At the movies… The Fifth Wave

For two weeks I’ve been bragging about having watched this movie adaptation, and I hadn’t had the time to write this honest little amateur-ish review on what I liked and what I didn’t. So here it goes.

Overall, I’m considering two main points: Character’s storyline, and the soul of the book; since I know there are always differences between the script and the book itself.

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)When it came to people there I would like to emphasize Evan and Ben (the parallel). Our dear alien was portrayed in a more sweet way, I would dare to say even cheesy and too romantic but I wasn’t annoyed because it kinda express how be felt for Cassie the whole time and their looks at each other were legit. He’s described as a more active person in the books but we don’t get to see that until he proves he’s one of the Others (I wish he had said that he was Shark) in the film; I liked him and fell for him all over again. On the other hand, there’s Ben Parish. In the movie he was kinda humanized, not having left his sister to die and even had some memories of Cassie (like knowing who she is ✖); I mean I was never a fan of Mr Parish but I didn’t felt like that was the golden jock Cassie had a secret crush on. It was implied or left to the viewers imagination that they kinda liked each other (those looks ✖) which was done to create the picture of a love triangle for possible sequels. That wasn’t my favorite plot change (Iunnamed (3) MEAN HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS), but thanks God that little Ben was a softer side for Ben’s character. And if someone stole the show with loud ‘Awwws’ was sweet Sam, being so overprotective for his sister and sharing cute hugs. While Bear was constantly dropped by Cassie during the entirety of the film.

As we go to the plot, is safe to say that we weren’t so much driven off  the original book one. I liked it, since it wasn’t perfect but good and decent cause it didn’t crossed the thin line between disaster and glorious. So I ended up loving it, cause I could remember the message, and spirit of the story  grow.


So my final thoughts are that this adaptation was faithful, lovely and clarifying since I went to see this with a friend who has no idea of the books, so it’s good and ok for most audiences. So let’s pray for a sé ond movie, for the Infinite Sea.


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