins have been taken by Anderson, the whole Point Omega has being literally erased with its members in the act, and she’s still living under the bastard’s roof been taken care of by Warner. Who later takes her to see the ashes of her former home, finding Kenji right up on what’s left of the facilities telling her that only eight managed to escape, including Castle, Sam, Adam and himself besides some other whose names I cannot recall but who were important. After her arrival, she decides that she’s taking charge of unnamed (21)everything she believes in but needs a plan for her success and Warner is more than available to collaborate with her. Then we enter to the whole live triangle resolution with Adam being a dick to her for liking Warner, (I mean real idiot with no respect for the girl he was supposed to be in love with) literally kicking her out of his house. So them all move to Warner’s home where he reveals his mom has a power that damaged her life, and was the only one who actually loved him to later be found to be dead by her melancholic son. Who gets lucky with Juliette, helping her kill his father and take over the world she actually wants to live in.

Everyone was so badass here, like taking over as it was nothing just like their moments exercising onf Warner’s gym and the new uniforms. And how Juliette finally embraced her powers just like her love for Warner, on lovely kinky sexy scenes which we all adored.

unnamed (26) unnamed (30) unnamed (28) unnamed (31) unnamed (29) unnamed (32)

PS: I wanna to kick the crap out of Adam for being such a cruel imbecile, so not right.

unnamed (27) unnamed (33) unnamed (34) unnamed (35)

The third book I read was a sort of supernatural teen flick named Death and the Boy Next Door by Darynda Jones.

images (3)

unnamed (37)We are introduced to seventeen year old Lorelei who lives with her grandparents dealing with high school, her missing parents and her seer gift. Since she has memory, she’s been able to see people’s future by a mere touch and now is definitely shocked by a guy she just touched. His name is Jared, he’s unnamed (39)new to her school and has a dark and torturous future ahead of him but he’s not just a hot guy with a fascination for her since he’s the death angel sent to get her soul; besides his not liked by Lorelei’s unnamed (41)number one stocker, Cameron. A former playground friend of hers who is revealed to be aa super strong Nefilim made to protect her from any harm, but the boy has an aptitude problem and ancient troubles with this particular angel for taking  his mom when he was really young, unnamed (42) unnamed (40)right in front of him. So now Lorelei and her two best friends (a football player with Irish and Native American genes who’s named GLITCH, well actually nicknamed but what kind of parents name his only son Casey) (and Brooklyn, a down to Earth sassy girl with much love to give to her friends besides having an obvious thing for Cameron, and who’s a partner in crime for Lorelei), now have to deal with knowing the supernatural aspect of life and being born into a sort of cult with a grand history on demon possession, bitching ghosts and the awful fact that now the angel of death is living under her roof; specially when he didn’t take her as he was meant to but instead decided to save her from that allowing himself to stay on Earth as a human with super abilities who has fallen for this kind human girl, who’s a Prophet from a long bloodline of remarkable women in the history of the world.

I seriously was expecting some awesomeness like Charley Davidson, but this left very clear for me that Darynda tries really hard to accommodate to what a teen girl raised by a pastor and a lovely old ladies would be like, but definitely brings nothing to the table and sometimes becomes really absurd about some reactions besides the weaknesses of Lorelei’s character.

unnamed (44) unnamed (43) unnamed (46) unnamed (47) unnamed (48) queen9

The final short stories I read belonged to the awesome Cassandra Clare joined by Sarah Rees Brennan and Robin Wasserman, I’m talking of Nothing But Shadows and The Evil We Love.

TSA04_cover images (2)

unnamed (60)NBS ended up being what attracted me to the possible future of The Last Hours, because it talked about James Herondale. He’s definitely not like Will, and sometimes more like Tessa but with a tiny bit of annoyingly Nate on him. But let’s introduce us to the story. Simon is dealing with the other Shadowhunter apprentices comparing mundanes with Shadowhunters being all dicks and he surely doesn’t want to participate on such stupidity while Catarina tells him what she remembers her friend Ragnor told her about James unnamed (59)Herondale when he was his teacher on the academy. James was a little geek, adoring books and feeling less than his father but definitely deciding he will not be friends with Matthew Fairchild whom is desperate to be loved by others and get the hell out of the academy at any cost. Against all odds, they become very good friends after being reunited to put aside their conflicts and decide to become parabatai; it’s very clear that its moral was that friends could be found on remote places but you always remember them. Then we have Simon wanting Clary to be that friend, a future parabatai recognizing he’ll have to fight just like with Issy to gain her back.

unnamed (61)

I just could help but to love James, he got me and his friendship with Matthew was life. I hated Alistair Castairs for mocking James on his eyes and power to make himself a shadow; and loved the fact that James is slightly developing a fun vein just like the already laughable jokes of Matthew’s persona.

unnamed (62) unnamed (63) unnamed (64)

TEWL just brought me to an ocean filled with tears. The academy receives the visit of Robert Lightwood and his only daughter to talk about the unspeakable moments of what was the Circle leaded by Valentine Morgernstern and the actions that made its members so attached to this group. We go from Simon’s POV on Issy being a little bitchy trying to tempt everyone to act against the law by helping a demon get out to try killing it, to later reveal she never intended to unnamed (51) unnamed (52)do that but was a test made to verify the faculties and mind of the students, Simon obviously doesn’t fail. We also get to see Robert’s POV on his times being a part of the Circle, dealing with the fact that he came from a family who never really loved him being ready to provoke his death instead of living under the ‘shame’ of having a mundane son, and the only one who’s ever show him any kind of respect and tenderness has being his parabatai Michael Wayland. Robert finds himself unable to love, not ever his girlfriend Maryse Trueblood whom he finds attractive but doesn’t feel more than that. After learning that Michael loved him, he just locks himself on this hard shelter of cruelty to face his friend with bitterness and such unkindness to go out on the easy way and help Valentine staying on the Circle because it was the ways of his coward self. Going to now, Simon tries to deal with Isabelle not having answered his letter, as well as her own trouble with her father; only to discover that with time Robert found love and it wasn’t on the other woman but on his children, but that love came wit the fact he made mistakes in the past but is ready to not failing again, not with them. Finally we had Simon and Issy asking each other on a date, and chilling and being sickening cute without fighting.

unnamed (50) unnamed (49)

I would definitely recommend to read the flashbacks while listening to Adele’s Hello, because the angst and tears will be better with a matching soundtrack on air. I became attached to Robert, and to the feels of Michael’s feelings for him. And how Robert cannot retract from what he told his parabatai, anymore.

unnamed (54) unnamed (55) unnamed (56) unnamed (57) unnamed (58)


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