Week #45 of Reading Like A Maniac

Good night, or day! I seriously don’t know when this might upload. BTW, I’m sorry for writing this so late, I had some family issues that needed to be fixed and attended immediately and I was with a horrible cold. Regardless of that, I’m gonna review these eight stories like only an honest amateur FANGIRL could.

So let’s start with the kinky erotica companion novel named Grey by E. L. James. Yeah, the one from the ‘FSoG’ trilogy. Yeah, I happen to like that, what can I say? It’s my guilty/not-so-guilty pleasure.

images (6)

Here, from Christian Grey’s point of view we are introduced to the whole tumblr_inline_nl0t42sm9l1tq1pslunnamedexact physical plotline of the first book. You know, when Mr. Grey meets Anastasia and her bitting lip; which many people where complaining about in social media claiming it was the same thing only with more dirty talking which is something I disagree with. I thought it was genius making it like that, because I couldn’t care less about what was going all during all those boring meetings Christian had and I’m glad we skip it. Besides, there were moments of his own inner memories and thoughts came out in the open in the shape of nightmares or dreams. And I just adored how everything had to do with Anastasia’s presence or absence, how he remembered the good times with his new family (his growing trust in his new ‘mommy’, his annoying feuds with his goofy new brother and his joy bringing new baby sister) during dreams when she slept next to him. How he was just fascinated by his attachments to this young woman’s inexperience and stubbornness; he hated it but ended up loving it because it made him understand what was the feeling he always heard about but never gave himself the chance to only feel.

unnamed (1)Here we realize how sensible he can be, with his biological mother issues and how he was just a loving innocent little boy frightened with the idea of being taken away from the arms of her mother’s corpse. He was a little brave boy, wanting to take care of his ‘mommy’, and just getting scarred for the trauma he suffered and how it all got worst thanks to bitch Mrs Robinson. Even though, he still claims that she helped him when Ana speaks the truth and says the troll old wrench damaged him more by taking advantage of a suicidal teenager. We understand why he doesn’t trust others with emotions, or only a mere touch and we are witnesses of how much he progresses into letting Ana in. To the point of wanting to be more of what she needs to win her back.

I found all the book really complete being the kind of book it is, which is not made to be a continuation neither a secret diary of the man in question. I read a book where I learned about what was inside Christian Grey, with all the lust, vulnerability, innocence and complexity each of them two develop or hide from others. I obviously would only recommend this for hardcore fans out there wanting a simple story narrated from the point of view of this ruined and pretty fucked up man, going through his journey of finding out he too deserves love.

unnamed (3)

PS: I hate the bitch troll, still.

unnamed (2)

Then there’s the contemporary romantic but realistic novel named ‘V-card’ by Alicia Michaels.


We get to know miss Jen, a senior in university who has had many tumblr_inline_mghzse4XIH1qgliexboyfriends and so many kisses and make out sessions with them, but she still hasn’t being able to have sex. And it wasn’t because of lack of trying, because right when the mood was the best something wrong took place, like a crazy freaky picture taking art weirdo or a bad timing older assistant, or just the prom date that went wrong. She thinks she won’t find the right guy so she ventures herself in a new journey of changing to find a guy who’s worth to loose her v-card. When she meets Dain, a friend of one of her male roommates. He seems perfect: funny, patient, sweet, older, way moretumblr_nn0qw392K31qehsoxo2_250 mature, a cheesy 80’s kinda romantic, a true gentleman coming out of a Bronte novel, so she gives him a shot. They begin to date and making out like crazy but again the time is never right for the guy she dared to admit she was still a virgin and is starting to feel more than just a crush for him. But things get messy when her other male roommate (Luke ♥), known as the flirty kinda guy after a bad relationship starts to get jealous of Dain and shares some sexual tension with Jen. (✴SPOILERS✴) She’sunnamed (4) confused by kisses but decisive when it comes to give herself to Dain, until she wakes up from her fantasy novel discovering he’s an asshole cheating and faking his entire attire to get as many girls as he can.

Brokenheartedly, Jen gives herself some time to think about her choices and the world surrounding her. Like the ultimate crush, Luke has always had on her reveals because everyone seemed to know about it from years before than her; she discovers he’s not a man whore but a great amazing trust worthy friend and a meant to be love partner who she finally can see herself with in the future.

Omg, I loved this book. And I hated Dain, so much that I wanted to slap the little bitch for lying to Jen but the imminent ‘I told you so’ talk came over no matter what, cause I suspected him and loves Luke from the moment she was so sick and he help her as a child. But that didn’t help when I wanted to kick the crap out of Dain for hurting her feelings.

unnamed (5)

PS: I love Chloe’s realness! And all her sass! I can’t wait to see her in the next book.

unnamed (8)unnamed (9)

Third one was the fantasy mythical new adult named The Return, belonging to the new series Titan by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Which itself is the continuation of the Covenant series.

images (1)

This is set in modern day, when Apollyon Seth has been working for tumblr_inline_nmeneqkYhi1slrvm0_500unnamed (10)Apollo killing all the traitors and hunting some of the Titans that now have scaped of their prisions thanks to that one they liberated in Sentinel. And he’s still feeling bad for Alex but doesn’t know how he really feels until the God gives his meaningless existence a cause, that goes to University, has only One Friend and a mental disease in history that alongside her lack of abilities for socializing makes her an awful deal to protect with no reason why, since this girl is not a pure or a goddess or a half blood but he cannot deny she’s different. Her name is Josephine ‘Josie’, she’s been socially awkward since the moment the other children decided she wasn’t worthy of any friendship ’cause her mother went crazy since the moment she got impregnate, nobody knows who the father was or is but the mom keeps on telling he was an angel. Obviously, Josie doesn’t believe this until she’s forced to leave her studies and her home to protect her love ones, some of them she succeeds but others are just left in the way. (✴SPOILERS✴) Since she’s the clue to defeat the Titans, this time for good because de ends up being a demigoddess, the dearest daughter of Apollo in a while. So they will have to put her heart, strength and soul into their new developed relationship, a thing they cannot help but to feel mixed with the trouble around them with violence and sexual tension.

unnamed (12)

As always Mrs JLA never fails her fans, if it made me love Seth it means it’s pretty pretty good. In a thousand years, not even in an alternative universe I even considered to fall for Seth but I did because I understood his character but still I prefer him to be with my dear Josie than with Alex in the past, ’cause with Alex he was always so cheeky and too perverted taking it all to a whole other level of creepy out of the comfort zone. While with Josie, he just strips his heart and fears to her and allows her to be free but still wants to take care of her as a little precious gem. And she sees the good in him, and never pities him but respects his humanity made of ups and downs. Which is just so cute that made me wanna ship them and their sexual moments to the edge of glory. ♥

unnamed (11)

PS: I want the next one, now!

The fourth one is the erotic fallen angels novel named Possession by the one and only J. R. Ward.


unnamed (15)If there’s one thing I hate are love triangles where the girl is just so selfish and cannot make a freaking choice.!  And that was the newly introduced Cait, an artist making draws for children’s books who after a shocking surprise coming from her moron of an ex needs some professional help to change herself and forget about those dark times. So she becomes a blonde, and starts sort of going out in a flirty way with musician/new coming actor G. B. who appears to be a sweet respectful guy who is ready to chase her until she finally gives in into his advances. She reciprocates his feelings but is not sure about being in a seriousunnamed (16) relationship, and it gets even more confusing after she meets Duke. He’s a scruffy hot as hell typical big security guy with a bad attitude, but with such passionate and rough manners when it comes to one night stands; he has secrets and a genuine interest in Cait because of their instant sexual chemistry, but his shady past could get in the middle. Specially (✴SPOILERS✴) when it’s revealed he is brothers with G. B. who not only is a terrible liar who slept with his university girlfriend whom he was in love with till she got pregnant with Duke’s nephew, but that the lying bitch is a psychopath manipulated by the old demon Devina into trying to kill all the comes in the middle of him and Cait, even herself.

unnamed (14)

unnamed (19)

And while Devina deals with her inner demons (ironic, I know) and insecurities, Jim comes to risk everything to get Sissy back and he does! Jim is more than excited to take care of the young woman, helping her close her cicle with her family and her own funeral since now she’s a kind of ghost walking on Earth. But she feels almost nothing more than thankful sense for him, instead of the forbidden love he has experimented for her. Which is kind of a bummer. Besides Nigel dying, because of my OTP’s selfishness.

Is it weird that I consider this the worst of the series? Because I seriously do, I didn’t find this appealing and the lovely focus to the main couple was obscured by the whole Sissy moments of reestablishment with Jim. I mean, I got the point when everything was confusing and I felt nothing for the OTP or Devina, but I felt inclined towards G. B. the bitching creepy bad guy of the story, his whole back story was better than it all. I just waited for a epic thing that never came.

unnamed (20)

PS: Duke was hot as hell!

unnamed (18)

The following one is the final installment in the previous’ series named Inmortal by the same author.


unnamed (21)We start with Jim blaming his lost on Sissy (which is half true), and becomes a dick to her which strangely only enhances the feelings she’s starting to develop for him. Then out of guilt, he goes to the purgatory to try and rescue lovely British angel Nigel who’s more than thankful, resulting in Sissy’s worrying emotions of hate and love for her saviour unnamed (22)until they manage to accept their relationship and give into their passions in a bittersweet sex scene. ‘Cause he wants her but doesn’t wanna hur her so he goes away in the last minute while she stays getting irritated and sad thinking he didn’t want her enough which grows into jealousy and distrust thanks to bitch Devina. All while some good news appear to Adrián when Eddie is brought from the death thanks to Nigel, and the old flame friends (I still think they would make a great couple) are reunited to help Jim figure out that the new souls waiting to be saved are his own and Sissy’s. But now she is heart broken when she sees Jim with Devina, almost falling into her trap when her trust grows saving her own soul from damn by not killing the bitch neither her love; she trusts her instincts and faith in his feeling for her. Though there’s still plenty of things to fix when Jim gets into a rampage to destroy Devina, risking the salvation of all but Sissy saves him (saving the day, again) with her stubbornness and desperation to avoid him hell with the help of his friends (A & E). And it all finishes with Devina in eternal damnation, as Jim and Sissy decide to live in heave next to his mom in a heartwarming reunion that made me cry.

This was just such a perfect way to end things. With such a happy ending, such twists and turns holding me to the edge of my seat to see what happened next between my OTP and Devina wanting to break them apart from each other, but never succeeding on it.

PS: I want to see if Adrián and Eddie will eventual make a crossover going to the Black Brotherhood universe after Lassiter!

unnamed (25)

Next one was the young adult short named Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton.


unnamed (29)Let’s meet Ari, an adopted teenager about to be eighteen who just discovered her birth mom was installed in an Asylum and that she killed herself leaving a note for her daughter quoting ‘Run’, but tings get weirder when a violent Greek man tries to kill her with a mysterious knife and she ends up stabbing him until he disappeared right in front of her eyes. So, looking for answers she goes to her birth place: New Orleans, where she hoped to meet her missing dad but ends up living in unnamed (30)an old abandoned mansion with child orphans with magic powers as well as with a young man just some years older than her named Sebastian. He knows more about her than anyone, and he’s not just a intriguing hot guy but an intriguing hot vampire/warlock hybrid. With many things going on she finds comfort in him, as she finds Sebastian’s missing father, she understands that the goddess Athena cursed her all feminine bloodline since Medusa to become that when she turns 21 but after loosing all hope in her so called friends, she finds comfort in a little weirdo with Shark like teeth named Violet and her kidnapped father but decide not to.

It’s really slow built but so interesting and creative, even though the last battle scene was my favorite by far. It was like a dance going on, such a masterpiece. Anyhow, there’s also the whole Medusa storyline which I was glad to have guessed thanks to my history lessons.

unnamed (31)

PS: I hate Athena with a passion.


The seventh book was the sequel of the previous one, A Beautiful Evil by the same author.


We start like some weeks or a month after the events of the first book. tumblr_o10xsrLBAi1uezmbko2_r1_250Now Ari is learning how to defend herself from Athena and her tricks, but is still dealing with the fact that Sebastian fears what she might become, her own fears, and the disappearance of Violet and her dad in the hands of the bitch goddess. As our heroes go into the bitch’s lair trusting Ari’s powers and their own, she’s accompanied by Sebastian and the other guy whose name I cannot recall. The bitch eventually finds them and manipulates Ari into helping Sebastian tounnamed (32) turn himself into a full vampire by giving him her blood leaving her weak and vulnerable while he’s infatuated by his new abilities, and the bitch forces her to transform him into rock. Anyways, the day is saved when Ari sent Athena back to her temple weakened and transforms Sebastian into a human again well…. A living Vampire who isn’t made of rock, discovering why the bitch was like that: Zeuz tried to kill her baby, she killed her father but the baby is still turned into rock and trusts Ari’s enhanced powers will be able to save her child.

I hated Athena for all the shady and angsty shit she did to my OTP, and even on little mysteriously scary Violet. But after her story I get her pain, but still resent her for what she did to Medusa and all the other descendants.

unnamed (35)unnamed (33)unnamed (34)

PS: I like this one better than the other, but yet again: killing battle scenes.

The last one was an extremely erotic short tale named the Pirate’s Slave by Angela Knight. And yeah, I only found a Spanish book cover.

images (2)

This is the sexual tale of two lovers drawn by passion and their Darkest desires. It takes place in a futuristic world where a female Pirate Captain has been unjustly judge and is now been sold as a slave naked to anyone who can pay well. And hell turns even worse when her worst enemy, another Pirate Captain buys her to fulfill his deepest fantasies and expects she’ll like them two. But as these two grow closer, and the truth is unveiled; they start to evaluate what they truly feel for each other. Until they just give into what they want, evolving into a resurging love between these two pervs.

I must admit I thought this was one of those erotic romance novels from the 90’s with a ‘Fabio wannabe’ in the cover. But I was so confused and a little uncomfortable while reading this twenty something pages tale, where the only thing I seemed to enjoy was the futuristic universe and the fact the male pirate changed his ways when he found out about the truth of what really took place.

unnamed (36)


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