Week #41 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hello, hola, and I don’t know other languages to greet you with. I’m here again to review books I read this week, I realized I should have read some of them in the minute they were out in the market but I was a childish mess who wasn’t interested at the moment, a shame. But now I did it and I couldn’t feel better or somehow more proud.

Let’s begin with the close up to a trilogy I had waited to read for a long time, but i refused because it wasn’t on my native language. Anyways i couldn’t wait more, so on Monday I started reading A Radiand Sky by Jocelyn Davies.


I hadn’t read this in like two years so don’t be mean if I forget some of unnamed (6)the important matters of previous books. Ok, so we start right from Skye’s decision of no aligned herself to no cause but her own, she chooses to fight for humanity’s choice instead of the angel’s command and to stop rebels from bursting it into chaos. She painfully decides to leave Asher and Devin, while she allies herself with friends and former enemies while discovering what her parents try to do before dying. She plans to reunite the first rogues who knew about their own existence, which includes her aunt Jo, the previous’ old flame (who’s name I cannot recall, was he Aaron?), and a friend of them who ends up being the other guy’s dad (I seriously can’t remember any other names! Well, the guy was Ian but the dad? No clue, right now). But she has to find one more person to balance this soon war between the 3 forces to save the world. As everyone would figure out they win, on a perfect climax filled with anticlimactic deaths.

unnamed (10)

Now let’s talk about characters: first we got Skye maturing slowly, she starts to take matters in her own hands with her amazing platinum unnamed (1)unnamed (3)wings to rule her life and be a hero. While having some boyfriend issues and deciding who she is in this relationship, she wants to be the damsel in distress but thanks to advices out loud (thanks aunt Jo) she decides to be the knight in hot silver armor (TO reference. ♥) and save her love, she grows up and grows a pair to rescue her love from himself, as she learns to trust those around her. Then there are new personalities like Raven, who was an insufferable bitch but now that we know who she truly is like, I kinda understand her being so brokenhearted over Devin’s rejection. She brings this amazing question to many people underaged who reads, ‘how can you still love someone who wrong you so much?’. I mean I loved her whole reunion with Devin but still, how can you do it?! She grows to be a fav character with some extremely depth, that’s just experimenting with emotions and humanity for the first time. Finally I’d like to talk about Devin, since he was my bo and now he’s so gone. If I had read the 3 books on a roe I would have cried out of pain but I couldn’t but to feel sad, and sorta meh.

PS: I still ship Skye and Asher, cause that reunion was epic! ♥

Ok, so the second I read were the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, composed by the previous’ name, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

Almost everyone who speaks the English and Spanish language knows what this is so I won’t talk much about the plot but about the characters, because their own perfections and defections was what made the book soft, against the pain and torture of enjoying the amazing plotline which I also loved.

unnamed (13)First we have Katniss Everdeen, named like that over the plant. She grows from a stubborn, hateful and resentful child to a broken hero; she was not my favorite main character but even I had to admit she had some balls. Within her redeeming qualities were her honorable ways to respect the memory of a dead person, and her loyalty towards the ones she loves; she’s no Princess but a strong minded annoyed and annoying human being. She was the girl on fire, not only for her whole revolutionary aspect but because she burned everyone she touched, even herself with her powerful decisions and indecisive nature. It sounds awful, but even Peeta can get that while he was under that Capitol mind control; she was still a girl who suffered when she burned others by never intended to change that, she never saw  tumblr_nx0kmhJIZf1qff77eo4_250 her own good or wrong, she was wrong about her bad qualities. She wasn’t ugly or someone to look down, she was not an example but an icon of individuality for others; because even though she was disaster she still managed to try being good and not hurt other innocents with the torture she had been in the games. That broke her, and she’ll never be fixed, but she can help others to never be broken like she is. Second, there’s Peeta the baker; he was too unnamed (15) much of a sweetheart and he was too kind for his own good with still some revolutionary in his system; as he ended up suffering for his love and admiration for a girl that didn’t deserved much of that but it was on his personality since he never got that love from his family, so he looked for it in other places desperate for an ‘I love you’. He believed that there was good in others, because that’s the world he wanted to live in as well as the future he expected to his soon children. His character was that, a kind hopeful person in love with the idea of unnamed (22)someone loving him back, as he never was. Then there’s Gale, I didn’t feel much of Gale. He was too manipulative, even more than Katniss herself; he was full of anger and hate and resentment towards the fact he had to work his ass off to help his family and never thought of the rights of others more than the ones of him. He became what the Capitol was, hateful towards the rest under them; he never saw people but beasts he needed to end and he finished an innocent in the process, ending what he wanted the most: Katniss, he wasn’t in love but was obssesed with the peaceful moments they shared and the past of her, like she could immediately get his hate and transform it into something seemed like unnamed (16)unnamed (14)good. He wasn’t a bad person, just a hurt one with scars he never could forget, or heal. Fourth, I’d like to talk about Effie and Haymitch into one big ass plot, they were so different ’cause they found out things they never intended for example: about the love they would carry for these tributes and the hope of a family (Haymitch) thought to be forgotten forever, with the stayed memories of nightmares come to life. As well, as the knowledge of the injustice and hate of what they thought was safe and good (Effie) because they saw and live that into their skin; they understood how their evanescent joy could be transformed into a mythical fear. Both changed, for the good of knowledge and hope, things they never had and thanks to unnamed (24)unnamed (23) the children of 12 now they know. Finally, I picked two characters again: this time being Finnick and Johanna, so different but still hurt by the Capitol’s forces. Both winners of an even more painful destiny; but it with an urging difference. Finnick had Annie, a danger but a happiness to await for him right at home charmed not only by his looks or false technics but also she had fallen for the hurt boy who cherished her as a deity with love, and tenderness understating her motives. She understood his bad and good side, the real Finnick Odair who wasn’t a sure cube but a lovesick bird whose wings had been cut but whose feathers were starting to grow. While Johanna, was utterly alone damaged and punished for surviving and playing their game; she talked like others wanted but never dared, she wasn’t afraid but slight and a constant reminder that you cannot shot down a flame without it becoming bigger and far more hot that ever. And that sometimes, we do not learn from the mistakes of others but consent to do them all over again, which is is truly definition of crazy.

PS: I tried to be honest to what I felt about them in a more psychological level.

unnamed (26)

After that, I read the contemporary lovely mess that was A Match Made in High School by Kristin Walker.


Here we are introduced to a new concept on a southern school. Since the principal found her husband running away with the young nanny, she decides that her students should learn how to keep a marriage going she plant a new method involving them marrying each other (Faking it, unnamed (30)obviously) and try to earn money, handling issues and drama. It’s unfair but people are ready to do it to pass and graduate, until smarty pants Fiona gets together with her nemesis’ man candy. She wanted to be with her longtime crush, Gabbe since she was a kid and now she’s left with a unnamed (33)unnamed (32) moron idiotic dumbass named Todd, who not only dislikes her but torments her during their time as a fake couple. While her nemesis, Amanda gets to be married of with Gabbe as a prove that destiny doesn’t like Fiona, very much. On the other side, her bff from a unnamed (31)unnamed (34)long time named Marcie gets together with shy mysterious Johnny. As Fiona deals with the not so charming idiot with jokes, insults and teenage fury; she gets to know things she wishes had never happened only to figure out that maybe she shouldn’t wait for Mr Darcy but find her own way before loosing it for good.

About the book… We’re are dealing with secrecy moments were I knew it all, I mean the whole thing with Gabbe and Marcie being a thing. I was suspicious and it was a heartbreak to know how true it was, because she was her friend and people shouldn’t do that to friends.Period! That’s like so wrong. Because friends are more valuable that dicks, ok. Guys can pass but friends stay forever, they should know the freaking rule, damn! tumblr_mhg23gwnZE1r23joco3_250unnamed (40)Between other things, there’s also the fact that you don’t understand who Fiona is going to be with because all the marks pointed at Todd but then you see he’s so in love with not so bitchy Amanda, so you’re left with cool Johnny and in the beginning I wasn’t feeling it at all, but when go into retrospective I could see that he was a sweetheart and so badass, and he was the only one who never thought wrong about Fiona. And yes, she did frienzoned him but she admit that mistake, (thankfully) on time to see how her feelings had changed. It was entertaining, and I laugh my ass off, so you should check it out.

unnamed (52).gif

PS: God! I hated Gabbe! ✖ let’s kill the drunk bastard!

Finally, we have the Spanish wattpad fanfiction adaptation named Bat Kisses (Besos de Murcielago) by Silvia Hervás.

images (2)

Let me start by saying I didn’t know it was a fanfiction of Harry Styles when I started reading this, but I considered it to be a low maintenance little book by a new affordable author. I was wrong. This tells us the story tumblr_m7ue5hKluy1qg4sh9o5_250 of two people who hate each other but find a way leading them to happiness, sort of. First, there’s Kelsey. A seventeen year old American girl (we are never told exactly what part she lives in, not even the state), who is not feminine at all but who parties a lot thanks to her lying stoner brother Marcus. She likes the was she is and is independentin her own right, but things heat up for her when her parents accept bringing an exchange student from unnamed (44) London. His name is James, he’s a germofob snobbish idiot who never wanted to move from his continent to the new one. He can’t help but to hate Kelsey for her alarming ways, and she cannot help but to try killing him in every opportunity she gets. They are like a dog and a cat locked in a house with no food, hating each other to the core with insults and slow burning tensions that they would obviously denied, until they kiss and things get messy.

I admit that when I heard it was a wattpad adaptation, I understand how poorly written it was. But I gave it a go for its content, and I ended up liking it. Cause the plotline was predictable but decent, I wasn’t fully bored or scandalised by it’s origins. I like how their characters were connected to surprise the receptor, because they start off like an innocent and a rebel but then there’s a rebel and an innocent changing places when it comes to personas. I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads, but it’s only on Spanish so don’t you dare using the Google translator and try learning some.

unnamed (51)unnamed (50)

PS: I never thought I would ever read a Harry Styles fanfiction from wattpad.


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