Week #42 of Reading Like A Maniac

HELLO! Greetings to anyone who’s reading this. Well, this week I did read like a maniac since I was expecting to go out and sign up for a new computer course to entertain myself on my holidays but it didn’t succeed so I was rushing all up, including my reading so I think I managed to finish like eight of seven books, which is pretty impressive considering the majority of these ones had more that 250 pages. So cheers for me!

The first book I read (I actually started this one last Saturday, blame on me!) was the new adult erotic first one in a trilogy named The Wild Side by R. K. Lilley.

images (3)

Here we are introduced to Alasdair (nicknamed Dair), he’s a just unnameddivorced author in his forties with no much to do except going to the gym and suffer for his loneliness, and how much his former marriage has ruined him and his expectations. I mean the gold digger wife cheat on him with the pool guy or some dude way younger than her, and he caught them in the act waiting weeks to divorce her; besides the bitch taking away half his money for not signing a prenuptial agreement. So Dair is just miserable until he pays attention unnamed (2)to a much younger woman going to his same gym, she’s way younger for him and seems almost illegal to be with but doesn’t stop Iris from flirting with him until she has him with a collar around his neck. She’s quite secretive and doesn’t want to share much of her with him, while he almost reveals his whole history life to an stranger he just met days ago. She drives him mad of lust, fun and desperation to know who Iris really is; but definitely doesn’t know how to adapt this new person in his famous author life without people looking him down for this scandalous relationship in his life. He comes to realise that he in fact has come to love this fun loving and mysterious young woman, but he came to late since she’s on the run again after deciding he was just another stop not worthy of her wild love.

unnamed (8)

No need to say this relationship was intense from their first encounter. Here we have Dair who obviously sees this as so wrong and embarrassing for a man his age, but cannot give up on this wild connection they share; anyways his prejudice gets in the middle of a progressing affair and it’s gone when he actually decides to stay without pre assumptions made. While in the other hand there’s exuberant andunnamed (4) passionate Iris, who understands his starts and has mystery question mark all upon her body; we only know she’s immature but quite a rebel like the teenager she refuses to admit she maybe is. They complement each other so well, but the secrets and former lifestyles get in the middle of their growing path. No need to say that I enjoyed it a lot, from its sexy amazing moments to the whole Iris identity deal, and I assure you that I’ll read this ’till I understand her character and background.

The second one I read was the contemporary laughable novel named Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie (aka Kaitkyn Davis).


This one tells us the wicked adventures of unfortunately awkward new unnamed (10)journalist named Skylar Quinn, she’s in her twentieths and has being writing the book reviews for a claimed newspaper for an internship and now has recently become the new Style section member in a part she never thought she could ever succeed which is writing the Sex Column since well… She’s still a virgin! This is a total mess for our poor heroine who has only been in one relationship with a religious jackass in college who ended up cheating on her, and since then she has develop a great social anxiety and issues with getting social around guys and sometimes even girls. And when she goes telling this horror to her bff/roommate/art graduate Bridget, she not only confesses her virginunnamed (15) status but embarrass herself to Bridget’s big brother named Olliver (aka Ollie), whom not only adores to joke about Skylar but has also been her crush since high school. But thanks to a drunk episode in her senior year, she declined been around him in any way out of anger and sorrow, (✴Spoiler✴ He totally turned her down after a steamy make out session) so when she finds out he’s their new roommate, her life just gets more awkward. Besides, she now has to find sexual adventures to post that she’s afraid to have, but Bridged has her back by almost forcing her to go out on dates. Two succeed, number 3 let’s just say that the app Ollie suggested wasn’t just for a get to know date. So date #1 is an older sweet man working alongside Ollie, but Skylar just thinks he’s too old so she starts going out with guy #2 who’s not only super cool and down to Earth but also the brother of one of her snobbish coworkers. He’s the safe card against the risky mess named Ollie, but things are not going easy for her when their tension begins to show up and she cannot deny her feelings anymore just like him with her. ♥

Seriously, reading this was like watching a TV show were my ship just didn’t collaborate with me in the kissing department; I mean it was so obvious that what they felt wasn’t a normal getting well friendship but a sexual tension meant to be relationship. He just couldn’t admit his feelings on the right time, (mostly because her talking more than twenty words per second) and she was so invested in her finding a boyfriend to avoid her heart being broken again by the same blue eyed chef. I only can label this by claiming it to be one of those New Moon syndrome where the couple does not communicate (quoting YouTube’s polandbananasbooks), they felt it all but never took the time to sit and chat it up. Until they finally did and now Skylar will finally write about her own sex life, but shit gets messy when in the last scene her former boyfriend who I gladly nicknamed as Heretic Johnny appears in her apartment’s door the morning after her first time with Ollie. I mean that was a clean cut cliffhanger that I wanna fulfil right now, ’cause I seriously need to know!

PS: I declare that Ollie has become part of the group of my Fictional Boyfriends.

The next books I read are part of the Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh, which are the first five books named: Slave to Sensation, Visions of Heat, Caressed by Ice, Mine to Possess, and Hostage to Pleasure.

images (1)images (2)unnamedimages (4)images (5)

So to write this down I’ll talk shortly about the main couples in each book and how the relationship worked out for me, ’cause I’ll be writing a GRRM book if I actually post my extended reviews on these ones. But first I’d like to explain the world building here, we have two main species in this futuristic alternative universe: first the psys (powerful emotionless human like beings controlling much of the commercial world with their mind powers, but with a freaky Counsel trying to take charge of their lives by this process to shot down emotions forever or the rehabilitation to drive them insane to the point of being mind comatose), then there are the changelings (these could be any animal/human shapeshifter living in packs under the tutelage of two main packs: the wild cats Dark Rivers, and the wolves Snow Dancers).

unnamed (19)

unnamed (21)From StS, we have Sascha Duncan aa secretive cardinal psy whose mother is in the main Counsel and has always been expecting her to become powerful for their family name. She’s not a normal psy because she can feel but tries to erased it afraid of the rehab her mother could put her in; but her life turns upside down when she meets changeling wild cat Lucas. He’s the alpha of the Dark Rivers and finds her immediately intoxicating and gorgeous, with the exception of her being a psy. Cause a psy just like her has been kidnapping and murdering female pack members, and now has take an user of the Snow Dancers when they have made an alliance with each other. But even when they don’t want it, their tension and intense feelings for each other drive them closer and closer until they cannot fight it anymore giving up to love and lust.

I’d like to add that I just didn’t like Sascha much, ’cause I just couldn’t relate to her anxiety about showing her emotions and her whole storyline was like a meh. And I understand Lucas was charming and stuff, but wasn’t enough to make me love him or feel compelled but their relationship. But I like it anyways, it made me feel intrigued.

unnamed (25)

In VoH, there’s Faith NightStar. A powerful psy-f who can see the futureunnamed (27)unnamed (26) and has been kept in a cage in the form of an apartment for her powers. Never having gone out before, only seeing her father and late sister every now and then but has never see or experience anything for herself. Except that now she’s having some frightening visions about how her sister got killed, when she was supposed to only see corporate probabilities. So she’s up to ask for answers from the only psy who run away successfully (Sascha) and gets caught by Vaughn. A hard core changeling who belongs to the centinels of the Dark Rivers, with a tormented past involving his estranged family and the tragedy that stroke him forever. But they both develop feelings between force and innocence, which makes the relationship pass on the level of risk their lives are into.

The relationship was way better, it was an insta-love but at the same time it didn’t felt like one because he was so into forcing her to face reality and her mental issues; and she was so into getting away from her feelings and come closer to her childhood trust. And I think that both learnt to let go the past and start a new future, that like Faith always says it’s not written in stone. Cutesy, cutesy!

unnamed (35)unnamed (34)In CbI, there’s a much fun loving stuff. We are introduced to Snow Dancer’s very own Breena Kincaid, the last victim of late psycho Henry. She since then has been scared and dealing with the trauma she went through by trying to erase what happened from her mind, and spending some sweet quality times with psy renegade Judd Lauren. She’s stubborn so doesn’t accept no neglect or rejection from him, and goes all the way to get him to admit his true feeling for her. While Judd actually doesn’t give in ’cause he could seriously damage her if he looses control over the emotionless stuff on his mind. Obviously love succeeds and it was amazing, ’cause of them taking control of their own lives together without no one interfering.

I loved how the character of Breena was so impulsive and took nobody’s shit on her life. She was the one making the decisions, and taking control when was needed of her. While Judd completes her, he’s soft and tender with her, only with her showing her his fears and accepting the way she sees him. Which was so good! I fell over heals with this couple. ♥

Then in MtP, there’s this love story that went from childhood tumblr_nd95gm3k6B1s6bxzqo5_r1_250to adulthood. With newcomer human Talin, she’s an orphan who suffered from great abuse in her early years and now is a social worker helping children like her to find a bright future ahead; but her hopes become broken when the kids are being kidnapped and killed and now one of her own has been taken. So she goes to the only who could help her, her former best friend and saviour: Clay, a Dark River wild cat. In the past, heunnamed (40) killed her rapist and abusive foster father traumatizing her per life but he still love her despite her faking her death in order for him to stop looking for her. But he’s been connected to her in a more intimate leve and even when she has done things she regrets and makes him feel miserable, he still adores her and will do anything to protect her. They grow closer, and profess their fears and true love for each other.

This is the one I just loved from the start, ’cause I knew right from the start that it was gonna be a hard time and so angsty. Since I wanted to punch them both for not admitting themselves from the very start, but I guess they had to solve their personal issues like rescuing the kids and figuring out how to work things out. But I love how she even thought on the children she wanted to have with sweet Clay, and how he still saw the little girl who helped him in the past despite him being an animal. ♥ so so adorable!

The final one happened in HtP, here we are introduced to the psy-m !tumblr_inline_n3ods9r8bY1rooebp who helped to rescue Talin’s kids, the science freak known as Ashaya who is being coerse to create the brain chip to control all emotions of the psy or else the Counsel will hurt her son Keenan. So she’s now waiting her son to be rescued by the Dark Rivers as part of their deal; and there’s were wild cat Dorianunnamed (44)  enters in the picture. Being born unable to transform has not stopped him so he goes a rescues the kid, not knowing that by the promise he made with blood to him of protection he add little Keenan to the StarNet of the pack. He’s delighted with the four year old boy, and separates him from the psynet making his mother think he died. So she tries to kill herself, turning out in a runaway plan which takes her to the woods where the wild cats live. There she faces Dorian and while he thinks this woman is cold as ice and hates wanting her for what happened to his beloved younger sister; he gets to know that Ashaya has more love to give to her son just as much as any female of his pack, and that not only his prejudice could harm their slowly built relationship.

By now I don’t think I need to tell you that I felt it all with this. Seriously, I cried out of sweetness with Ashaya and little Keenan, her love for her child just absorbed me and I wasn’t enchanted by her nature and supported her every decision all the way through this. She’s a fierce mother and lover, and I love her as a person. Just as Dorian when he finally transformed at the end, there I lost it again! My tears were a flowing waterfall. ♥

PS: Keenan was the most sweet and cute child in the entire universe! ♥♥♥

Newsflash: Next week I’ll be reviewing the film adaptation of ‘The Fifth Wave’.


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