Week #43 of Reading Like A Maniac

THIS week has been an ok one for me. You see, my sister’s being here and I haven’t been able to go seeing The Fifth Wave film adaptation, now I’ll see it next Tuesday so I’m kinda bummed down but I still managed to read six books this week.

They all belong to a series I started reading last week, named Psy-Changeling by Nalini Singh. This one I read the following ones (since I still have like 3 books left to read and complete what’s left of it): Branded by Fire, Blaze of Memory, Bonds of Justice, Play of Passion, Kiss of Snow and Tangle of Need. So I’ll be reviews the couples for each book, it’s individual personality and development, besides what I immediately thought of them right after I finished each one.

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unnamed (2)
unnamed (1)First is BbF, here we are introduced to the Mercy & Riley power sort of hybrid couple. With Mercy there’s a lot to explore because she’s a though sentinel of the DarkRivers, being a total stubborn female taking nobody’s shit and kicking some ass if necessary. Which includes her male variate family: her badass granny, her fun loving mother, her protective but nice father and her obnoxious brothers. Now she’s on heat looking for a partner to release that wild side of her, she has many suitors including some Brazilian cats her granny send for her but Mercy has only one changeling in her mind and is quite an extravagant choice for her to make. She wants Riley (Brenna’s eldest brother), he’s all she would never want cause he’s a dominant as her trying to win her out of lust. But that’s not all of him, since he’s also an essential part of his pack because of him being so overprotective. Now they both know this relationship is more forbidden than anything, but cannot force themselves to be apart from each other’s desires and feelings because they will be tamed by it.

I like the way their relationship was addressed. But what I didn’t like was the fact she ended up giving up the power and he just accepted that which was really not right for me. ‘Cause she started  as a big kick ass woman and then she just became this tame little thing, but I’m glad that in the end they both gave up their hold onto dominance. And it was amazing, both strong and demanding towards their new relationship which also makes up the fact that now the packs are joined with other thing more than an agreement of peace.

Then there’s BoM,


that introduces us to Katya & Dev, AKA Ekaterina the PsyM who was sort tumblr_m57j2xJJQc1rnqjtuo1_500ryan-reynolds-noof friends with Ashaya, and Dev the leader/director of the half blood humans-psy group named Shine. Well, Katya has lost her memory after a horrible torturous mess she was put on by freaking Ming to make her kill Dev when the time is right, but now is slowly dying because she’s fighting against the silence and the compulsion of killing the man who until now has help her and make her feel things she never thought of. All around one man, Dev strong enough and powerful. A man who abandoned the idea of his own happiness but has now reconstructed that fantasy revolving this psy woman who drives him insane with her bravery and innocence, as he falls for her and stops questioning her intentions to not only protect her but their growing love.

I like how they both grew as characters: him now wanting to live his life with her and just loosing his mind over the idea of her being dead for ever (which for me shocked and desperate while reading), and her acting all brave in the end but starting off really shy and stubborn but still amused thanks to Dev’s quick change of aptitude. They were perfect for each other, showing them how love can fix it all.♥

unnamed (7)

PS: Love how my baby Keenan and little Noor save her, those powerful sweethearts. And I seriously was starting to believe Nalini was gonna kill her and let her die, when she had just became my new book safe space to land, so I was crying and yelling at the book. You can assume how…

After that there’s BoJ,

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thisunnamed (8)unnamed (9) addresses cop Max (the friend of Talin) and PsyJ Sophia Russo. Well, she’s had a pretty rough start in life when her parents gave her up, and she was raised by the government whose tutor torture her and her companions that only left scars all over her face and her soul. She broke the silence at such a young age, with psychopath like behavior towards those who wronged the innocent. She caught the eye of human Max who’s not only infatuated by her ways but also by the mystery she represents. He teaches her that is OK to be loved and respected, that she’s not the monster she thinks she is. But a kind hearted woman who fights for the victims, just like she once was. As he shows the world she’s been missing, he grows as a person resulting in the fact that not all psys are minions or just Evil maniacs but they can have a heart filled with love and fear for the ones they protect.

It wasn’t the best relationship, but it was OK. What I like was that it took this woman who was really hurt and vengeful and made her just really strong, and independent. Thinking for herself, and refusing to let go the things that made her happy like Max, for example. As we also got to see ar sort of compassionate side of Nikita? I’m not sure, but I got the feeling she’s a lot like Ashay somehow, maybe she just wants to protect her daughter after all with her icy heart.

unnamed (10)

Next is PoP,

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unnamed (11)unnamed (12)with Drew and Indigo. That was a couple I never expected to happen, because they are so different. First is Drew being so fun loving, and sarcastic with his own ways of handling things with a light hearted sense of humor. But still he has some romantic details that make him so sweet and lovely, since he actually listens and is kind to everyone, including the Laurens that he considers a new extension to his immediate family through Breena. While Indigo is though as nails, being sometimes unpolite and a demanding dominant Wolf, who thinks love could only bring her pain and the destruction of her self-respect after seeing how her aunt Adria’s relationship ruined her confidence. But she cannot deny that she loves this man named Drew, who’s younger than her but loves her dearly resulting them both to crash in a good way being both so dominant and sometimes giving up the other.

I liked this ’cause how it was introduced, and how everything resulted. I mean first we got Indigo being a total bitch who I just hated when she hurts sweet Drew but after a while we love her strength and loving nature, when she actually gives in to love without changing who she is for no male. As for my sweet Drew, well… I love him from the very start to the very end, he was so cute and respectful and loving. and the fact he actually knows her so well that he gives her presents being all ridiculous and messy but in a tender way. Love him so much. Those are relationship goals, right there.

Fourth is KoS,

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unnamed (17)unnamed (18)which gives us what I had been waiting for: Sienna & Hawke ♥. She’s no longer a child but a young woman of nineteen years in love with a man who doesn’t seem to be very fond of her, but she insists and knows there’s something. Still her power is dangerous to all if she’s not strong enough to resist her own emotions which could drive anyone to an inevitable death, as she lives in some parties while flirting with her new friend Kit and going out with her best friend Evie (Indigo’s little sister). She’s definitely not ready when Hawke admits his attraction for her, because he’s unable to hide it anymore from himself and her wanting to claim rights on her; despite the fact that the girl who was supposed to be his mate is dead but he cannot forget her so he doesn’t give enough of him to this insane for love young woman who will take no crap from him. Resulting in a bombing love affair, that leads to a true relationship where them both are matted per life.

I had such high expectations for the book, but it ended up exceeded them in such level. The angst was painful and the end was powerful, because she gave up everything she valued the most for a man who in the end prove that her love was given to someone proper, and so right they became mates trusting each other’s senses. And of course we had the whole Naya been born, and Sascha loving the fact that her daughter would free to be loved and cherished by all. And all the action just made this my new favorite book of all the series, besides having the couple I was expecting for a long time and it gave me all the angst that made me cry which not many books can achieve!

Finally there’s ToN,

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tumblr_inline_nt8nilPJjK1trwyyb_500unnamed (14)which talks about Adria (Indigo’s young aunt) and Riaz (Indigo’s former fling friend). About her, well… She’s a woman damaged by her previous relationship learning not to trust the word of no man, but still wants a future filled with a family and a lover who would only look at her and no feel dimished by her dominant traits. There’s when she finds Mr. Riaz, a man raised by a loving family who just found the woman who’s meant to be his mate but ends up being married to and in love with another. So he’s in pain and such a heart ache when suddenly Adria appears turning his world upside down with the feelings she gives him, and how perfect it all feels with this stubborn woman. Their relationship doesn’t seem to succeed ’cause she considers herself to have always been the second option and decides to step aside to let him be happy with the recently separate woman meant to be his mate (I seriously cannot remember her name), but he refuses taking her as the love of his life. Choosing for himself instead of just following the path meant for him, he chooses her and loves her dearly as her one true love.

I know I’ve been saying lots of the word ‘love’, but there’s no right synonym for this word more than itself. I wasn’t quite keen on the fact that he never gave up on his meant mate! I wish he had just linked himself with my lovely Adria, going all up on Hawke’s path but he didn’t! That was such a deal breaker for me, but whatever. The couple’s moments together were so sweet and filled with swift insistence on the idea their love was right from the very start, giving trust and understating towards their hopes and fears which I grew to admire quite a lot.

PS: omfg! The last scene, I was like who the fuck is her?!! Is Kaleb related or connected to this person?!

unnamed (23)


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