Week #46 of Reading Like A Maniac

Hi! So this week I read six books of different genres, different quantity of pages but overall, they captured my attention. I’d like to add that since the first week of March I won’t be posting my reviews on Saturdays because I’m taking some Computer classes from 8am till 7pm at my university, so I’m gonna be posting on Sundays from March 6 till who knows. It’s quite complicated.

Going back to books. The first one I read was the erotic (with that cover I should have guessed it) dystopian novel named  Encrucijada (Crossroads) by Spanish author Merche Diolch.

images (3)

Ok. So we are introduced to a new social and natural order in the middle of 2070. Due to Global warming and many other disasters, Earth has been drowned in enormous quantities of water and human race has been force to rebuild their cities above this new sea level, besides changing humans’ genetics. Mixing them with some of animals, in order to help humanity to survive to new challenges the future awaits; but that was decades ago and now people just change their DNA for vanity and social status when it’s still mandatory to receive food and opportunities. All this madness is directed by one family known as Rapax who have all the privileges and lack of most humanity, in comparison to the poor part of their homeland. Cause even in the future, there’s poverty and renegades known as New Spartan; they are like shadows dismissing everything that the Rapax clan has made the world believe in order to save the planet tumblr_mhqaubxIMc1qmvldwo1_250that is ready to welcome them again. And this is where the story takes a different direction, we are introduced to our main character. Her name is Ninox, and she’s the black sheep in her family since she’s half blind unable to see in the sunlight, all because a surgery that went wrong when trying to change her genetics. But still she has manage to be a good lawful person working on charity projects and helping the poor, and this is taken as great by her brother but not by her uncle, the head of the family who has a sick attraction for her that she doesn’t reciprocates. Everything changes for Ninox when she realises she’s been followed and stalked by an stranger, besides that now she has met an intriguing man who also encounters her in difficult situations. This man turns up being an agent of New Sparta send tounnamed kidnap Ninox for her power that they want to use against her uncle’s tyranny; his name is Gabriel and he manages to feel more than an attraction for Ninox on their way to New Sparta crossing lands and seas. He denies himself to act upon these feelings and desires until they both just give into them, knowing it’s more than just sex but something else. And when they arrive this new land, she’s revealed as a secret weapon because the reason the surgery never worked on her was because of her power to find resources in a blowing Earth, there is food still growing beneath their feet and animals the world thinks extinct making the Rapax ambition and lies more than a sin. But things get crazy when Ninox’s stalker gets into the island and tries taking her, but she’s fortunately saved by her new lover Gabriel, finding out in their return that her best friend and ex fiancee of her brother has been taken as a hostage by her sick uncle.

Ok, when I first started to read this I found myself very confused and a little bored. It was confusing because of the POV being in third or fourth person, and because a character had two names (the real one and a nickname) and nobody resigned to make the statement that these were the same person, Ninox brother. For half the book, I thought she had two big brothers! After this annoying problem was fixed, would you believe me of I told you that I didn’t knew the amount of sex this would have? Because I had no idea this had sex, I thought this was going to be some amateur dystopian world and that was it, but hell no! Anyways, I think the whole emotion in the sex scenes was what actually pull out this book, which is the first part of a upcoming series only available on Spanish; without the erotic moves it had stayed like a flat sci-fi wannabe.


PS: BTW this had the most different main heroine ever, she was weak and a damsel in distress. But I didn’t hate her, cause she wasn’t the same strong willed girl on fire.

PS2: when I read about her friend being kidnapped I fell off my chair! I though we were done there!

unnamed (1)

Second book I read was the coming of age lovely young adult award winning novel known ‘Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe‘  by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.


Let me introduce you to Aristotle, Ari to friends. He’s just a fifteen year old loriginaloner living in the 80’s with some hard family story, since his father returned from war he hasn’t been the same and his mother deals with it by just letting him walk on his pace, while Ari wonders about his long lost big brother. He only knows that his brother went to prison for murder and nobody in his family talks about him, no one wants to answer questions neither make them to keep the family’s peace but Ari’s is becoming more and more intrigued and sick of his family’s way of dealing with their issues. He’s alone with no friends, and no actual interest in making them until he meets Dante. He’s a bubbly fifteen year old with lots of bravery and is unnamed (2)interest in teaching Ari how to swim, he’s part of a lovely and supportive family with a poem love for a father and an strict but reliable mother. He is considered an outgoing boy, because who wouldn’t meet Dante and love him? With so much love and art to give to the world, but he also has difficulties making friends and feeling himself as a full Mexican or American. He has always know he’s different from but it is not until he meets Ari that everything falls into place. And while these two develop a growing friendship based on loyalty, honest care and love. With Ari becoming more and more fascinated but Dante, willing to risk his life to save his friend, but when these two are separated by miles both grow and change. Experiencing different things, like the first kiss, the first heart broken, sexual identity and how much they miss each other though communicating by mail letters. So when they are back together, they realised things have changed like the fact Dante likes boys, but Ari never leaves his side no matter how much he doesn’t like his fling and how intrigued he is by the kiss they both shared. It is not until a parent talk and reveal, that Ari comes to accept he fell in love with Dante, he reciprocates his feelings and realise they discovered the secrets of their own universe.

God! This was OTP material from the first encounter, Ari found Wonderland in Dante, and Dante found true love in Ari. They both are life to any FANGIRL! ♥ I cried so hard when they were separated, and when Dante got hurt by those morons, and Ari just lost it kicking the crap out of that bully! And just when I thought they were never going to get together, they did so I cried there too.

PS: I want the announced sequel now!!!


Third one was the new adult know as ‘My Favorite Mistake’ by Chelsea M. Cameron.

images (1)

unnamed (8)We get to know Taylor, a though as nails young female going through her second year in college as Female Studies resident, with a secret rough past that nobody but her family and one friend knows. She and her roommates are expecting their new roomie, so they wait for a heartbroken girl or a lonely junior. So you can only imagine what man hater Taylor thinks when she sees a hot guy claiming to be their new roommate. She’s immediately doesn’t like this new Hunter guy, ’cause of his arrogant and attractive traits; so she doesunnamed (9) everything in her power to make sure he leaves their home. Even accepts to make a bet that he will abandon their room if she gets to love him but he’ll stay for good if she goes on hating him; she realises that as simple as Hunter might look he also has rough issues wondering around his past. They slowly come to understand each other, and even though they don’t want to give in they finally can’t deny what they feel realising that it’s not just a physical attraction but also they like what’s inside of them. So it’s time to unveil their secrets, Hunter’s dad kill his mom and himself in a jealous rage in front of him while Taylor was almost raped by her sister’s boyfriend when she was twelve. They both comfort each other, and give into love helping themselves to trust and let the other be happy in their arms to heal.

I CRIED so many times for what my babes had to go through at such a young age. When the secrets are reveal you come to understand where the fear, anger and nightmares come from, and it broke my heart but I’m so happy they have each other to move on from those disastrous experiences.

unnamed (11)

PS: No need to clarify this, but I’ll do it anyways. Hunter is the best boyfriend ever! ♥

unnamed (10)

Fourth was the coming of age contemporary road trip adventure known as ‘Let’s Get Lost‘ by Adi Alsaid.

images (2)

Leila is a mysterious but outgoing girl going on a road trip with her full red car, she wants to see the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) in Alaska. So she goes from the American south to north pole, meeting young people that change this adventurous life saver forever, but she also changes them for good to save themselves from boredom of a unnamed (14)nonexistent typical life. First stop, is Hudson. A normal 18 year old guy, working on his father’s gas station fixing cars and waiting to go to college to become a doctor or something. But when he meets Leila, his world is turned upside down, literally since they both spend a night together out in the open of a forest after having some illegal fun with his goofy friends. So at the moment he tells Leila to leave him alone, he has got a love kiss, no chances to have a scholarship to got to college and the most fantastic night of his life but his fears for his father’s expectations drive him to practically kick a crying Leila out of his life. Then we have Bree, a teenage tumblr_nl529veJ6j1tt6g9yo1_250runaway who’s a very free spirited girl spending her life in other’s cars to travel down the road with only a backpack after her treason to her big sister/legal guardian. So when Leila offers her a ride she just takes it not expecting to have fun stealing goods and a car, for whom they get into jail and when she doesn’t want to call her sister to get them out of there. Leila is the voice of reason who forces her to give the sister’s number and she gets them out, but Bree still doesn’t seem to have forgiven her sister even though she was the immature one by kissing her sister’s fiancée only to anger her after the death of their parents. So when her sister leaves, she’s advices by Leila to follow her and ask for forgiveness if she wants to live in the family she’s so desperate to have. Bree takes the advice and succeeds, while Leila continues her journey. Number 3, is a senior guy going drunk out of his prom after his bff and date reject his love confession. His name is Elliot, and he’s into 80’s romance films where everything is possible and comes out big, but aftertumblr_lojfdzaiv51qjzlnvo1_r1_500 that rejection he gets drunk and is almost crush by Leila’s car. So after a visit to the hospital and the reveal of his sadness, she decides to help him get the girl; they go through so many different places looking for her while Elliot matures and learns what it is to never give up even when you’re heart keeps breaking. When he realises his loved one, is kissing someone else he finally gives up and ends up kissing Leila like all movies end, but at his door there’s a note claiming to be from his loved one who gives him hope. Fourth and 3219154417_1_2_fBvjuV9Dlast person, is Sonya a young woman dealing with guilt and lost since the death of her high school boyfriend and the fact that now she’s dating another whom she thinks is falling in love with. He turns out being the brother of the man who’s about to get married with his past boyfriend’s sister; they are both going to the wedding but he’s tired of hiding and wants to know if she’s ever going to love him enough. And while she cowardly deals with it, she meets Leila while running away in his shirt and pants, unknowingly with the wedding rings on her pocket. As the ceremony is hours away and she cannot go back to Canada where the wedding is taking place, things get messy while she realises she’s ready to let her new love in and admit her feelings. They manage to go back with Leila’s advices, Sonya gives into happy love with no secrets. In the end, there’s unnamed (13)Leila’s POV explaining why she is now expecting the Northern Lights in a camp next to other adventurers: a year ago, she was in a car accident where her parents and sister died while she survived with no memories of Nothing; the only thing she remembers is how her father talked about the aurora borealis and she hopes to remember more when she sees it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen and she goes back home with her maternal aunt and uncle, and is not ready to see some resemblance between her mother and her aunt through their smiles. She remembers that, and slowly gains more memories till she can finally suffer the lost of her family. And when she finally accepts she has to forget about her instant love, Hudson. He appears looking for her right up her door, he has gone through a car journey too with the hope of finding her and accepting she was right all the time.

Omg! This was better than I expected it to be. I was expecting some cliché lost girl trying to screw people’s life through her influence, I wasn’t expecting such a good person helping her new accolades. Leila was the best contemporary female character ever, ’cause even though she had nothing of that she gave happy endings to all. She looked after others, and wasn’t selfish to nobody. I got to feel like these were the kind of characters I wasn’t expecting to meet but I always wished for, and here I am succeeding at finding this lovely story.

The fifth one I read was very similar named ‘Since You’ve Been Gone‘ by Morgan Matson.

images (4)

tumblr_mwoqqykS101r350t5o3_250Here is Emily, a shy teenager dealing with the lost of her best friend Sloan. She’s not dead, but she moved out with her parents without saying goodbye, now she doesn’t answer her mobile neither her emails, so Emily and her dramatic arts loving family are having a rough summer. Em has no more friends, and she was or though she was the weak link of both of them, since Sloan was the It girl: vintage lover, spokesperson, cool risk taker and best friend she ever had. And just when she thought her summer and rest of high school would become a living hell, a list is send in the mail from Sloan; they always had these lists to help Emily loose herself while Sloan was on holidays with the confirmation that her friend would be back if she finished them. But this time it has things that would completely get her out of her comfort zone, like kiss a stranger, hug a Jamie, skinny-dip, or ride a horse (which she’s so freaked out by). At the very start, she’s alone while she grabs an apple and hugs a gas station worker named James, after she encounters her sort of ex. But as time progresses, she meets pizza girl Dawn who becomes a good friend after Em listened to her troubled end of relationship, then she adds goofy Collins and goody two shoes Frank tounnamed (20) this new unexpected group that are ventured in helping Emily with her list. Together they help her kiss a stranger in Collins’ kitchen, dance like she didn’t care in Frank’s cousin wedding, ride a sleepy horse, use a low back ball gown, and do some skinny-dipping with the rest of them as she discovers she wasn’t a coward, she has new standards, new friends and new feelings for who she should never had them. She finds a loyal friend and something more in Frank, but he has a girlfriend so she finds this forbidden until they can’t hold themselves any longer and kiss. And giphywhen her world is about to crumble, she finds out where Sloan has been all this time, and sucking up her pride she asks Frank to take her there (South Carolina). She reunites with her best friend expecting the worst, but she finds out she never should have doubted her, understanding that Sloan might have lied about her glamorous life but she never lied about their friend bonds; together they find out that maybe the bold one was Emily after all as they promise to keep in touch with this new list that Em has done for Sloan, and talk about Frank’s breaking up with his girlfriend in a peaceful agreement.

I like the fact Emily finds herself before finding Sloan. She discovers she can be sexy, a risk taker, outgoing, fun and loving. She’s not as simple as she categorised herself, and it becomes more obvious when she kisses Frank. But this isn’t about the romance, but about the friendship and loyalty that it carries to be a true friend, which surprisingly both of them were of each other without asking anything in return. Those are definitely friendship goals! ♥♥

Ps: I wish we could have seen Dawn and Emily recovering their friendship, I would read a short story of that.

unnamed (24)

And the final one I read was the sweet contemporary romance knows as ‘Puddle Jumping‘ by Amber L. Johnson.

images (5)

Lilly remembers how she used to babysit Colton, even though he was only a year younger than her; she used to get hurt a lot trying to get Colton to play with her instead of just painting until she didn’t babysit 2hf5texhim. She grew up and got a new bff and a moronic boyfriend; and never got to see Colton again until the first day of her senior year when she sees him all grown up and feels everything for him like she never did for anyone. He’s still the same absent and antisocial boy, who goes to her same year but it is not until that day that she discovers he has had the Asperger syndrome for his entire life. But after an unworthy research online, she gets that’s still the same Colton she has always loved and is ready to help him become more open tumblr_lzi0qhcuVu1qgs4sno1_500to the world, to be his guide into being social no matter the ridiculous mockery people try to get her through for liking him. When a kiss is given, he knows they are in a relationship because as he says “she’s his Lilly as she has always been” (such an aww moment); she learns to deal and accept his behaviour and lovely features as he learns the costumes of being in a relationship. But when everything seems to be perfect, he gets an internship deal in a London art gallery (or was it an art museum?) and she expects tearfully that he’ll break up with her leaving her heartbroken. But even though she cries, he never breaks up with her and promises to communicate all days; together they manage to help their relationship maintain and when their parents surprise her by sending her off to London with him, she’s happier than ever ♥.

Oh, dear. I just thought they were so cute and perfect for each other. And I didn’t wanted to see them separated, (I cried for it) ’cause of all the accomplished and how she was amazed by all his art and cherishing love for her; as well as he was so perfect by just her being her: His Lilly. During this book, I lost it many times because of the ‘aww’ moments and the happy tears, and the sad tears. And because I want a relationship like that, one that keeps growing just like their love. ♥

PS: I want the sequel now!!


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