Week #40 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi, y’all! Happy New Year, and Merry Christmas! So I’m starting 2016 with a new Goodreads challenge of at least 117 books to read, and now I’ll introduce you to my first eight. Which I started reading two Fridays ago, but going to other news I’ll be posting now on Saturdays like today, until he middle of March since there’s where I start University again.

Anyways, let’s begin with my honest fangirling reviews. The first 3 books I read belonged to an awesome trilogy, I always heard about but never actually understand what it was about ’till last year I decided to put this on my TBR list. So here it goes, I’m talking about The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (composed by The Darkest MInds, Never Fade and In The Afterlight).

One might think this is another dystopian world, but it isn’t. It sets off right on normal modern day but a plague explodes killing children for no apparent reason, and the ones who survive this decease develop powerful faculties so are sent into sort of concentration camps to deal with them and “try to find a cure”, but actually the government just locks them in separate them into different colors from the most dangerous to the least like the Reds (fire control), the Oranges (mind control), the Yellows (electricity control), the Blues (telekinesis), and the Greens (photographic memory, and unnamed (5)heightened intelligence). Children are taken away and force to work, treated worst than animals with no hope; that’s the life that our main character Ruby has experienced since the early age of ten when she was caught by the government forces (I seriously cannot remember the name of the organization), she has been categorized as a Green but she’s actually a frightened sixteen year old Orange. She is scared of what her powers do to others, like her parents who forgot about her existence just like her bff Sam by only a single touch of her, not knowing how to stop it. She’s shy and still the little girl who was captured and traumatized until a woman named Cate rescues her in the name of another organization destined to protect the children and destroy the ruling government (I cannot remember that name neither, was it the Children’s League?) to keep them from ruining the country even more with starvation, crime and desperation on its people. Ruby thinks she is safe but runs away from her ‘saviors’ when she sees they might not be guardian angels, sounnamed (2)
she finds new company on a group of renegades composed by Liam (cute Blue) who orchestrated an escape of his camp and who always wants to trust others but protect his new founded family, Chubs (nerdy Green) unnamed (4)who in early stages can’t bring himself to trust Ruby and suspects of everyone to take care of their safety, whose parents protected him until he was finally captured, besides he knows a bit about medicine and is super smart; and in the end there’s little Zu (mute Yellow little one) who suffered first hand that her parents abandoned her to the authorities and decline talking due to fear and habit after living
unnamed (34)on the camps, such a sweety fastest than any other kid. They have a hard time accepting her into the gang, but eventually give in recognizing her as their friend no matter her dangerous color; together they try to find a runaway known as the Slip Kid to find their families and return to normality, only to find that he’s the son of the wicked president named Clancy and is also a psychotic control freak Orange living with other kids under his passive control.

While Ruby grows as a strong female lead, she also learns to love Liam and her other friends, as well as accepting herself for who she really is. And refuses to be just another pawn in the government’s game they started, and she ends it wining with her fellow powerful mates, friends, allies and even an enemy. She gets to be free from any other control, as well as from her own fears.

Here we have a great storyline with rich characters who you just can’t help but to love and get used to, like Vida (introduced in the second book), she started as a bad aptitude little risk taking bitch who hated Ruby and all she represented; but ends up being this bad aptitude little risk taking bitch who loves Ruby and her crew; she was so annoying and unnamed (38)now I came to love her uniqueness and sarcastic mood for everything, leaving her shell aside to just a few to watch her inside soft side. tumblr_mb978lazD81qfng7yo3_250.gifAnother example, but this time of obvious types could be Cole and Cate. Nobody trust them first but then we did because of their little secrets going on however I personally couldn’t understand them and saw no real development, that was unmade on porpoise to give them like a cliffhanger on their personalities and goals. Just like with their back story, of one we saw but the other no one
knows crap of. While other characters were adorable and sweet, like late Jude who I fell in love with for his innocence and desperation to see the good in other and his energy to trust that people can have mercy; his naively inner strength and his growth from being afraid to risking it all for the success of those he loves. It happened the same to me with little Zu, moments with this characters drove me to tears and cursing a lot to the author.

unnamed (91)

unnamed (24).gif

This was an emotional rollercoaster from book one, the scenes where perfectly made and the love was smooth between all characters. Well done, and that’s why I ultimately recommend this to anyone who wants to fall for real characters and live in a powerful universe.

The fourth book I read was the new adult novel Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren.


Here we are introduced to a character us readers of the vunnamed (70) Beautiful Bastard series knew already, his name is Niall and he’s the younger brother of Max Stella. He just recently divorced from his wife, has trust issues and trouble with finding true love since his life was driven by his technically arranged marriage to the first girl he kissed and slept with who prefer rather do her life unnamed (69)alone without him in the picture. He is inexperienced in all matters concerning to romantic love or even just sex but is a Mr smarty pants when it comes to his job, where he meets breathtaking beautiful Ruby (yeah, I know, another one), she’s a flirty really outgoing young woman doing and internship on the company he works in and has been having a crush for him since she set her eyes on his ass. Anyways, he never really noticed her and from a moment to other they both fly together to New York on business getting to know each other pretty well, from simple things like adorable talks or dinners until this relationship goes to a whole another level when their sexual tension absorbs them both. She risks her heart, future and life as he risks his heart on a Russian roulette having trouble admitting what he feels and making mistake after another dangering what he wants the most: her.

This wasn’t as made from heaven as the other ones (reason why I gave it only four stars on Goodreads), but only because I couldn’t stand Niall, I mean first he was an innocent frightened to make a simple move then he’s a sexual maniac to a point where is so hard to read him or to give him any redeeming quality, while Ruby is so my type of girl. She’s fun, outgoing, fresh and understanding towards others; her head is not up to her ass like Mr Stella and she makes reading her POVs a pleasure to LOL so loud and sometimes cry. These two were so different and that made them a perfect match for each other, besides you know… Ruby linking the whole Wild Seasons to Beautiful Bastard in a lone universe.

unnamed (73)unnamed (77)unnamed (78)

PS: the sex scenes were to die for! ♥

Then I read a book I had being waiting for a long time in my navie language, Spanish. But I ended up finding it on Wattpad embarrassing but true. I’m talking about the action love triangled Endgame by C. J. Daugherty.

images (3)

We immediately set off with Allie crying desperate in a car driven byunnamed (57) security agents to arrive Cimmeria, over the kidnapping of Carther. They are chased and tormented, until they finally arrive the school and she looks for answers to whoever ordered that Carther should be left to be taken by Nathaniel forces after Lucinda’s murder. She doesn’t want to see anybody and suffers alone until she begins to try finding him by tracking Nathaniel’s men communications, she finds a weak link and listens to Carther’s voice. She discovers many other things, likeunnamed (67) Nathaniel’s suffering after Lucinda’s passing as well as that the bullet that Gabe shoot wasn’t supposed to be in her but for his own boss. Anyways, Allie tries to use the weak link named N°6 to help her rescue Carther from the dungeon that the N bitch has captured him; but she’s hurt (from bitch Gabe’s attack before she killed him by throwing him off the roof) so she’ll only watch the rescue take place. When they finally reunited with him, newly rich Allie and her allies present the idea of constructing a new organization named Aurora to defeat N’s rule over the world. It’s a clear future, and we win!

It was short in comparison to the others, but I liked it anyways. Thingsunnamed (60) I love were no few but a lot, like Katie’s growth to become a passionate strong kick-ass lady with no time for nobody’s crap. Telling Allie the truth right in her face, also being a really good advisor and trustworthy friend. Then is the whole Nicole-Rachel deal finally explained to Allie, as I tumblr_nlu3b0VJAb1t1d9iho8_r1_250unnamed (59)previously suspected: they were in a relationship, and Allie was the only one didn’t noticed it which was pretty funny; I literally was LoLing all over the place. Even Katie ship them, and our main heroine was so up to her own little love triangle issues that she didn’t see her friend scared of loosing her over her new French love interest.
Finally, we had the whole triangle work out, she sets herself free from Slytherin (✖) by telling him about her having sex with Carther (I was shocked cause I only remembered they kissed and that was it, but then a fangirled) and loving him more. So Slytherin fucks off, hurray! And we get my ship sailing as a freaking comet over seas. ♥

unnamed (65)unnamed (66)

The sixth one was the dirty new adult, Filthy Beautiful Love by Kendall Ryan.


We start like two or one month after what happened at the end of the unnamed (81)previous book. Sophie has paid her sister’s treatment and now both of them are in a short trip in Rome, while she tries to forget Colton and what he did to her with his wife entering when she was about to give up her V card. But her holidays are soon over when he appears to her claiming his innocence, and reveals the separation from the money hungryunnamed (80).gif wife. She (after a while) accepts this and still wants to be around him, be his and him hers so they give into their Darkest passions in the area of trust and sex. While life reveals some things like the fact that Martha (his assistant) had a thing for him, and that he already signed the divorce papers. But we also get a sad new to Sophie, her sister dies leaving her a friendly advice which she takes.

The great message is living life to the fullest and not just survive but to live, experienced its wonders and discover the awesomeness of just seeing the sun step up in the beach. To leave fears by risking herself more, jumping into love like never before. It ended up being a so so story, with an emotive message. But there were things I just couldn’t stand like her need to be with him on any stage, and how she does nothing in the house or outside until he returns home; it’s almost like a wife from the fifties with lots of sex.

miranda-kerr_1434617804unnamed (84)

The seventh was a book I was anticipating for a long time, because believe it or not. I had never read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I had read the others but never the first.


unnamed (89)We are submerged into Bella Swan, a seventeen year old normal girl who by growing up with her mother just can’t stand her father neither the place he lives in but goes living with him to set mommy free for a while. There she meets some friendly  munnamed (91) people, but spends almost nothing of time with her dad over his job. Until she meets gorgeous but just annoying Edward Cullen, a guy who doesn’t seem to like her very much but still kinda flirts with her on every moment. He saved her from death twice, when she starts to develop feelings and worries for him and ends up discovering he’s in fact a really old vampire.

Well, that’s only to sum up the synopsis. But thanks to read this book, I found out that Edward wasn’t just this Prince charming who sparkled but an actual flirty character without being overprotective but actually being casual and fun loving. Just like Bella, being not weak and the damsel in distress but actually stacking those who would wrong her, finding ways to scape and present herself as calculating and a gifted actress with a smooth sense of humor. Beginning to read this was a pleasure, even though I imagined I wouldn’t like it since I has being a long time since I read one of these books or even saw the movies; but I fell in love once again.

Finally there’s the action packed sweetheart that is Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins.


We are presented to Harper Price, teenage owner of every unnamed (17)unnamed (100)counsel or order in her high school. She’s the IT girl, and rules the school against her archenemy David, The newspaper guy who tries ruin her reputation of president to all. She’s a normal Queen Bee until prom night inside the girl’s bathroom, three things happen that change her life forever: the janitor bleeding kisses her before he dies, her history teacher tries to kill her, and she ends up killing him with some new powerful strength she has gain, with her heel. She now discovered she has become a Paladin, living to protect the male Oracle born in her tumblr_m8lptyftk31runprdunnamedgeneration who is …David! The guy she can’t stand, whom she has a constant battle so she has to put aside her old life with difficulty including her elitist bffs and her nursery boyfriend Ryan to include herself in the duo with David’s fake aunt Mrs Saylor a magician destined to kill him who swore to take car of him since she took him under her wing when he was a baby. Things get messy when a Blythe girl enters in their new normality to try an spell in David, that could kill him or drive him insane or just give him a lot of power; in the end Harper is able to protect him not only because she’s meant to but because she realised she loves him. Unfortunately, that’s not the case of Mrs Saylor who in her last act kisses Ryan giving him her power and knowledge, to make him the missing piece in this thresome of power to now try rescuing Harper’s bff Bee, who has been taken and made a Paladin by bitch Blythe.

This was good, I almost forgot that Rachel Hawkins’ books aren’t supposed to be totally extreme but this was decent for her stages. I’m willing to read the next one whenever she decides to unveil it, and I fangirled so much with the Harper David first kiss! ♥


PS: I hated Mary Beth, that little red head moron.! ✖


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