Week #39 of Reading Like A Maniac

Well, this is obviously the last week I’ll be posting about my 2015 TBR. But as you may know I’ll give you my review on Mockingjay Part 2 next week and I’ll also post tomorrow my top five on Music that suits perfectly with Books.

Moving forward with my opinion on the only short story that was left for me to finish with this year’s TBR list. And it’s the Spanish translation of Angels Twice Descending by Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman.


First, we take off with Simon feeling insecure about the Ascension, and his fear of dying in the process besides not being able to see his family again if he succeeds. But his fears are reduced by Clary, who takes him unnamed (3)to see his mom and sister Rebecca for one last time to enjoy his last night as a mundane with human casualities like his favorite food and a little chat about his mom’s guilt that she’s starting to remember about how she betrayed him when he became a vampire. But the pain strikes him when he encounters himself right in front of his old apartment, the one he shared with his guardian/friend Jordan Kyle and starts wondering about how much could the pain go through himunnamed (2) when he recovers his memories, all the deaths the surrounded him. When Isabelle suddenly approaches him and takes him to Alec and Magnus’ apartment to put him away from bad memories, Simon sees how their couple inn has turned into a baby proved family house. They open their hearts to each other claiming Issy as a sexy nerd and Simon as a warrior with a dashing sense of humor, both kiss and surrender to their passion on Alec’s couch (classic Issy move, right there LOL).

unnamed (6)unnamed (5)unnamed (8)unnamed (7)

When the Ascension day comes, Simon is still a bit scared (with unnamed (1)a sewn smile on his face of no virgin anymore) but is now certain that as Isabelle told him, he’s not a coward but really brave to show how he feels uncertainty. He sees how each one of the mundanes turn into Shadowhunters without issues, and when his turn is up he drinks from the Mortal Cup in front of his new family (Issy, Clary, Jace, Alec, Magnus and baby Max aka ‘blueberry’) starting to ascend that to Angel Raziel as well as recovering his memories of Raphael’s death and affect on his life, being locked down by Maureen, his Endless friendship with Clary, his passionate love with Isabelle, his hate/love deal with Jace, his sacrifice and his life in the supernatural world. He becomes Simon Shadowhunter (temporarily), but things don’t end up like that because George’s time to drink from the cup has come unnamed (4)and things don’t go right when he dies torturously in front of Simon whose himself unable to do anything. Time flies, and passes when Simon goes to visit his tomb with Issy and Clary seeing a ghost of his ‘brother’ holding hands with Jessamine like giving a proper goodbye to his buddy letting him know that he’s OK and well taken care of; Simon knows it now, he’ll be known as Simon Lovelace.

unnamed (11)unnamed (10)I blame Tumblr for spoiling the whole Simon’s name in the end. But I kinda knew who was going to dies after months and months of reading about authors murdering favorite characters with charming and sweet personalities in unexpected scenes, so when the synopsis came out my money was on innocent George Lovelace. And I was right! Though it didn’t stop hurting as always, I didn’t cry but I felt bad for Simon now having those painful deaths on his soul again and one more with his dead ‘brother from another mother’. But feeling hopeful he’s being trained by Jace and the Lightwood besides, preparing to his parabatai ceremony with Clary. I somehow know that he’s fine, that he’ll always be Simon Lewis for me, and his soul still is a mundane piece of jewelry in a bag filled with deathly weapons. He’s still our mundane connection. ♥


PS: my heart flourish when Simon thanked Clary for driving him into the supernatural world. #ParabataiGoals

PS of the PS: I need the Shadowhunters TV show now, and Lady Midnight too. Like right now!

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