Week #44 of Reading Like A Maniac

HELLO! Here I go again with the books I read this week, writing honest fangirling reviews on what was important for me. Or should I say trying to write since I’m at home for the summer and my neighbors make me wanna go back to University or grandma’s house, so so loud and noisy! Anyways, going back to my reads, I read six or five books. Right now I’m not quite sure but I accomplished that.

Just to make a little disclaimer, I’ll be posting a little question for anyone who’s reading this to give me some book recommendations.

Ok, so the first book I read was Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh, the twelfth novel in the sexy and romantic Psy-Changeling series.

images (3)

Remember the last 3 pages of book eleven, well, here we find out who unnamed (25)unnamed (14)the runaway woman was. Her name is Sahara (Faith’s long lost cousing), she has been held captive by a Counsel lady (I cannot remember her name, but she wasn’t Nikita neither Shoshana) who has tortured and lock her up for more than five years. And when she’s rescued she’s so shocked as a little crazy, besides she cannot remember what’s her connection with her saviour: Kaleb, the icy cold manipulative chief in charge of the Counsel. We only know that he’s responsible for her life being kidnapped, and that he has some sort of a affection for her as she develops a deep one for him. And as required book progresses, we learn many things like how they met when they were children, how she gave him happiness in a world filled with pain and self hatred, how they fell in love when she was 15 or 16 and he was in his early twenties and finally, how they were separated. He feels guilty, he feels he wasn’t strong enough and for loving her she was punished. But she never blames him and gives herself to him because she fell for him and has fallen for him all over again. She’s the only one who sees the real kind, loving and sweet Kaleb. While they are dealing with some pretty messed up attacks made by Pure Psy until they are finally eliminated for good, killing freaking Henry.

What I love was that I had such low expectations, I mean I always disliked Kaleb because of him being Santino’s protege. But o truly got to know him here, not as a minion but a victim who found his light and which was taken away from him by the man who was supposed to protect him, instead of the monster who tormented him. And how no matter how much Kaleb wanted to make himself look as a villain, she loved him to the core knowing who he was for her and how he kept his promise. So those are definitely OTP goals that not many couples achieve for me, since they can all cute and lovely but not all of them are as meant to be as this one. So that’s the reason why I recommend this: the relationship is a sweet ride of emotion.

unnamed (15).gif

Second, there is Shield of Winter by the same amazing author.

images (2)

The couple here is composed by Vasic (the vicious Arrow) and Ivy (a Ian-Somerhalder-ian-somerhalder-38292838-500-281unnamed (16)newly discovered Psy-E), both so different yet right for each other. Time has passed since the silence has being eliminated, and a new thread is up to kill all the Psys and anyone who ventures in their way to madness, so is up to the Psy-Es to fix this disease. And that’s when they start to rise, being contacted and protected by the Arrows under Kaleb’s command. So when serious and dying Vasic meets kind hearted Ivy and her lovely dog (was it Rabbit or Bunny, I don’t remember), his world is turned upside down becuase she’s sweet and persistent, so clever as beautiful and loving as the most experienced lover; and all of that attracts him to fall for her. This girl raised by a pair of good parents, running away from the government to not put her under their wing again so they are hidden constantly protecting her, and she loves them for it. Together Vasic and Ivy, learn to stop pulling away their feelings and embrace them, to start having hope and live boldly for those who they love. As they both deal with the trouble of everyone going insane, that only Psy-Es seem to have the cure for; it’s a disaster of immense dimensions so dangerous it was a surprise for most of them that the cure was what they denied themselves the most: Emotional bonds.

No need to say what I felt for these two. Because they were so not alike, he tried constantly to not be into her but she pushed hard enough to make him fall in love with her. This man who has only know he was bad, a beast ready to kill without remorse meets a tender but brave woman who despite the trauma she went through before, she grew a pair to find a rainbow and live happily with her sweet dog. I mean, I love that dog so cute trying to test all of them by throwing them a stick to play.

PS: love the dog! ♥


Third book was Shards of Hope by the same author.

images (4)

Here we understand what goes inside a lethal yet kind Arrow. We see the unnamed (20)unnamed (19)deph of Aden (the more sympathetic Arrow leader), he has always been a good heroe for them all taking care of their lives and bodies since they were children and that’s why his people cherish him so much that they would die for him or kill for him. He was the only support, no matter that his parents never considered him a powerful psy but a disappointment of a son; that’s the real reason why he never showed his powers and why he looked after his companions, because he would have loved to have so someone caring for his life. He’s the most human of them all, and has always loved and desired just a woman since they were kids: Zaira, the though as nails Arrow with a heartbreaking past that determined who she is now. Being the most lethal of them all now, having no heart to let children bullies live, she kills, rips apart bodies and enjoys it with a smile coming from her darkest side. The one that allowed her to kill her parents non stop when she was seven after years and years of torture, she broke and thinks nobody deserves to have her mess of a soul. But that’s not enough for Aden who does everything to get her to admit she wants to be better and has the strength to do it, not only for Aden’s sake but for her own. All this while dealing with a creepy new alliance made by the three groups’ (humans, psys, Changelings) most sick and crazy psychopaths wanting to make them fight each other to start a war and eliminate good from any of the groups. Which first target are the Arrows, specially Aden and of course, Zaira will not permit it, for the love she learns to adore

What I liked the most about this book apart from the couple was the Sea Changelings, I wanna know more about them because they seemed so interesting and complex. Then there’s the whole new packs appearing, and Zaira holding that little girl/wild cat cub JoJo (so cute ♥); I loved Remi’s hospitality and great reactions towards them.


Fourth one I read was Day 21 by Kass Morgan, the sequel to ‘the 100’ ( I know that’s the Brazilian cover but I like that one more than the disaster of a cover the US has, I don’t like the TV show and they are both so different).


tumblr_inline_nncfl4GkNe1qfsfbm_540tumblr_m1lc84oTDv1qfuzzxo7_r1_250We start some hours or days after what took place at last. Bellamy and Clarke are looking for Octavia, while they find a piece of a different spaceship Clarke thinks that this could mean there was a 100 more before them, we also find out Bellamy knew her tormented and dying friend: Lilly, who was his old sort of girlfriend so when she admits she killed her, he goes mad abandoning Clarke with anger and pain right before they were gonna have sex. So that part was painful, I ship Bellarke so much and seeing them like that was too much for me to handle; but they finally solve their issues learning to trust each other and find Octavia, to add Clarke finds out her parents were in the first group that arrived Earth. Most of them were killed by Earth natives for their sick actions, but her parents run away before the battle start and they are still alive which gives so much joy and hope for Clarke who nowunnamed (21)unnamed (25) has learnt to forgive others (Wells) and herself for the sins of the past. Then there’s Wells, he’s still sad for Clarke’s rejection but had more things to worry about as we swam in his memories of his estranged father, and he has to deal with a virus getting people into a sort of comatose state. There’s where he meets Sasha, a native from Earth who teaches him to let go and be a good leader to the rest, unlike his father. Whom we learn was a coward who only married Wells’ mom for his status leaving his far more poor girlfriend pregnant and alone in the world, Wells slowly convinces himself to not be like him. And discovers Bellamy is that brother he never knew he had, all thanks to the badass plu nice and gorgeous Earthling who shows him more of the world, like he once wanted to look at it. And they kiss, proving he moved on from the Clarke incident. unnamed (26)Finally, we have Glass remembering how her life wasn’t as luxurious as Luke thinks by calling her on her uptown girl status. As they fight to survive in their land, they embark themselves in a journey much like a Titanic getaway, a she thinks on how the father she though love her abandoned her and her mom, leaving teenage Glass to handle the bills and her unstable mother, being silently bullied by former snobbish friends and doing anything possible to survive, even if that means play her cards well. As things turned to shit, when Camille informs Luke about Glass blaming the pregnancy on his perverted roommate and goes looking for him,but ultimately returns only to see how her mom gets shot as they return to Earth on a capsule.

I saw much personality growth, specially coming from Glass (she’s my fav) since she could have easily run looking for Luke like she did last time abandoning her mom, but she didn’t she stayed looking for her life and her family’s. Proving she’s not the suffering uptight girl he thought she was but a strong determined and caring character taking chances and risks she has evaluated before, which makes her even better to my eyes. And the Bellarke moment, I cried while reading. I was suffering for my ship. Then the whole Wells growth, I like it! I want more, maybe some of Octavia’s development, I would like to see that happening.


Fifth book was the epic/fantasy ride/smoothly sexy almost GoT/Beauty and the Beast sort of retelling named A Court of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

images (1)

We have a Katniss like character named Feyre (I still have trouble 006pronouncing her name!), a badass working hard to keep her family alive composed by her depressed father, annoying older sister and just oblivious little sister. She supports them to maintain their imaginary lifestyle (which I found annoying) as she has a heartless slutty sex affair with a guys who’s not even her friend on some barns (ugh). All until she kills a huge Wolf she thinks is one of the deadly faeries, brings his furr to sell but is confronted by the wolf’s scary friend. He looks like a beast and gives Feyre two options or she dies or she accompanies him to his castle beyong the wall separating powerful faes from helpless humans, so she chooses to live expecting the minimum opportunity to try escaping and unnamed (5)help her family, but she never succeeds getting to know her now master named Tamlin. He gets rid of his Beast look revealing a blonde beautiful man covered only by a mask, just as his servers who have all been the victim of a curse to remain like that forever. As the danger comes near and even closer to them, no matter how much they learned to feel for each other Tamlin forces himself to let Feyre go for her own safety. But she doesn’t last much in her new rich girl life thanks to his money investment in her father, she goes looking for him and their home but he’s not there. She’s informed of the curse that a bitch powerful fae named Amantha made, he had to find his human love and declared their love to each other but now the time has passed and his a prisoner in the bitch’s lair. She goes for him blindly, without much common sense suffering such torture and mistreating besides abuse and diminish from those traitor faes who with the bitch hold Tamlin without his powers. She ultimately manages to solve the riddle and sets them all free, but for her injures she becomes a High Fae herself.

I love the entire book but it’s so hard to explain what I didn’t love, which is not much but I’ll do it anyways. Why must Sarah have annoying love triangles that screw the good plotlines? I know that somehow Feyre is gonna be linked and too close to perverted Rhyzand, but I don’t like it. He was mean to her, and violent and almost a sexual predator which made me feel sick during all of his scenes, I just can’t!

PS: I’m obviously Team Tamlin ♥

Sixth was Beautiful Sacrifice by Jaime Maguire, the emotional installment in the Maddox Brothers series.


Meet Taylor Maddox, the eldest next to his twin brother (Tyler) of the unnamed (12)Maddox brothers and as the rest of his siblings he works dangerously, keeping the secret of him being a Wildland Firefighter. He’s not a romantic, and has never slept with a girl, he has sex with them like a mad but never sleeps or spends the night and definitely doesn’t want that coming into his simple risky life, at least until she meets the right girl. Falyn is a former uptown girl working on a café as a waitress who is not only her workplace but herunnamed (13) home since she lives in the second floor of the establishment; she’s a no drama nor romance young woman who doesn’t fall for Taylor’s charms immediately and that drives him crazy, fighting to become his friend. But she has a tearful secret she carries as a chain of hot iron burning her with guilt and solitude; the only thing we knew was that she wanted to meet Taylor’s neighbours for unknown reasons to him. As they get even more involved with each other’s feelings and hard shells protecting their hearts and lives, but when the secrets pops up they won’t be able to deny the feelings anymore and just give into them as growing like people. Learning to love beyong comparison, and to forgive and have hopes and dreams of a Happily Ever After life.

(✴SPOILERS AHEAD✴) Whn I found out about her secret, I kinda knew it already since that was my second guess: Olive being her kid, but I still cried like a Magdalena while reading her horrible experience and how much she blamed herself and was so desperate to be part of even the smallest memory of her daughter. And how she struggled with being unable to give Taylor the life he wanted filled with babies, it was so painful. But then we had the Epilogue and my life was full again, them happy with not only his one night stand baby (who she adores, BTW) but also with her own little baby girl, seeing it as a joyful miracle.

And finally the last one was the short novella Ghostgirl: Dia de Muertos by Tonya Hurley.

images (5)

unnamed (1)I, unlike many demanding Spanish speaking fans, really like this trilogy and I tend to like her novellas so this one was no different. Cause it had the same kind of character personality but I saw the main one’s development. Here we have again Scarlett being selfish as hell by spending more of timer with a new guy to bring back Charlotte from the dead, not considering she now has a life of her own with her deceased friends. She again neglects Damien, but this time Charlotte doesn’t listen to her annoyance choosing her friends and lifeless life instead of what her ‘friend’ wanted for her Dia de Muertos.

unnamed (2)

No need to say that my girl  Charlotte slayed, she’s not the same unnamedanymore. She has mature in a natural and healthy level coming to respect her life, while Scarlett still has to grow a lot from her relationship with Damien to her own future instead of acting selfishly again. I just don’t like her character, I even like Pettula better ’cause at least that bitch is real and honest about how mean she can be. But Scarlett acts like she was the good guy when she was selfish from the very beginning not deserving anything she now has. Because let’s face it, she stole Charlotte’s future life in a heartbeat, and now our Ghostgirl is no longer a girl dreaming but a young woman accepting fate but still trying to help others that go through the same thing with her own happy ending.


Ok, so here comes my request. I would like to know if you know of any book with a good plot and characters, like a contemporary love story but without the unhappy ending (main characters dying). That’s not in my reviews, please. Anyone, I beg I’m desperate. Thanks!


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