Week #38 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, yall! (Such a bad way to pretend I’m southern, actually I’m but not of the US but from the entirety of America) So this is gonna be the last week I’ll be posting about the books I’ve read during the week (at least until certain short story gets published on PDF format on my birth language), but I’ll be posting about my thoughts on Mockingjay Part 2 after the moment I see it on the big screen (the bad perks of having friends who force you to go with them to see it on December 1st instead of the normal date, and without any kind of spoiler. The horror!), the thing is that I’ll be reviewing it from a movie fan perspective not a book one since I admit I never read this awesome trilogy but I’ll be reading the three books because I have them on my TBR list for 2016. I’ll be commenting about my most hated main characters, my favorite world building process, and the most developed heroine that I’ve read about. And much more. But going back to the main purpose of this post, I’ll tell you my opinion and a short summary of the short stories I’ve been reading during this hard as hell week.

First, was the short story named Pale Kings and Princes, by Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman.

images (4)

It starts as always with our adorkable Simon being present on one of the classes but this time is not Catarina’s class but a dick Shadowhunter whose name I can’t recall at all. But he was a freaking moron, that deserves to die in a horrendous way unnamed (45)filled with torture and cuts. The thing is that this person introduces sweet Helen Blackthorn and practically forces her to talk shit about the faeries, her mother, and her mere existence just to summit his case that faeries are dangerous and not to be trusted, not only the Seelie Queen but the entire race of those kind. Forcing her to reveal an ancient history made up by the Clave to hide a tragic love story, that once upon a time not far from these years two Shadowhunters got lost into the Seelie court, one brother was the slave of the lady Narissa made to believe by her that they were in love, and the other was treated like an actual slave by the lady’s sister suffering tortures. Somehow the brothers manage to scape regaining their sense and freedom, the youngest one flee away and the eldest stayed and got himself a family starting with a marriage and then two babies left by their faery mother to be raised by their father.

This was obviously her and Mark’s story. And Simon feels so unnamed (46)unnamed (47)repulsed by everyone who only listens and doesn’t defend her, that he goes to talk to Helen and is revealed to her that the only clause for her to get married with Aline on Idris was if she told that ugly truth of her origins, then she kind of sets off a date to Isabelle and him which turns out pretty good after some bad times suggested by Jace on the weapons store. They disagree on the aptitude Shadowhunters are taking upon the faes, but they decide to go together to Helen and Aline’s wedding. And when he returns to Helen’s house to thank her for her help, she finds her about to leave in tears while he tries to comfort her, she says that not even her father completely trusted her and maybe she shouldn’t put Aline through this hell only to marry her. Obviously, Simon doesn’t let her and acts as the voice of reason.

Then we have a small story given by an outsider’s point of view, about the real story of the lady Narissa and Andrew Blackthorn. The truth is that they fell in love and decided to live together, the chain he wear on his neck was a symbolic object like a wedding ring, and because he was sad for his brother she decided to erase all his memory of their love convincing him that she was Evil. She stayed heartbroken that not even her babies could erase the pain, so she sent them to her love as a gift just like his new life.

unnamed (4)

No need to say I cried my eyes out when poor Helen talk and when she find out about the truth of her and Mark’s origins, the actual truth. And at the same time I realized that I was discriminating fairies just like the other for what their Queen did, and I was only defending the Twins because of their Shadowhunter ancestry; but now I’ve changed my perspective since their mother was a good woman whose death was the immense love she carried for a man. So so good message to give to the future fans of Lady Midnight.

unnamed (3)unnamed (2)unnamed (1)

The second short story was Bitter of Tongue by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan.


It starts with Simon going missing (what a freaking shock, right?! Feel the sarcasm?!). Well, he does on a mission to stop faeries from trafficking their magic food on mundanes; he enters the Seelie court and is taken as a prisoner by the Hunt. So Simon, again on a cage is found by Mark Blackthorn who unnamedimmediately recognizes him and asks if he’s there to take him back to Idris, if he’s the savior the Clave send for him. When Simon refuses this, Mark (who thinks that only weeks have passed instead of a full year) becomes melancholic about his family and angry with the Clave for abandoning him but still decides to save Simon by letting people believe he’s his cousin. Izzy later appears on the same cage, going on his rescue but before leaving he tells Mark that he doesn’t have to be a faery or a Shadowhunter, and prove the others he is Mark, a good brother and man.

Then both Izzy and Simon attend Aline and Helen’s wedding which has a lot of Blackthorn children and of course Emma Castairs too. Simon sees how young Julian has become the responsible father of the family being always there for his siblings and not talkative to others just with a polite smile, so he prefers talking to Helen instead by informing her of Mark’s whereabouts and she cries feeling grateful.

unnamed (8)unnamed (12)unnamed (7)

Again so so much tears I dropped. I began crying when Mark didn’t even know about the time, or how his siblings are alone and how his sister has being treated. Then was because of how poor little Jules deals with four children on his charge, without enjoying anything, and finally when Simon tells Helen about her twin brother. So so painful, is just horrible how the Clave has broken a family to claim its strength and lawful ways; and this is the consequences we’ll see flowering on our new heroes of The Dark Artifices. Such a thrill to expect on 2016.

era162unnamed (10)unnamed (9)

The third short story I read was The Fiery Trial by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson.

images (1)

This started with an announcement made by Dean Penhallow, that Julie and Beatriz would become parabatai after becoming official Shadowhunters so Simon starts actually considering even unnamed (16)more Clary to be that for him. Next he’s taken by Jem Castairs, Magnus Bane and Catarina to her chambers to meet Clary, there both are asked to drink a cup of tea. Which makes them hallucinate into their old lives and former battlesunnamed (17) while trying to safe the other from death as their soul would just drown. After that, they wake up and are told they drank water from Lake Lynn (FTW?!), and that this was a test to see if they could pass the water trial to become parabatai since Simon never aged on his vampire times so he still has some little time to ascend and become parabatai with Clary to their excitement.

Then we attend the Fiery trial of Julian Blackthorn and Emma Castairs to become parabatai themselves at such a young age, while Simon and Clary act as their witnesses. But he only sees happiness and commitment on Emma’s side but something very odd on Julian’s view of her; which makes him remember about how he used to love Clary like he just adored her. After the ceremony, he shares this with her and reminds her they shall always be together but in the right way.

unnamed (15)unnamed (14)

Omfg! Jules is totally in love with Emma, his Emma. I mean Polandbananasbooks from YouTube was so right, they both are gonna be so damn sorry that they became parabatai in the Dark Artifices. This sums up the angst on the books (I’m gonna ship the crap out of these two), and I loved the whole  camaraderie between Clary and Simon! So so, so lovely!

unnamed (18)unnamed (19)unnamed (20)unnamed (21)unnamed (22)unnamed (24)unnamed (25)unnamed (26)unnamed (27)

The fourth short story was Born to Endless Night by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan.


Here we encounter two main POVs, Magnus and Simon’s. First, Simon and his friends find a blue baby in front of the Academy with a little paper quoting “who could love him?” so immediately they take care of him, specially silly George Lovelace for the time Simon spends trying to find Magnus and he awkwardly cockblocks him and Alec on bed, but anyways gets to take the warlock to the blue baby. Magnus obviously sees the baby is unnamed (29)also a warlock abandoned like he one was, and decides to stay with him while Alec carries him as his own. But has second thoughts not being able to concentrate on this decisions being made without consulting him, specially since the whole Lightwood family including Jace and Clary have arrived to take care of the baby and make their room baby proved, besides choosing names. Then Simon decides to talk to Alec about why he always looks at him weird and that he hates him, but Alec’s response is the most shocking since the Shadowhunter tells him that he is in debt with Simon since he risked everything for his sister and his beloved when they went to Edom, and that in fact he was greatful and would kick Jace’s ass for telling lies to him.

Poor Magnus sees Catarina for a while and she lets him read a letter that was meant for Ragnor Fell and was written by Rafael Santiago; he begins feeling melancholic and thinks about how the inmortals like his friend where true warriors living with pain but enjoying every drop of happiness they could get from life. Deciding to keep the baby and naming him Max Lightwood.

unnamed (28)unnamed

Tears of joy and a little melancholy, but mostly of excitement because this blueberry as Magnus calls him, will be the most loved warlock, since Magnus himself. Even by Robert! Who woudk have though he had a soft side after all? Such a Malec episode, and this is the first time I actually feel emotionally connected to this ship which makes it even more adorable. ♥

unnamed (30)unnamed (31)unnamed (32)unnamed (33)

Finally, I got the fifth book being a sequel named Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren.

images (2)

unnamed (34)Here we find our lovely party girl Harlow Vega dealing with the breaking news that her mother has breast cancer and her former husband/one-drunken-night-stand-in-Vegas is back and is staying at Oliver’s in San Diego, who she obviously wants to avoid since he pretty much treated her like a call girl when after having amazing sex he called her cab immediately to leave. He’s obviously hot for her, and just hot but an asshole, Finn also is dealing with unnamed (39)some family drama ’cause his family fishing business is falling apart and his options go against his own dignity being forced to be in a reality show that he doesn’t like. It seems unlikely that these two firebombs could figure things out, while managing to have a no strings attached relationship when strings are attaching no matter how much they try to avoid it, from that to becoming friends and finally each other loved ones. Who’ll learn that a relationship comes with trust, and let in the people you’re with besides giving up a bit on your stubbornness to be happy cuddling with your passionate Canadian new reality star.

I loved it from moment one I started reading, much much sex on this, the kinky type with lots of rope! Besides this being the love journey of these two with the extra roles that their friends a family got, and how maybe two hot heads can get an agreement on their relationship progressing with time and civilized fights.

unnamed (42)unnamed (40)unnamed (41)unnamed (43)unnamed (44)


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